View Full Version : US Feral Tank Seeking Long-Term Home

08-17-2010, 08:40 PM
I've posted this several places on the official forums, but wanted to put it here too since some of the more serious types tend to gravitate to this site. I apologize in advance if you've already read this.

I raided full-time through Vanilla and into BC (4-5 hours/night, 5-6 nights/week), and while I still enjoy it (12/12, 7/12 heroic 10M, 12/12 , 2/12 heroic 25M), I've come to accept that at this point in my life finding a long-term home is more important to me than being at the cutting-edge of progression and gear. I'm 26, married, and a high school teacher. Summer's winding down, and I've been unable to find a guild on my current server(s) whose personality matches mine and can accommodate my new constraints.

I'm looking for small-to-medium sized guild, preferably on an RP-PVP or RP server, whose members are there to have fun and enjoy each other's company, be it running heroics, BGs, or just chilling in a tavern chatting with one another. Progression is by no means my main criteria, but I would prefer a guild that is either deep into normal ICC or just beginning the jump into heroics (I don't want to be carried). While I have four 80s and a couple of others in the 60s and 70s, I would prefer to play my feral tank (10m kingslayer) or possibly my affliction warlock (25m kingslayer) as my "main." My other 80s, a hunter and a DK, are more or less used for their transmutation CDs at this point, though I've been playing the hunter a bit lately to gear her up in heroics and VOA when we have it.

-Weeknight raid/event times need to start around 6-8pm EST and finish up by 10-11pm EST; weekends are more open (though I do like my college football on Saturdays come fall. . .)
-Casual-friendly. I've maintained >90% attendance raiding four nights/week over the summer, but that just isn't practical during the school year and I need a guild that is understanding of that and will be okay with my only making it a couple of nights some weeks.
-Mature adults. I spend 8 hours each day locked in a room full of 16-year olds; I'd rather not spend my evenings with them too.
-Healthy server faction balance (PVP server). Cataclysm is on the not-so-distant horizon, and the leveling game isn't much fun when you're getting roflstomped by three times your number the moment you step out of town.
-Need access to 25m raids, be it through guild runs, alliances, or a healthy PUG population on the server. Yes I know pugs tend to fail pretty hard, but most servers have at least a couple of solid weekly 25m runs that can consistently down 7-8 if not more.

-RP-PVP > PVP > RP > PVE server in order of preference
-Medium to High population server
-Small to Medium-sized guild (≤ 50-60 members)
-Alliance (sorry, what can I say -- I like Darnassus)
-Healthy server faction balance (PVE server). World PVP isn't much fun when you're getting roflstomped by 4 times your number the moment you ping world defense, and Wintergrasp isn't much fun with 10+ tenacity.

If you think I may be a fit for your guild, please feel free to contact me here or off-forum via email or MSN (albrecht_rk@hotmail.com).