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08-15-2010, 07:19 PM
My current character is a level 54 Hunter that I respec'd BM. Gear-wise, I'm very confused as to what I should be focusing on with stats, now that I'm close to being able to level in Outlands. This is the first Hunter I have leveled this far. As far as I know, anything pertaining to pre-BC in relation to stats consisted of stacking Attack Power and Agility. Attack Power, being more favored than Agility. This was fine while I was using Marksmanship and Survival specs. However, now that I've switched to BM, I can see that my own personal stats relate to the stats of my pet. For example, if I gain +X amount of Stamina, my pet gains +Y amount of Stamina. My question(s):

1. "What stats should I be focusing on stacking now that I rely on my pet's DPS rather than my own?"

2. "If the stacking still revolves around Agility and Attack Power, than which stat is more favorable over the other?"

As of now, I'm thinking that Agility takes priority over AP, simply because it adds crit, which in turn will activate Cobra Strikes, which I see as being a big DPS booster. Any information you could provide me, such as any tips or answers to my questions, would be great. I'm very curious about the class. Even a link to a separate thread that covers all this would be great.

For those who are speculating what my current gear consists of, here is a link to my Armory.


08-15-2010, 10:03 PM
Honestly, youre leveling, stats dont matter too much. However just gem/gear for Agi. AP isnt bad but stick with Agi.


08-15-2010, 11:49 PM
In all honesty while leveling I never bother gemming or enchanting my gear (unless my toon is a JC or enchanter) as it seems a waste given that the gear will be replaced in a level or two anyway. Just pick up whatever mail gear you can from dungeons and quest rewards and the stats should be enough to get you over the line.

When you hit level 80 check out the website femaledwarf.com which is really handy when evaluating gear/stats upgrades and DPS.