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08-08-2010, 10:46 AM
Here is my gear link:

I'm an arms warrior with a 5.5k gs, but my dps is pathetic and I'm ashamed of it. I can only pull 4k dps on a target dummy and can barely pull 3k dps in ToC. I have the most recommended glyphs and my talent trees filled out properly. I have the proper enchants for my gear. I've tried going fury, but it gave me lower dps.

My rotation is: charge-open with rend-mortal strike-execute (when proc)-overpower (when proc)-slam as a filler-refresh rend and mortal strike when necessary
I'll pop sweeping strikes then bladestorm in trash mobs, and I'll sneak in heroic strike and cleave when my rage bar is full.

My biggest concern is what I should be gemming and my stats. I've seen many people ask about gemming ArP vs Str, and they're given a "you do the math" answer which I understand nothing. Since 471 of my ArP comes from my gear alone and I reached 741 ArP by gemmming all ArP, would it be better if I gemmed Str instead? What should my ArP cap be before I start gemming Str? Also I do not know how to figure out my ArP percentage.

Would anyone have a better attacking rotation advice? I know I need a better necklace, gloves, and wristbands, and what pieces of gear would you recommend? Thanks for any advice and help!

08-10-2010, 04:20 AM
OK to begin with,

You are not hit capped against a raid boss change the boots enchant to icewalker and that should do it. Your third glyph should be bladestorm (instead of execute)

Your gear is just fine you are at softcap of ArP means when the NES trinket procs you should be 100% arp. You need to time your attacks with that proc to max out dps.


You have a wrong gearset for arms, Arms uses t10 hands and crafted legs as expertise is not really that important for arms as it is for fury. If you can afford try to aim for t10 4pc (chest shoulder helm hands) + Legplates of Painful Death (http://www.wowhead.com/item=49903). The wrong gearset is also the reason your expertise is crazy high.


Your opener is fine, so go Charge - Rend - MS - (now procs) Prioritize Overpower over execute. After that just follow a simple priority,
Rend > MS > OP > Execute > Slam

so basically what I am saying is just change your rotation slightly instead of refreshing MS debuff, you have to use MS at every cooldown. Also prioritize overpower over execute.

08-10-2010, 08:47 AM
Excellent advice above. Mine is to go fury for raids. Use arms for pvp.

08-11-2010, 12:49 PM
Thanks for the advice! This really clears up my confusion about ArP percentage. I'll make some adjustments to my gear. I'll pay more attention to the NES proc.

Fury is my off-spec. I've been encouraged to go fury and I've tried it several times, but I haven't been getting as much dps with fury as with arms. My problems with fury are:
1) I burn too much rage. Are there any assecories, stats, or abilities that would help me preserve more rage?
2) After I use BT then WW, Slam is usually not on proc and my rage is under 50%. What can I use as a filler to maintain my dps?

I've read that most fury warriors use agility as part of their stats. Is it true that agility will increase a fury warrior's dps? I have the Dexterious Brightstone ring on hand plus the lvl 226 agility choker and the Mark of Supremecy trinket if I need extra hit rating. I also have the lvl 251 Claymore sword on hand. Any advice about stats, gear and attack rotation for fury is greatly appreciated.

08-16-2010, 03:37 AM
There are some great guides about fury on this site, so I'm not going to get into detail. You will find that Blizz itemizes certain stats to replace others...for example if it is strength based it will usually have either expertise or hit. Essentially it's the same item with one stat being different. The traditional agility items have Arp in place of hit fairly often. Since in the fury spec you put 3 points in precision you only need 164 hit. Getting items that boost Agil raises crit, most come with Arp and AP, and becomes much better for stats because having more than 164 hit won't help your dps. Gearing for fury is easy because you can use leather gear meant for rogues or hunters and the stats work out great. Many players do the math for you, so when you read that the agil version of the ashen ring is mathematically better for fury warriors over the str version, you should follow that advice. Btw the mark of supremacy is a pretty crappy trinket for fury warriors. Usually that hit is wasted. A better trinket to get is the Arp one from reg Toc 5 man. The banner of victory. It's got passive arp and a AP proc.