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09-03-2010, 05:36 PM
I would go through and explain my thinking and why I want to know this, but it would be kind of wasted in my opinion here untill I test it myself.

To the point, hopefully Satorii or somone will know.

Which generates more threat with a "cookie cutter" 53/8/10 Blood tanking spec?

1 Death strike, glyphed for the 25% more damage
2 Heart strikes?

Basically i'm wondering if the death runes i'm specced into are for nothing more than utility, and if it might be worth it to drop them for more threat.

Armory link:

My idea is to take the 3 out of Death Rune Mastery and put 2/3 in Scent of Blood and 1 in DRW, or 1 mark of blood 1 hysteria 1 drw, but i don't think that would be worth it. Feel free to criticise that idea if you'd like, i just don't feel the death runes are doing enough for the 3 points.

Thanks in Advance.

09-03-2010, 07:34 PM
Death Strike and Heart strike hit for almost the same amount, the 2x heart strikes is definitely the way to go unless you want the healing. The rotation feels tight if you're not used to it but if you are it's definitely superior.
Example from sindragosa this week (Single target fight where I was tanking the entire time, so it should be pretty even):
Heart strike:
Hits 44 Avg 3619.2
Crits 18 Avg 8941.0

Death Strike:
Hits 15 Avg 3643.6
Crits 5 Avg 9486.2

That said you definitely want Hysteria as well. The 1 DRW 1 Hyst 1 SoB is a better option than subversion, or rune tap if you don't use it a lot will free up a bunch.

09-04-2010, 04:09 AM
Alright, here goes my first post on this forum!

I gave both specs you posted here a shot (since I'm also having a few doubts about mine) and I must say how surprised I was that the death runes actually do make a difference.

You see, I was thinking about doing thesame that you state here above me, but after I had a raid with the "improved" spec there, I felt even more worried than I was before. Even though the death runes don't do that much, they do help a great deal throughout the encounter of several bosses. I'm ofcourse not saying that you can't go without them, but the problem is that you have to change your complete rotation up and the threat outcome isn't always better, sometimes even worse in my case. You do push more DPS, but strangely enough my threatbuild didn't go up that much.

I can confirm that above numbers are about accurate (mine were close to those on Fester / Rot) so my advice: keep the death runes and spam HS. I usually pop in a DS whenever I got the runes, since they don't really interfere with the HS rotation that much.

Hope it helped ;-).

~ Mn

09-04-2010, 05:27 AM
Thanks for the help. I didn't think about dropping subversion though, i'll have to look at that, thanks Yanger. It seems I"ll be keeping my death runes. :)