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09-04-2010, 04:08 PM

Okay so i'm back in my old guild, and we are only raiding icc 10 Normal, we are currently 6/12 and last night we started Dreamwalker, Ive explained most of the fight due to doing it in my old 25man and 10man raiding guild. we couldn't get dw all the way up. 68% was the highest we got i believe, and I was just wondering if theres anything i could do with my gear to help out the raid, maybe curtain gear i should get and other things, I've seen some tanks with the 251 Axe off marrowgar or deathbringer saying it helps with aggro. I have no money so i can't buy pillars of might or the boots.

But just want to know if i should start getting some sets of gear for curtain fights or anything i should get or no to go any further into icc. Im now at the point at 6/12 that ill be new to the fights, Ive tried dw and pp but never finished them all the others ive never seen.


Our Progression team consist of.

Protection Paladin Tank
Protection Warrior Tank <Me>

Holy Priest Healer
Restoration Shaman Healer
Discipline Priest Healer

Balance Druid Dps
Survival Hunter Dps
Arcane Mage Dps
Blood Death Knight Dps

and we usally have a floater dps.

and my glyphs are prolly not updated yet, i have recently just gone back to tanking, so still had my pvp glyphs on.

09-04-2010, 05:05 PM
What are you guys wiping to?

09-04-2010, 05:14 PM
Priests are not ideal for DW; on most fights, unless you're on the very cutting edge of progression, your healer comp doesn't matter nearly as much as people tell you. But priests are REALLY not ideal for DW, although I've heard some people make a specific holy spec for healing DW. But when our guild's disc priest went holy to heal the dragon just cause she wanted to try it, it was astounding how much I outhealed her compared to the resto druid who normally healed DW with me.

09-04-2010, 05:20 PM
yeah, i can't really do anything about the healer combo. but could it be done? because we started to get the hang of the fight the only problem was with bad luck with the blazing skeleton coming out when the maggots would come to, so it would eat a bunch of people. also clothes getting hit by the blitersing zombie and not getting the skeleton down fast enough.

09-04-2010, 06:31 PM
VDW is one of those fights i really hate. Most common wipes I see are

- Tanks dieing to rot worms.
- Zombies killing healers.
- Dps dieing to rot worms.
- High raid damage.

1) AoE classes need to burn them down. Typically a mage can just blizzard over the corpse of the dead abom.

2) Them zombies love that healing aggro right after they spawned. Your hunter needs to pick up them up right away. This should be his highest priority. Also he can't solo them, make sure another range is helping him kite/burn them down.

3) Abom is dead and I drop a blizzard, rot worms run to me and i die... I have died to this. Basically this is solved by the Tank calling out when to AoE the rot worms. Doing that should solve 1 and

Foot notes:

When doing progression on this fight our raid healer frequently complained that raid damage was really really high. One way to solve this is to put a fire resistance aura to help with the lay waste damage.

Have your arcane mage change his spec to include improved amplify magic and slow looks like This (http://www.wowhead.com/talent#ofoVfz0IzxGuMtedcZMhf0o). The improved amp magic really helps (what allowed my guild to beat this boss in H 25man (wiping at 90% for an hour or two lol)) the extra damage doesn't hurt on this fight, and the extra range should help. Also slow will give your mage the ability to kite on his/her own add.

09-04-2010, 07:11 PM
One quick comment about your gear: Do you have enough triumph badges for lvl245 armor trinket? Most people will tell you it's better than Brewfest trinkets in most cases. Everything else looks pretty good considering what stage in progression you're at so far.

For VDW:

Are you going with two tanks? My guild has always run it with just one tank (me warrior). Pally could go DPS and help with Suppresors or Risen Arcmages. Even better if pally can go heals and one of the priests go shadow. Pally heals are great for this fight.
Lots of raid damage usually means you need to have a better plan for controlling adds. For my guild we always have one person devoted to suppresors at all times. No matter what else is going on, this person stops what he's doing to burn them down whenever they show up. The rest of the raid focuses on Blazing Skeleton->RisenArcmage->Abom/worms. We had the luxury of a skilled hunter who was able to solo the Blistering Zombies, but other ranged should be able to help out if you need. The tank really only needs to pick up the Abom (and then worms too). Sometimes the Risen Arcmages will melee a bit, so make sure your DK (or ret pally) are the first ones attacking. If the Abom/worms weren't too much of a problem at the time, I would also pick up Arcmages to help with interrupts. If I can't go pick them up I can at least help out with a Heroic Throw interrupt. I put Vigilance on the healer to help out with healing aggro a bit (yes, the zombies love it), and so that my taunt will be ready to save him if he ever finds himself taking some damage from something I missed.

Good luck

09-05-2010, 12:53 AM
The maggots are one of the biggest problems. Pally tanks should save concecrate for after aboms die and toss it at their feet to grab the maggots. Warrior tanks should vig the raid healer and try to make sure TC and/or SW is up when worms pop and try to grab them all at the end. Maggots are usually the cause of wipes on VDW if we wipe.

Another option is 1-tanking VDW 10N. I've done it several times and it works fairly well as long as your hunter is good at kiting the zombies. You only tank the Aboms and the Archmages with your focus on the mages so you can interrupt them. DPS priority is Skeletons > Mages > Suppressors > Aboms. Range helps on Zombies as time allows.

What this does is frees up 1 more DPS slot so things die quicker AND focuses damage on 1 target, the tank, making it less complicated for the healers to heal.

Re: Glyph of Idom vs Brewfest - in this fight Brewfest > Glyph. There is very little actual melee damage (Aboms and maggots) but some good chunks of magic damage (Lay waste, frost bolts). The extra stamina is probably better for this fight as the aboms and even maggots are not killers, especially if you can shockwave the maggots and AoE them before they wake up.

On 10 Normal, you really should look to 1-tank it if possible and if the Pally has a holy spec, so much the better. Our holy Pally usually solo-heals VDW with the druid and Disc throwing any HOTS/shields on her they can while focusing on the raid. When his stacks get high enoguh, goes from 73ish health to 100% almost instantly it feels like (Plus Crusader's Aura in dream realm ftw).

09-05-2010, 11:08 PM
Okay thanks a lot of everyone, I will post again if i have any other questions, im going to run this threw my team.

09-05-2010, 11:54 PM
It'd be better if we knew what you were wiping to.

Are you being overrun by mobs? (faster & better healing on the boss generally solves this)
Are you killing the suppressors fast enough? (i've seen raids ignore their priority and bruteforce heal it out - it usually doesnt work out)
Are people dying? then you need better tanking
Are healers/casters running out of mana? Learn to avoid voidzones
Is the raid taking too much damage that healers have to spend time healing the raid? Interrupt those frost volleys & kill blazing skeletons fast

DW healing on normal is easy if you have at least one really good healer who knows what to do. I've seen raids where a single resto druid went in, collected 30+ stacks and almost solo healed the boss. Any healer will do, even priests. Though with your setup, i would prefer having the disc priest on raidhealing duty.

I also have a kill order priority macroed that i spam throughout the fight.

Blazing Skeleton -> Suppressors -> Risen Archmages -> Blistering Zombies -> Abominations

I tell people to switch targets as soon as a higher priority mob comes through. I have it macroed and i spam it every time new mobs spawn. Leaving abominations till last also minimizes worm time too :)