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09-04-2010, 02:58 AM
Hai thar

Yet another Fury warrior gear question I'm afraid

Would appreciate some advice as I'm a little confused and all in a fluster about my gear selection

My problem is this - I use landsouls awesome spreadsheet

However I'm lately having difficulty finding the right gear to improve my stats and keep myself hitcapped and expertise capped at the same time

Here is my armory link:


So as you can see I am currently moderately geared with ICC & T9 / T10 gear

Landsouls gives me a dps rating of just under 9000

However I am below the hitcap because Landsouls tells me I still get better dps even when Im not hitcapped with this setup

If I try and get hitcapped (for example if I swap in the mark of supremacy trinket) then it reduces my dps output

I'm also only Expertise capped because of the Oxheart mace - at some point I'm going to get a better axe such as the saurfang one and I'm going to lose the expertise stat.

I'm also currently aiming to get in some T10 set gear, however none of these will give me the hit or expertise needed

So the question:

What is the best combination of gear I could use at this level? What should I be working on? For the life of me I've been clicking through landsouls sheet trying to find appropriate items and have come up blank - I'm clearly missing something blindingly obvious - so I thought I would appeal to your good nature and ask here for any good advice on where I should be working to improve.

Many thanks for the help

09-05-2010, 12:48 AM
The axe that drop from Saurfang 10 has expertise too (I think a similar or greater amount).

I'm wondering about how hit/exp are factored in as well, because I'm in the same situation with 2 upgrades I hope to get in the next week.

One thing you can do for hit as well is the +20 hit enchant to gloves as the 'cost' is 40 AP, less than a 20str or 20 ArP gem.

Also, Nightmare's Tear in your helm > Belt (+8 vs +6) but that's pretty minor.

I'd suggest playing with Landsoul's and seeing if Blade of Culling + Oxheart > Bryntroll + Culling. I think as you approach the ArP cap this is true in the spreadsheet.

09-06-2010, 08:13 AM
Few things to remember
#1 you only need 26 expertise in your Mainhand weapon So for example if you were to get the Blade of Culling or the Citadels enforcers, you could put your oxheart in your MH and be Expertise capped(the latter also forcing you over hit cap).

#2 So solve your hit, ArP and Expertise Worries i would make a few changes
-------Change your Necklace to Precious's Putrid collar, 10 man Festergut.
-------Change your Ranged weapon to The 245 Emblem of Triumph one, ArP + Expertise is win
-------Change your Byrntoll for just about anything else stat's are better then a proc any day
-------Change your AV rep ring to the AGI version, it's much much better.

#3 the Main reason Landsouls is giving you a Low rating is your Crit, you need A ton more crit you want to stay as close to 50% as you can the ring and necklace suggestions i made will help with this but not getting you close enough.

#4 Stat weights
---Hit = 5%
---Expertise = 26/?
---ArP = 100%
---Crit = 50%
---STR = Over 9000

Now Feel free to ignore me for this part, but if I were you i would Switch your War token for the NES or Runestone(10man uld Thorium) and regem STR This is a personal choice, I didn't regem ArP till i could Hard cap with Elixir's and food(roughly 94%) The reason behind this is when you Regem ArP too early you(by you i mean most people) tend to ignore the other Stat weights Plug this into Landsouls and see what it gives you

-Make sure you turn off all the buffs you don't always have
-If you don't Rend weave turn that off
-Regem all your ArP Gems to STR gems untill you are At 54% ArP
-Change your Token to the NES(or runestone if you have it)
-Change your Yellow Sockets to STR/CRIT gems Where it will give you a socket bonus
-Change your Glove enchant to Crusher

Then see what it says, It should give you a higher Metric then what you started with.

09-09-2010, 09:27 PM
Thanks for the advice.

Yes I can see - definitely need to work on crit. I've gemmed straight crit into the slots that will give me bonus and this gives me a nice little increase on dps according to the spreadsheet. Better than str/crit in fact.

Yes I've been trying to get NES for a loong time now and the only time it dropped a Paladin won it. I've been back millions of times since and never seen it again. Been unlucky there - still trying to work on it.

Yes - glove enchant needs changing to hit for now until I find a way of putting in hit somewhere else

Yup - clearly the AVG ring is better and have swapped that now

These are all things that would raise my dps metric in landsouls


If i follow advice on gemming strength I lose about 500 off my dps score

If I replace the token with the NES then I lose value (however if I replace the banner I gain a slight increase)

If I do not use the Byrntroll and swap to Oxtail in main hand and the enforced claymore in my offhand then I lose significant dps metric - so are those stats really better I wonder? If it means I am losing dps. The blade of culling also lowers my dps in the same way.

Landsouls also tells me that shrapnel star is better than the crimson star which you are suggesting.

This is why I'm in a muddle over it - whilst your suggestions are helpful.. I cannot see how implementing all of them will result in an increase in dps. It just ends up with a total net loss.

Any further thoughts?

Anyone else care to comment or have any thoughts? Need some help here!!

09-10-2010, 07:57 AM
Do you have access to Cryptmaker if it drops? That would do a lot for hit, allow you to get rid of the claymore, and add to your arp.

Make sure that, when you are regemming for str with the NES, you are keeping yourself at 722 arp, so when NES proc's, you're at 100% arp. So depending on your gear (since I am at work and internet here blocks me from going to most game websites including armory), you might have a mix of arp and str gems to keep you at that 722 mark.

Sorry, I'm not the most experienced fury warrior in the world, I've only done a lot of reading and base my stuff off of the better fury warriors that I see in game. I'm currently working to get to the arp hardcap personally, but still have a few pieces to change out so i can regem completely.

09-10-2010, 08:16 PM
Make sure that, when you are regemming for str with the NES, you are keeping yourself at 722 arp, so when NES proc's, you're at 100% arp. So depending on your gear (since I am at work and internet here blocks me from going to most game websites including armory), you might have a mix of arp and str gems to keep you at that 722 mark.


also yes the stats on the blade of culling gives ~9% ArP which free's up gems for STR gems, which evens it out on STR to the Bryntoll, which is why it is so much better.