View Full Version : US [Horde] Proudmoore <Sparkle Magic> 11/12 Heroic ICC LF a few more raiders

08-03-2010, 05:42 PM
Who We Are

<Sparkle Magic> is a GLBT-friendly raiding guild. We're hilarious, friendly, intimate, tight-knit, and all adults (our guild is 18+ ONLY).

We are currently 11/12 ICC-H(25) working on LK. We are getting close to a kill in H-RS(25)
Our guild culture is intimate, friendly, hilarious, chill, and silly, but we know how to focus and get things done, too. We're a small enough guild that everyone knows everyone, and we get to know new people very quickly. Besides our main raid, we run many alt raids, heroics, and even the occasional PVP event. We have a reputation for having one of the funniest vents on the server.

Who We're Looking For

We're recruiting specifically:

Resto - Druid - high
Mage - Arcane/Fire - Low
Paladin - Ret - Medium

These are for full-time raid positions.

We will seriously consider any exceptional app.

You do not have to be GLBT to raid with us, just cool with an atmosphere where everyone gets to be just who they are. We're not as fussed about your gear (although we will look at what you've done with the gear you have) as with your attitude, commitment level, raiding experience, and, of course, how much you sparkle.

Purple Sparklies

Our raiders are not particularly loot-oriented. We're interested in it as a means to an end (and as a fashion statement, of course!) but drama over loot is just stupid and we don't go there. You shouldn't either--ever.


Our raid nights are:

Wed 6-10pm server (PST)
Thu 6-10
Sun 6-10

All raiders MUST make 75% attendance or preferably much better.


To apply, please visit http://sparklemagic.wowstead.com .