View Full Version : EU LFM DPS for ICC [11/12H] 3 raids/wk

09-06-2010, 06:40 AM
Soldiers of Azeroth are looking for a few good players to join our 25 man raid team.

We've had a few post-summer losses and we're looking to for a few good people to finish off loose ends and head into Cataclysm with a strong team.

Please note that we are on the European realms.

We're most interested in the following classes/specs, but we will consider strong applications from others in similar roles.

- DPS deathknight (of any spec)
- Boomkin
- Hunter
- Holy/disc priest
- Resto shaman

Who are you?

You have some raiding experience and (ideally) you're suitably geared for Icecrown heroic modes.

You're looking to raid two to three times a week. You enjoy your role and you like learning about encounters and how to improve your performance within a raid. You're motivated and can put some time into improving your character outside 25 man raiding.

You bring a positive attitude and enjoy a challenge!

Who are we?

Soldiers of Azeroth are a good sized raiding guild with an active community and forums. We've been around on the Aggramar server since 2005 and have been raiding successfully since vanilla WoW, clearing Black Temple and Mount Hyjal in TBC.

In WotLK we have cleared most content including quite a few hard/heroic mode encounters such as Sarth+3, Freya+3, and the Twin Valkyrs in ToGC. Our current focus is Icecrown Citadel where we've cleared 11 of the 12 hard modes.

Our raid times are 20:30-00:00 on Friday, Sunday and Tuesday evenings. You don't have to be available for all three and there's no set 'minimum' raid attendance, but being available often is a plus. In four years of raiding, we have never cancelled a planned raid.

Find out more at http://www.soldiersofazeroth.net/