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08-20-2010, 12:16 AM
First off I'm really loving the challenge of kitty but the gearing is driving me nuts. As the title suggests I'm looking for advise on hit and expertise. I'm about to get the t10 helm and will lose a lot of hit but will stay hit capped. I'd like to be able to get the vendor belt next but that will put me below hit cap. My question is it worth it to gem for the lost hit? Especially with upgrading the belt and how big of an upgrade it is. I would love to get the http://www.wowhead.com/item=49949 and http://www.wowhead.com/item=50452 for the hit but those will take time to acquire. I know from my fury warrior friend and other dps forums how important hit and expertise is yet when i look at some of the top/ better geared kitties on my server they are far below hit cap. Are these kitties idiots and just going for GS?

Also do i start gemming ArP when if i change all my non essential gems to ArP i reach 1400?

I also have a question about opening sequence. Currently I like to get 5 CP to savage roar then berserk, followed by 5CP to rip. Is there a better "opener"?

here is my armory:

Any other advise would be greatly appreciated.

08-20-2010, 12:39 AM
Try opening with a 1 CP SR first, then build 5 CP, so you get the bonus while building that up.
As for hit/expertise; my friend used to be top server kitty (not that hard though) and one of his arguments for capping those was ease-of-play/ Missing a finisher can totally mess up your rotation, making it harder to maintain DPS. Most kitties that don't cap those have an addon that tells them what button to press next, so you don't need to think about it yourself.

08-20-2010, 06:16 AM
I'm one the best kitties on my faction/server. I'm a top 3 melee DPSer in the top hordeside guild. My gear is currently in transition (just finally got rid of the NES, so about to convert to full ArP), so don't pay too much attention to my armory today ... or rather just imagine it with every slot using ArP instead of what's there. Of course I'm way ahead of you on the gear curve right now so don't try and emulate what I have.

From where you are:

#1. Get yourself an NES. It was the bane of my existence but it IS a fantastic trinket. Hard as hell to get but worth it. It's way better for you than the Mirror Truth. You should also consider the banner of victory as you get more ArP items but Rawr can give you a definitive answer here. Honestly mirror truth might be better unless your ArP gets a bit higher.

#2. Once you get the NES, you wan't to start to slowly push for soft ArP cap (722) and from there it's all agility or agility/hit in every slot. Ignore expertise, you won't need it. NES, then ArP to 722, then Agility in red or blue slots and Agility/hit in yellow

#3. If you have access to 25 mans then once you get a DBW or Sharp scale (either of which will replace the NES), you can push for hard ArP cap. I *just* did this and haven't changed my gems yet so if you look at my armory imagine the scale replaced with an NES and that's exactly what I looked like last night when I did 11.9k DPS on Halion and beat out our shadowmourne weilding DK (by literally 250 damage).

#4. Without access to 25 mans the best setup you can get is going to be NES + HWT, Arp at 722, and then as much agility and agility/hit gems as you can get. That's still a very powerful setup, like I said last night I pushed some very high DPS with that setup.

For you specifically you need to get your 4 piece T10 at all costs. Ignore the 264 idol, ignore the 264 belt (though it is incredibly good), ignore the HWT (for now, it's pretty hawt). Push hard for your 4 piece. I personally skipped the legs and did fine (got the crafted 264s) but it's not the end of the world if you skip any particular slot. I think the adriana's gloves are the best off-set piece for the final druid build-out at ArP cap but you're a long ways from there so don't worry about it. By the time you get there you'll have so many extra frost badges you'll be able to buy a second armor set if you want. I personally would recommend you get the fastest upgrades you can to 4 piece, which means gloves + shoulders + any other 2.

As for rotation, well as you know this is a very challenging class. I'll try and cover what I try and do ... but it's pretty nebulous.

Opening: I almost always Speed Pot (pre fight) ->FaerieFire (while running in, our boomkin usually overwrite it soon enough but I like having it up there and it gets me something to do while moving)->Mangle->Rake->Roar->Fury->Zerk. That's my opener. I only FF if I have to run in but on a fight like Saurfang I just open with the mangle and get to work.

Once berserk is up its usually Shred->shred->Rake-> (this is almost always 5 CPs, but once in a great while I do another shred here) Rip. Note this does clip my rake slightly. From there its almost always shred->shred->shred->Bite. Then depending on how much time is left on my roar (could have been anything from a 2CP to a 4CP roar), I'll either go for another bite or kick out a 3-4CP roar here and then work back up to replace the rip.

And that's just the beginning. From there it's the usual juggling. I prefer 2-4 CP roars, keep up rake and 5 CP rip but try not to clip or keep it as little as possible (clipping a rake a bit isn't horrible, clipping a rip is). I usually can sneak in a bite here or there but usually only when I have a Fury available or when I get really lucky with OOC.

Of course that's all just the basics of how to maximize DPS on like saurfang. It's dramatically different in the mobile fights where you have to time things better and leave bleeds on some mobs or leave up CPs on a primary mob to Roar with while swiping down other mobs. There's a pile of tricks and they take a long time to learn. One final trick that I keep meaning to add to my arsenal is feral charge. You can get rid of the swipe talent and add feral charge ... trust me in ICC it will be invaluable as a cat. I don't currently have it but for 4 months now I've been promising myself I will get it ... just keep forgetting.

08-20-2010, 03:00 PM
Thanx for the advise. Another question, keep the 2pc t9 til i can get the t10 4pc? or get the t10 pieces as i can?

08-20-2010, 09:12 PM
2 and 2 is pretty good if you can swing it but don't break your back over it. Also it takes some getting used to when you finally break that 2 piece tier 9, it's a pretty dramatic change to be raking more once you're used to the longer duration. Still at some point it has to go and the critting rake is a ridiculous DPS boost (1k or more with a 30% buff).

08-23-2010, 03:30 PM
another quick question. With FF on boss wouldn't i only need 95% armor reduction from gear? Or would my ArP only ignore 95% of the 95% armor left? If thats the way ArP works then if all physical damage were stacking ArP to 100% on their own would FF even be need for dps reason?

08-23-2010, 03:47 PM
The figure of 100% ArP is separate from debuffs like FF and sunder armor. 100% arp =/ the person has no armor.

Check out http://www.wowwiki.com/Armor_penetration the section labelled technical explanation from GC.