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08-17-2010, 05:58 AM
After leveling to 80, a few guildies helped me out and got me some better gear. I'm still wondering though on where to go now that I'm 80 and what to spend those emblems on.

Also, I'm not quite sure on my spec although I'm sure it probably needs help.

Here's my armory and any help would be much appreciated.


08-17-2010, 06:52 AM
Try to get the T9-T10 gear as soon as you can. The bonuses that come with the tanking are a major help.

Keep running Heroic Randoms. There is a Essence of Gossemer in spider one that isn't Old Kingdom, that gives over 100 stamina that would be good to replace your madness card until you can get the CSK. It's Blue, but it's still awesome. Culling of Strathome drops a good shield that will last you until you get Neverending Winter in ICC. I would get yoru T9 Helm next and gem just to make sure you get the Metagem bonus.

As soon as you get enough gear up to get into Forge of Souls/Pit of Sauron/Halls of Reflection and try to work your way into lower level raids. I found the Dungeon Finder for Raids was actually pretty helpful.

You need to get your Hit Rating up so it is at least 8%

See if someone can make you Saronite Swordbreakers for your bracers. They are pretty awesome and I didn't replace them until I got ICC bracers.

08-17-2010, 10:21 AM
You need to get your Hit Rating up so it is at least 8%.

You don't need to be hitcapped to tank.

I would recommend getting the Honorbound helm for your next Triumph purchase, it's not only a damn fine piece (gonna last you a long time) but also gives you a nice meta socket for more stam and armor.

Your spec is pretty solid, I just don't understand 1/2 Imp Disciplines and 1/2 Spell Reflection. Spell Reflection is a weak talent overall, especially in 5-mans, and Imp Disciplines is a good talent but typically only used with the Shield Wall glyph. You could just toss those points into Cruelty for starters, the 2% crit is okay - just make sure to spec and glyph Shield Wall when you begin raiding, it's wonderful to have that every 2 minutes.

08-17-2010, 10:52 AM
For spec Would make the following changes
-1 imp disciplines
-1 imp spell reflect
-1 Shield Spec

+3 Focused Rage
Granted at lower gear levels you should be ok on rage from getting your face kicked in, but -3 rage to every ability lets you fire off more abilities. This in my opinion is very important while learning , and when once you vastly outgear stuff.

You need to get your Hit Rating up so it is at least 8%While i disagree, more hit would not hurt. You aren't Dps you dont need 8% hit, i try to keep 5% but atm im far below that in survival gear and do fine for raid threat.

Since you will be mostly focusing on Gearing to T9 via dungeon finder. Three Basic Concerns you have to worry about, some you can fix anytime and some you will fix over time.

1) Gear - Not having enough Health to make ppl immediately assume your a tanking god, and not being able to put enough threat to deal with 6k Gearscore dps going full out.
Vigilance placement/useage will help alot once ya figure out whos gonna be the threat whore.
If someone is ripping off you consistanly and vigilance isnt enough, communication can fix that most of the time. Simply ask them to bear with you , your doing everything you can to hold em.
Mark one with Skull , if dps will actually kill that first you will have the time you need.

2)Control - This is threat , placement, and the pace of the dungeon.
Slow isnt terribly fun, but do not let ppl push you past your limits of holding aggro.
TC / Shockwave/ step to other side of the mobs / Cleave and face your group.
If you are having any trouble holding mobs/ Keeping track of them. Lets you see the one wander off to smash that dps, and you can easily target and taunt since you do not need to turn around/turn camera.
Knowing where to stand and where not to stand, Which mobs have special abilitys that will make your job harder.
You have gag order, put it to good use to help you move those casters into a nice clump so you can cleave em up.
Example: in nexus the ?Arcane Binders? the dragonkin that heal dont like to move. Charge, Tc, Shield Bash, Group em Shockwave, Cleave, Tc

I know it is Possible to Click everything and some do it but, i highly reccomend binding things like Shield bash , Taunt, Charge , Tc , Cleave, Conc blow, Shield wall to something you can easily reach.
Watching your healer's mana/range to you, and your life a bit good cooldown usage can make or break it when all goes bad.

3) Mistakes / Wipes - We all make mistakes, we have all wiped when we should not have. When its your fault, something as simple as "Opps Srry about that" helps inspire some trust in you. Seems silly but ill follow that tank to more wipes, cause he knows he did something wrong. Others are not immune to mistakes either, no need to tell them how to play but polite advise can help. Example: Telling the healer that the footmen in HOR have a shieldbash counterspell like ability. Asking them to move away if possible and ill try better to keep them away from you. Communication can smooth those rough edges when everything isn't going perfectly.

For upgrades, figure out where those epics that you can quickly get are and go after em.
You can only fill in so and so many slots with Badges, get pieces that are the largest upgrades.
Essence of Gossemer as mentioned
Saronite Swordbreakers good bracers are hard to come by these will last you.
Ring to replace Gal'dans signet - even the Jewel Crafter made one.
Consider the 245 helm from badges it has some rather nice Stats
Work on enchanting a bit to kit up your own gear and gain access to the ring enchants?

Totally unrelated, but have fun doing it, the game is to try and take all the damage.
If you are not enjoying what your doing remember it is a game.

Hope this helps

08-17-2010, 02:20 PM
Thank you all for the advice. I plan on redoing my spec and glyphs once my server comes back up tomorrow and of course getting some more heroics under my belt.

08-23-2010, 06:34 AM
You don't need to be hitcapped to tank.

I find being hitcapped to tank helping me to achieve better threat.

08-23-2010, 08:22 AM
I Believe ya stout i see slightly better numbers the closer to 8% i am but if i was gearing a fresh 80 war once i can survive a few hits my priority's would be something like this.
1 Expertise as each % of expertise till you hit 26 is like 2% hit
2 Hit to at least 3.5% i have no math to back this up but for me it feels like any lower and i miss alot more. Maybe i just notice the misses more when they pop up on the screen. =)
3 Stam Stam Stam
4 Armor
Once you start Raid tanking these priorities shift.
More raid tanking you do the more these shift around.
Things like Focused Rage become optional, Expertise and Hit start to get pushed aside for more armor and stam.

As a little side note ill give ya my take on hit for threat.
If i have 4% to 5% hit
If i need more threat , Darkmoon card Greatness 90 Strength. Pretty sure the minor block value increase + the AP increase trickling down to all abilities should be more threat than Battlemaster's Precision http://www.wowhead.com/item=42134
If i have to make tank swaps Hit Trinket goes on and Out come the Worg hit food.
If i want a threat set for trash/ farm stuff 7.98% hit 42 Expertise more AP Dps wep 1.5 speed.

Hope some of this helps.

P.S. Looking better on the gear than last time keep at it! =)

08-23-2010, 08:24 AM
I find being hitcapped to tank helping me to achieve better threat.

But it's not necessary. ~160 was my comfort level for hit, but that had more to do with taunt landing than anything. Unless you're running with players far more geared than you (especially wep, getting a higher iLVL wep is huge for threat), hit is pretty meh. And it's actually the least effective stat for threat, expertise is greater until 26, then it's equal. But rotation, glyphs (Glyph of Dev FTW), gear (especially Wep and wep is one spot PvP gear might be worth looking into until you get better PvE drops, it has a ton of stamina and does good damage - if it's a ilvl ahead, it may be worth it).