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09-04-2010, 11:13 PM
Hey Forum,
I know lots and lots of discussion has gone on about glyphs and gear, but I'm still unsure. I'll give a link to my armory: http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Dath'Remar&cn=Gronrust
which as you can see uses glyphs: Blocking, Devastation and Cleave. Reason for cleave is I'm not a pro aoe tank, though I feel as though I have the hang of it now and thinking whether to replace to Last stand, or go into SW spec.
As for gear I decided to get Pillars of Might and use the 2pc T10 bonus. Where I'm confused here is (I decided to keep the Tier helm) if I should get gauntlets on the kraken and have tier shoulders, or get the 25 gunship shoulders and keep the tier gloves. (note I doubt I'll have access to any heroic versions really).
I'm open to opinions and criticism, so if anyone could give a bump into a better direction I would really appreciate it, thanks :D .

09-04-2010, 11:21 PM
You should definitely glyph and spec Shield Wall. I'd argue that with your gear, you could easily get rid of one of your other two threat glyphs for Last Stand as well.

The ideal setup is 264 tier helm + shoulders, Cat chest, Kraken gloves, Pillars for legs. However, we don't always get the ideal setup do we. The Lootship shoulders are very easy to obtain, and even if you're not in hardmodes it's still pretty easy to get into a PuG with Heroic Lootship unlocked. I would aim for those along with your current (very nice) gloves. If you get a token, upgrade your helm.

Otherwise, I see a few gems/enchants I could nitpick but mostly a very good armory. Better than my warrior alt to be 100% honest.

09-05-2010, 01:10 AM
If you're looking to maximize your gear:

251 Helm/Shoulders for the 2pc. Even though there are 264 upgrades that are fairly achievable in ICC25N, I'd still recommend going with the 251s for the 2pc threat bonus.

264 Gloves/Chest are used over Krakken Gauntlets and Cataclysm only during LK, Sindragosa, and LDW fights (ideally) for the 4pc bonus, otherwise it's krakken and Cataclysmic.

277 level tier Chest/gloves > Cataclysmic/Krakken.

Legs should be Pillars of Might (which you have) as soon as you have gold for the primordials (H Leggings of Lost hope is better for the 3 fights above, but that's way down the progression path and in all other fights Pillars is better).


For the same fights, the 251/264H bracers off of Saurfang are better than the 264/277 bracers off of Morrogwar for all but the three fights because the bonus armor on the 10m drops is > than the extra stamina on the 25 man drops.

Clutch of Fortiifcation (if you don't have the H Twin-Valkier armor ring or Ony25 ring) is actually better than Juggernaught's for all but those same three fights because the armor on it is > stamina. Then the higher stamina ring for more magic intensive fights.

The Black Heart is a good situational trinket for those magic damage fights.


Enchants - 2% threat isn't much, put stamina on your gloves. Rotation/Extrenal help (tricks, MD used religiously, vig) are better for threat. The 2% isn't really going to make a difference.

Gun - put the +40 crit scope on it, the crit will help your Thunderclasps

Mongoose has a poor uptime for warriors, it's not really a big deal but BD is usually preferred by warriors, mongoose by pallys who have a higher uptime.

Back - Armor > Agility


Spec - take 2 points out of focused rage and put them into Shield Wall for 2min shield walls when glyped.

Typically Devastate / Shieldwall / and (Last Stand or Taunt) are the glyphs of choice for progression content.

Is threat an issue? Judging by your gear the DPS shouldn't be doing anything special unless they've pugged further content. You might look into the 264/277 1.5 wep speed axe from Lootship 25 if threat is an issue, that will be a fairly achieavable threat increase (bigger devastates, more/bigger heroic strikes). But I'm guessing there is room for improvement in your rotation (I only say this because you have the threat glove enchants and the agility cloak).

Another minor threat improvement might be Bonebreaker over Facelifter in the short term as the expertise on bonebreaker will help reduce dodge and parry still while face lifter gives you hit that's still half as good as expertise.