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09-07-2010, 07:43 PM
Hey all, just some background on myself, I have always been a healer, I have a 6400 GS disc priest that I have been playing since BC. That being said, I am a keyboard turner, and a clicker. I am so used to using Grid, Vuhdo, etc so I click everything, and I can NOT get into the habbit of not using the keyboard to turn, honestly, I'm not really sure how, so thats obviously my first issue. I have been trying to get better with keybinds ie, shift+R Death grip, Shift+space DnD.

Second Issue.. I am about 4 or so under defense cap, and have about 33k health with the random dungeon finder buff, and 23% dodge without horn. I just seem to take MASSIVE damage from everything, even non elite mobs hit me for 800-1k, is this normal? I've never been on the dmg recieving side, ever.. Also, how do I regulate CD's? With a disc priest I use most of my CD's on others, ie PI on mages/locks, and any kind of trinkets I use either are a non "use" one or they restore mana. So with a dk, do I use all my cooldowns often? Or just on bosses? I mean how often do I blow CD's? I'd like to not hear so much about me getting nuked so quick.

Before anyone trolls, I'm here for honest help, this toon has less than 5 days played on it and has only been 80 for like 2 days total.

Thanks so much in advance!!!


Gear advice would be great too, like which piece should I invest in first, etc.


edit:::: before I forget, I know some of the chants are wrong, I was leveling my enchanting and just used what I had since I didn't enchant it.

09-07-2010, 11:00 PM
First off, your gear is nowhere near enough for endgame raid tanking so i'm assuming we're talking heroics. In that case you have adequate gear and you're crit immune (heroic bosses are level 82 and thus need 535 defense to be crit immune)

First, a note on melee & tanks especially relative to casters/healers. Melee classes scale much more significantly with gear, tanks especially so. Not only that, a tanks gear level is a major determinant of the group success. An undergeared dps/healer would mostly be ok but an undergeared tank will be felt by everybody. While we had no problems taking 2-3 4500 average gs guys all the way to the lich king on 10man, i wouldnt dream of stepping in front of him unless i was in REEEEEEEALY much better gear.

Other than your lack of enchants, you seem to be on the right track gearingwise (please chance that str enchant on your bracers to +40 stam. Those are really good bracers that'll last you a loooooong time, well worth the cost of the enchant). For tanking, the raw stat advantage of a higher ilvl item is usually better than tier setbonus so try to grab the offset triumph pieces as upgrades. You have some good picks already, like The Black Heart so keep at it & you'll improve pretty fast.

Now lets get to why you might be taking a lot of damage. Number one reason is armor. It's low and it'll improve with new gear, just saying it here to make you realize its importance. It's a passive damage reduction and it's always there. The difference between the 24K armor you have and the 29-30K armor you could get to with triumph tokens is very significant. While i could give you a slot-by-slot advice, i'll make a general tip (which i'm sure somebody's going to berate me for): Go for the highest ilevel upgrade first. In your case those would be head/legs/ring/trinket. Triumphs are easy to get, so plan your frost purchases. The cloak/belt are very serious improvements so prioritize getting those first with your frost badges.

Another reason i assume will be due to bad positioning. As a tank you always ALWAYS want mobs in front of you. Especially in pack pulls, you'll want to be very mobile, moving, turning, repositioning, etc all the time. You'll find keyboard turning/moving a major handicap there as it'll also start messing up with your rotations. You must also master the art of strafing - it allows you to keep a forward running speed while keeping your front (well, side practically but for the game, that's the same as front, as in it's not your back). When pulling multiple mobs, some of them can easily end up behind you and unless you fix it in a hurry, you'll start taking a lot of damage.

Cooldowns & trinkets come in two categories. a) stuff that you use regularly, b) oh-shit buttons.

As a blood DK, you have some significant stuff that you use regularly. First off is death strike. Normally in your rotations, you use it to turn your FU runes to deathrunes. However, it also gives huge selfheals to mitigate your damage intake. If you find yourself taking a lot of damage, prioritizing death strike over other talents can get your health back up pretty quick. Second is Rune Tap. It's on a pretty short cooldown and you use that to recover from a bad series of damage intake. Third is Anti Magic Shell that you can use to mitigate magic damage. Knowing when to use this abilities will improve your experience. Blood tanks do take a bit more damage but the impressive selfheals make up for it - but you have to know when/how to use them to make it work. Practice makes perfect.

Oh-shit buttons are things that you either reserve for when you KNOW you're going to take a big hit or suddenly you find yourself in a bad position (like on low health and your healer occupied/unable). Like icebound fortitude or absorb trinkets or vampiric blood (this one is on a short enough cooldown that you could also use regularly).

I'm assuming you also read Satorri's excellent DK tanking guide.

So basically i assume you're suffering from lowish gear & lack of mobility. If you're really training yourself for keyboard running/casting and mouse turning, both will improve over time, keep at it.

Hope this helps.

09-08-2010, 07:19 AM
You say that blood DK's take a little more dmg than others, so what would be the best spec for low gear level tanking ie heroics, 10 man ToC etc. I hear unholy is good, but it revolves around bone shield which is gone almost instantly.. And I hear frost is good for snap AoE but lacks on the self healing department.

What is a quick way to get used to moving and playing correctly? What would be good key bindings that aren't going to make my fingers go across the keyboard etc? I find that setting my bindings to.. lets say F1-F8 difficult to do. I don't have small hands, just the positioning is weird.

09-08-2010, 02:30 PM
Blood doesn't take more damage than other specs, so don't sweat that. Frost has imp frost presence for some more passive reduction, but if you're in dangerous situations WotN in blood prevents at least as much, and certainly more where it counts. Most people use keys radiating around their movement, I personally am accustomed to 1-6, and then I have alt 1-6 shift 1-6 and F1-F5 as things I hit regularly, but again most people tend to use things like F R V G etc.

09-08-2010, 06:34 PM
I have started using WAY more keybindings, still hard to get used to, and I catch myself keyboard turning at times. BUT, I'm pretty sure Blizz hates the DK class all together, I run H PoS, H FoS, and H ToC every day, and nothign EVER drops for that alt, but on my priest, all those same items drop.. sigh