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09-04-2010, 12:20 PM
I'm getting sick of how deserted my current server is. My guild is falling apart and PUGging stuff is nigh impossible unless you do it on Wednesday.

What I'm looking for is a server that is:
a) Populated enough to do stuff on
b) Not so populated as to cause major lag or log in queues
c) PVP server only
d) Bonus points for Wintergrasp control most of the time

Any suggestions?

09-04-2010, 09:07 PM
A few sites to hit up and you can then make your own determination.
Allows you to see via time zone and population and if you couple this with the log in screen you can get a good idea if this is for you.
Allows you to see population horde vs alliance and where the realm stacks up in terms of raiding progression.

Keep in mind, this is the end of a patch, there is nothing exciting for content and its still summer. Yes the end of summer but people are busy, the game isn't a huge concern for most.
Last thought, google is your friend!

09-05-2010, 04:00 PM
Thanks! That's exactly what I needed.

10-02-2010, 01:40 AM

10-02-2010, 03:13 AM
Perfect description of Mug'thol.

10-02-2010, 08:09 AM
No. Stay away from Mug'thol.