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08-04-2010, 11:41 AM

that is my armory, and this is my quandry...
I am duel spec disc/holy and I am ready to go pve disc/pvp disc. My gear is decent but obviously trying to stradle 2 healing specs makes it look a bit "hodge-podge." I want to obviously focus on discipline but I am unsure how to make gear changes to meet that need (yes, I have read EJ but it is a bit "dry" and I find my thoughts drifting to laundry when I try and focus on the theorycrafting)...

my question(s):
I have only recently started ICC 25 man runs so unfortunately, I have lost the rolls on the upgrade trophies...I will keep trying but as it stands now, what recommendations do you have to get my gear stronger for disc-gems, enchants, and, well, gear.
-I know my crit is low-should I change out my SP/INTEL gems for SP/CRIT gems?
-I did not go for the 4piece T10 gear (251) because the 5% shield increase did not excite me (am I totally off base?)
-I have not seen the shriveled heart drop, but as you can tell from my stats, I don't run HoR that frequently. Should I start trying for this off-hand given I have not found an upgrade for my staff?

Thank you for your time and thanks in advance for any suggestions :)

08-04-2010, 12:06 PM
- Never gem crit. It's a pretty good stat but not important enough to gem for. Disc gems either pure SP or SP/Int gems, with a purple Spirit or MP5 gem to activate your meta. Maybe, maybe use a few orange Haste gems if you're primarily a tank healer. SP is your primary throughput stat by a mile, and Int is your primary regen stat by a mile. I would settle for whatever crit happens to be on your gear (and you have plenty).

- No offense, but yes you are. 5% on your main "heal" is tremendous, even if you lose a bit of SP it's still worth it. PW:S is the workhorse, and buffing it is fantastic.

- Your staff is not bad. Ideally you'd have a 1h and offhand for more SP, but we don't always get the ideal gear do we? Run HoR when you can tolerate it, getting a decent offhand is pretty important if you're going to get a hold of a nice weapon like Frozen Bonespike or something. And the only ICC offhands are either from later bosses in 25 (Blood Princes and Sindragosa) or the +hit one from Deathwhisper 10. Yuck.

Your armory doesn't look too shabby. A few gems I'd swap around, and then replace your boot enchant with Tuskarr's (move speed = <3). I personally love love LOVE Desperate Prayer, especially compared to a pushback reduction (not very useful), but I guess that's personal preference.

edit: BTW I never got a hold of Shriveled Heart on my Priest either, ran H HoR at least 20 times and saw it once (ninja'd by a Prot Pally of all things). Luckily I have a nice staff (heroic version of what you're using), which while slightly suboptimal for Disc, is still not a bad weapon. Close enough for jazz, and to hell with H HoR PuGs!

08-04-2010, 07:38 PM
hey, thanks for the input and I will work on getting the other 2 pieces of T10! I will consider DP as I am changing my holy spec to a PvP disc spec and need the pushback reduction in that set up as opposed to the PvE spec.
Thanks for the feedback on gems and I had Tuskarr's on my boots but changed them recently...move speed is a big help.
I have enough geared guildies that I can get to run with me in HoR to see if that off-hand will drop...my luck with RNG is not good however, so I will be on the lookout for a drop from the Princes when we get to that point in our 25 man runs.
thanks again Harmacy for the feedback :)