View Full Version : Paladin Quick Simple Question: 1/2 or 2/2 Imp Judgments?

08-04-2010, 02:29 PM
I see the cookie-cutter tankadin spec and it always has 2/2 Imp Judgement but I recall reading that it's pointless to take more than 1 point in it if you follow 969?

08-04-2010, 02:39 PM
Not quite.

1 point is NECESSARY for the 969 rotation. 2 points is good for when you need to break your 969 rotation to, for example, pick up an add. Take the 2 points in Imp Judgments, it isn't like there is anything else you could put it in anyway. 2% mana costs? you won't need that. 1/2 imp BoM? Why bother when someone else will have a fully specced version.

08-04-2010, 03:27 PM
It is pointless as a prot paladin to take 2/2. Maintaining 969 > all else. If you need to pick up adds, that is what Avenger Shield, 1/2 Imp Judgement, Hand of Reckoning, and even Righteous Defense is for, assuming a consecrate and possibly ret aura doesn't do the job for you. If you still need more than that, you are doing it wrong. If you try and use a judgements at 2/2 to pick up adds, you will inevitably screw up 969, and possibly stumble on whatever adds you do have. It is also worth noting that hand of Reckoning is off the global cooldown, so it doesn't screw up your 969. If you want to use Avenger Shield, which IS on the GCD, then use it in place of a 9 second ability/

The only other question that crops up is what to do with the extra point. 1/2 Imp Might doesn't seem to do much given how little you bless might as a protadin, and you probably already have a ret/holy paladin or dps warrior doing a better job anyways. The other option is benediction, and THAT is worth taking, since all abilities except exorcism are instant cast. Having a small reduction in mana cost is a great thing in what warriors call "Rage starvation" situations. (For us, it's mana starvation when we don't get enough mana back from Spiritual Attunement and Divine Plea falls off from a lack of targets to whack between phases or whatever). For things like picking up adds in ICC, VH, etc., the benefits do add up.

08-04-2010, 03:28 PM
There's several reasons for taking that second point.
The main reason, however, is as a filler point. You want to reach the third tier of ret, so you need ten points in the first two ranks.
Your other options for the point are Benediction, which does nothing against a boss and Improved blessing of might, which does nothing in most raids. Having an eight second judgement cooldown is handy in a few cases, though - It's one of the harder hitters we have, it's reliable and it has 10 yards range.

The main reason is as a filler point, and 2/2 imp Judgement is simply the best option.
(My raiders whine hard enough for improved might that I'm tempted to get it, though.)

08-05-2010, 02:29 PM
As the previous replies indicate...it's a personal choice. Neither is "the best". All three can be useful, even if it is situational.

As to changing your rotation if you use judgement to pick up an add; if it's off cd, you were about to use it anyways, so at most, it sets you back one gcd in your rotation. Learning how to re-establish your rotation when it is broken separates the good from the average.

As prot, I have had to do might before, especially in 10 mans.

We've all had mana issues sometimes. Managing it is one of those abilities separating good and average as well, but if you are still learning that skill, benediction could be the best option for you individually for now. It's not like you can't change it later.