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08-19-2010, 09:23 PM
I just switched from arms to fury the other day. I'm using landsouls spreadsheet and it has me doing 6k dps. I'm only actually able to pull about 3.2k on the practice dummys and about 2.8k give or take in instances (i'm not even going to try a raid right now). I'm not sure if I maybe geared up wrong or if it's something in my rotation it self that I'm doing even though I've read over the fury guide a couple times trying my best to maximize dps.


Any help would be appreciated.

08-20-2010, 12:34 AM
Landsoul's is based on your current gear, so theoretically you should be able to pull 6k...

If you have landsoul's set up correctly. He has the buffs set for his 25m raid and for using Rend in the rotation. A full completemnet of raid buffs is 2x DPS increase.

Check the buffs in the right corner, are they the same one in your raid?

I'd recommend actually removing everything but Battleshout and going to the raid boss dummy and trying your rotation for 10 minutes (to smooth out lucky/unlucky crit streaks, 10 minutes is a minimum) and see what you get.

Make sure to turn off Rend Stance Dancing too in his newest version.

Self-buffed, outside of ICC 3.2k with your gear looks ballpark. My guess is there are a lot of buffs still active in Landsouls that you didn't have when you went to the target dummy.

Read Thegreatme's thread on Landsoul's


09-02-2010, 03:51 AM
when going through your rotation

BT-WW-Slam-GCD etc. do not clip any CDS over BT or WW.
this will max your dps output by having the hardest hitting skills on CD without losing seconds of downtime.

use stat boosting skills during GCD phase when BT and WW is on Cd, ie recklessness

use speed pots they are like a second boost of speed, on boss fights to help if you have to run away from the boss like marrow in ICC use heroic throw it hits hard and will help keep dps up when your not in melee range

during trash pulls (give tanks time to get aggro) use glyph of cleave and spam cleave while going through your rotation this will add AE damage to your dps.

during single targer fights use the same idea with cleave with HS.

other advice

get 26 expertise , 5% hit with talent bonus Hit , stack strength until your gear allows to regem up to at least 90% ArP. anything over 1400 ArP restack Str.

i do not recommend soft capping ArP as waiting on a proc is not benefit as stacking STR would ie . having around 720 ArP and a Trinket that proc 680 ArP rating is not a constant 100% so most of the time you only benefit from the 720. which at that point Str is better, however you said you use landsouls it will tell you which stat is better for you.

if you dont have it already get 4p t10 get it ASAP, if your guild is doing heroic ICC grab the heroic leather gloves off Heroic rotface 25

thats about all the advice i can give other than practice makes perfect.

09-02-2010, 04:31 AM
Couple of things i would like to add a few in Direct contradiction to what excursion posted

#1 Change all your gems to ArP Gems Untill you hit 722. This is gemming for ArP Soft cap, Which Is what landsoul's will tell you to do.
#2 There is an Expertise enchant for Gloves/Bracers, I believe combined that gives 5ish Expertise, Since you arn't capped These enchants are
Better then AP enchants
#3 Couple gear changes:
-Change your necklace to Broach of the Wailing Night (http://www.wowarmory.com/item-info.xml?i=45820) which cost 26 Conquest badges, Very easy to get upgrade
-Change your Boots to the Heroic Trial of the Champion boots, More ArP + a Socket make them a much better Choice
-Change your Hit trinket, you have two choices here, First and the one i recommend is going to ToC10 and getting the Vengeance of
The Forsaken This Gives you 10 Expertise, and an Awesome Use, Which will help Quite a bit. second is getting the ToC5 man
Arp Trinket the Banner of Victory which will help you soft cap ArP but is a Meh Item IMO when still below Softcap
-Change your Meta, To the AGI/Crit strike bonus, Stick a Nightmare's tear in your Helm to make up for all the gems needed.

#4 Your Next 2 Pieces of Frost badge gear should be your Tier Helm and Shoulders, this will get you the Extremely powerful 2p bonus, Do not
get the 4p bonus till you have everything else you need from frost badges, it's just not worth it. It's a damage increase, but not so
much that it's worth Waiting on ArP Hardcap or maintaining crit cap.
#5 Don't go Lazy on enchants and Gems! You should Properly enchant your Chest/pants you WILL be keeping those along time the 2p t9
Bonus is great and should never be overlooked!
#6 The only real way we can Help you with your Rotation is if you post us a Worldoflogs.com report. If ya post us one of those i'm sure
someone will tell you what your doing right/wrong with in the hour of being posted.