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08-21-2010, 12:50 AM
Im curious,
shard of the crystal forest, is cheaper to get, has higher ilevel (for gs buffing) and better stats
chained military gorget

seems like a no brainer? or am i missing something. on wowpopular the gorget seems a lot higher ranked.

also, any advice on my gearing would be appreciated. im working on the triump badge gear for the chest and the gauntlets.

armory here.

for the feet, am saving up for the spiked deathdealers. am i right that after that, there really isnt anything more i can do to upgrade from the triumph badges and its only frost upgrades from there on? (no chance of getting into any raids at present with my gs).

with regards to frost purchases, i guess my first pick should be the back?

any help would be greatly appreciated.

08-22-2010, 10:32 AM
the T9 4pc bonus isn't great to be honest.

it's a little more emblems, but personally, what I did while gearing was buy the legs and gloves T9, got the crafted breastplate of the white knight, got the 245 non set shoulders (15 more triumph than the T9 ones) and the 245 non set helm (25 more triumph than the T9). you end up with more stats with only slightly more work.

the cloak and shield from HoR normal are both easy to obtain, have pretty decent stats and should last you untill you get a chance to upgrade from raiding.

Trinkets are good. few enchants need swapping (I'm assuming this is because of lower level gear but I'll post anyway). you have a wyrmrest tabard on, yet the tanking helm enchant comes from the argent crusade rep - get farming. the best shoulder enchant comes from pvp, the 30 stam 15 resi gladiator enchant will cost 10k honor but it's worth it.

Get 18 stam on shield (unless you're short on def, in which case get def). It's personal preference, but Blood draining is considered to be the best tanking enchant, the heal when you need it can really help in some cases. you've invested in epic gems for you legs, yet you havn't bothered to get the epic armor kit?

get your proffs leveled up, the stam from mining is really nice and the engineering glove enchant I believe is currently the best EH perk for tanks (plus engi is awesome!) but you should put stam or armsman on there in the meantime

also, you should either pick up Rowen's rifle of silver bullets from the AH cheap, or get blades of the sable cross for 35 triumph.

I also noticed you have more than one expertise + stam. right gem but you should really only gem it once to activate your meta after that just pure stam.

if you have the gold, Pillars of might and Boots of kingly upheaval are very nice investments as you won't replace them quickly (and legs are the weakest part of T10). you say you're "saving up" for spiked death dealers, use the titansteels for the kingly upheaval boots instead, do your dailies and buy primordial saronites, you won't regret it!

for frosts, I personally used:

and finally, to your original question. get the shard of the crystal heart, hope the neck from HoR heroic drops, and then pray from marrowgars scratching choker to drop once you get in ICC (I swear neither marrowgar or HoR necks actually exsist. I've had my 25 KT neck for over a year now with literally nothing better dropping, doing heroic ICC 10 now and still no neck)

08-22-2010, 08:51 PM
thanks for the advice! much appreciated.
havent seen the epic armour kit yet on AH the couple of times i checked. re rep, yup argent crusade was next on my list. will get on to that.blood draining is also on my list, cept its a little out of my budget atm. professions are also next on my list, my priority was to get to 80 first.
didnt realise there was a better boe crafted than the spikeds. will definitely aim for the kingly boots.

08-23-2010, 11:18 AM
Headplate of the Honorbound or 25m Onyxia helm
Shoulderguards of Enduring Order (http://www.wowhead.com/item=47699) from badges
Legs from somewhere, the t9 legs might say 232 but they are really weak. Pillars of might when you can afford them But consider the loss of Def rating before moving to those.
Runed Ring of Binding (http://www.wowhead.com/item=49309) or Signified Ring of Binding (http://www.wowhead.com/item=49489) Onyxia 10/25 , useful for the armor and if ya want to do a resist thing the 245 one would make a great replacement for signet of the earthshaker. The Leviathan's Coil (http://www.wowhead.com/item=45112) 25 man flame levithan. Toc 10 twin valks Rings

1 Glyph of Cleaving As it will help on Ae threat for running the 5 mans, Consider Swapping Blocking for Shockwave more AE threat for the LAWLCHARGE 5 man facerolling.
Minor glyphs (optional) could swap out bloodrage and Battle for Charge and Commanding. Commanding does help alot.

2 245 Shoulders. Stam gem or Expertise/stam since your a bit off 26 atm.

3 245 Helm. Expertise/Stam Gem Stam/Armor meta 12 stam socket bonus and you active your meta in the helm defiantly the way to go. As you may deactive meta if you run your red elsewhere while getting upgrades.

4 Fix up your chants

5 if possible Toc 25 Has tons and tons of upgrades for you

6 Profit!

7 Frost Cloak is basically BIS so makes a great first purchase.

8 Expertise to 26 for raiding, 18 expertise + Rhinoculus Wrymsteak (spelled wrong im sure) if needed.
If you do start raiding consider -2 Cruelty + 2 imp disciplines, With Glyph of Devastate , Shield Wall , and Last Stand.

Helm- the Defense Stam chant from argent crusade
Boots- Tuskars vitality or 22 stam. i prefer the speed but up to u.
Gloves- 18 stam, armor, or 2% threat. 18 stam is my choice.
PVP shoulder enchant u can go down to 537 defense if you really need to, and still be uncrittable.
Defense to Chest will give you more room while upgrading gear. 275 health if you think that chest will last you a long while.

Key Binds Use them love them!

Lastly i must mention something about weapons, if your Doing a proper rotation it will give you the Biggest threat increase. Consider Scourgeborne Waraxe (http://www.wowhead.com/item=50411) and weapons like it as viable weapons. Granted the heroic versions with the extra socket for 30 stam make better tank weapons than normal mode. Thankfully Lootship is just that do a little dance and get some loot.

Hope this helps, See your running heroics today Dont forget your Argent Tabard!

PS Never heard of wowpopular.com and i wouldnt use that as best i can tell it really is a popularity contest for items/ chants not a real ranking system.

If you need Rough ideas, Download , learn to use RaWr . For a look at lists of possible upgrades MaxDps.com. Their ranking is mostly right as far as i know, But you already found the best place for advise.

08-23-2010, 11:24 AM
6 Frost Cloak is basically BIS so makes a great first purchase.

It is BiS but typically if moving from triumph gear, Gauntets of the Kraken are a better first upgrade and Vergis Belt is usually too (and cheaper). Personally, I recommend Kraken > Vergis > Cataclysmic > Cloak > trinket > Head > Shoulders, but it's gear dependent.

I don't like getting BiS first, because it's a red herring. Kraken gauntlets are BiS also unless you get the 277 version of the tier gloves, but the odds of something looking for frost gear at this point getting that is pretty low so it will be effectively BiS as well.

08-23-2010, 11:28 AM
Im curious,
shard of the crystal forest, is cheaper to get, has higher ilevel (for gs buffing) and better stats
chained military gorget

seems like a no brainer? or am i missing something. on wowpopular the gorget seems a lot higher ranked.

Chained Military Gorget was good when WotLK dropped. I don't believe Crystal Forest dropped until a later patch, so you're comparing apples to oranges. Items from 2 different points of progression.

08-23-2010, 11:24 PM
thank you all for the time and the helpful advice! completely forgot i had a 3rd slot for glyphing to fill on 80!