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08-01-2010, 09:24 AM
I need some help, my gs is at approximatly 4900 and i love tanking with my dk. I have no problems what so ever in any heroic 5 man dungeons except for H HoR. It really bugging me cause i dont know what im doing wrong. can you guys help me, i think my talents are fine cause i have compared it with other dk tanks. I am not getting any clear answers. What rotations would i need to use and what glyphs is best, i was using Glyph of howling blast or should i put on glyph of frost strike, icy touch or diseases. What should my stats be at etc. I was told to use two dps slow weapons instead of the tanking weapons cause they are fast. IS this true? I dont know what im doing wrong, maybe im just slow generating aoe threat. i dont have problems with single threat tho. And also what should my stats be at for dw tanking like expertise and hit. My defense is alittle above cap and my health is at 33k without buffs.

08-01-2010, 02:39 PM
Link from his profile.

First of all, those hit gems are not doing you much good. Because you get 3% melee hit from talents, you only need 5% on your character sheet to cap your special abilities (which I believe includes Rune Strike - somebody please correct me if I'm wrong). So you can lose 3% and all you would lose is the occasional white hit, not a big deal. Moreover, hit isn't going to be a huge threat boost for tanking anyways.

Expertise is very good for single-target threat, or sustained AoE threat if you're tab-targeting around with Rune Strike and Obliterate. But for snap AoE, which seems to be your issue, your heavy hitters are Howling Blast, Death and Decay, and Blood Boil - all spells and thus not subject to expertise.

If your issues lie with AoE threat, I would certainly consider glyphing Howling Blast and possibly speccing for Morbidity. The HB glyph allows you to get off a DnD, HB, and a Blood Boil all within one rune rotation while applying your Frost Fever to everything - very handy! Just remember to use dual-disease for single target, especially now that Icy Touch threat got buffed to insane levels.

As far as fast weapons or slow weapons, I've seen successful DK tanks running with both. My understanding is, you can tank with fast weapons if you're mostly reliant on spells (Icy Touch spam). This may be off-base though, I haven't tested it (I hate spamming one button!).

Also, for the obligatory armory check - you have several unenchanted pieces, several unnecessary defense gems or enchants, and need to replace that dodge trinket with Glyph of Indomitability.

Unfortunately, you didn't give enough info for us to really troubleshoot your specific problems. What waves were you having troubles with, and how were you attempting to tank them?

08-01-2010, 07:43 PM
yeah im sry im new to this site, but as for the hit gems i just changed them not to long ago cause some ppl have been telling me to reach my spell hit cap for my skills like HB,BB etc so thats why those gems are there. as far as the defense gems i was just trying to reach cap but now that i am i can change them and will soon. So using dual diseases isnt that important then for tanking cause if it is i was thinking maybe glyph of diseases would be most helpful but maybe not. And yes i am aware of the non enchanted items. and for HoR its the beginning i have troubles with and on the last part of the hidden passage the 2nd wave just ends up passing me for some reason but i think i know what i have to do there tho. The first part tho i usually LOS them around the corner. I sometimes see dks standing on stairs instead of LOS them. Maybe its just that im too slow im not sure and also i read and seen lots of dw dk tanks not use morbidity, i would think you would but was told it wasnt important but maybe for places like hor it is. Anyways any info is helpful just wanna be on the right path.


08-01-2010, 09:14 PM
I personaly Find I get Better Sustained AoE threat out of Blood, but Ill continue this Assuming you are unwilling to respec blood

For Me to be Able to Tank HoR it all comes down to Morbity, Glyph of Death and Decay, and 2p t10(which i realize you don't have yet)

Those Three Put together with LoS means that you have Rather Good Snap Agro on just about anything, And it is better for Threat Due to the fact that DnD is down for, I think, 10 Sec, to take care of how the Mobs Trickle in In HoR. Unlike HB which is a One trick pony.

To Unlock Morbidity Just move your points in Sent of blood to Morbidity.

As for your problems with the Fifth wave of mobs passing you on the Second half of the Dungeon Morbidity takes care of that aswell, Just pop Runic weapon and Throw Down another DnD, all the while making sure your keeping the abombs faced away from your group.

Cooldowns Like Empowered Runic weapon are there for Situations like that when your runes are down and you need more agro, Also As for a rotation that I Personaly would use DnD -> IT -> PS -> Pest -> HB -> BB -> BB.


08-01-2010, 09:32 PM
Well, heres what I am seeing:
A) Your spec is okay but, like Harmacy, capping Morbidity will help you go further.
B) Rotations are actually key for a DK's success. Since you rely on Runes and you don't want to use your clear all runes ability (sorry name escaping me right now) for no reason. If your not doing so already, a good threat picker-upper rotation is the following;
-Lay down DnD smartly to capture casters as DPS'sers.
-Blood Boil the group
And Finally
-Howling Blast will set-up your threat level high enough to keep it going a long way.

As for after your first rotation, each time a blood rune clears up, use blood boil to keep your Threat up. Using DnD a second time is an idiotic move and you lose some useful runes that could of brought mobs down faster, and not gave you, somewhat, useless aggro.

Of course if your in major deep shit, pop DnD to get your aggro back. Make sure no one runs away though and then drag the mobs, rendering your DnD useless and making you lose three very important runes.

Hope this helped you man, Shadow.

08-02-2010, 12:15 AM
So then the talents I am using then is prolly better in raids then right since I don't have points in morbidity. But you know I didn't really need to cast dnd all that often in any of the dungeons. I usually just need to cast it the once and didn't have to recast until the next pull. Although I don't like not seeing all the mobs and losing them kinda throws me off and I act a little slow at the beginning but yeah. So should I use 2 slow dps weapons rather than 2 fast tanking weapons and also if I was to use dual diseases wouldn't glyph of disease be more beneficial to help since I would only need to use one blood rune to refresh and spread the diseases each time. Or is it still better to use glyph of howling blast.

08-02-2010, 10:58 AM
I'll see if I can lend some assistance to you tanking H HoR. My DK Decayedblade - Alleria, if you want to look at spec and gear, has quite easily tanked in my frost DW set and Blood tank set. Couple of tips that would help those DKs trying to learn to tank this instance. IMO DK's have a lot of great tools other tanks don't that make this easier to tank then my better geared main warrior.

1. Get out of the cubby. Honestly, the cubby is a death trap for most groups I always tank in the entrance hall. Just have ranged stick to the sides. It allows a lot more freedom to see where mobs are going and focused and stagger and spread them out for CC.

2. Use all your tools. Tanking this instance is not about your spec or your rotation. Its utilizing all your tools to control the waves better which allows more controlled tanking. Under utilized tools I often see other DKS not using. Chains of ICE, Strangulate, Deathgrip. When your in the hall you can see which mobs are spawning. Plan accordingly.. if you have a mage accross the room plan to strangulate/deathgrip. See a merc or soldier plan to Chains of Ice. You can drop a DnD at the entrance and with one HB get enough intitial aggro to keep them while the rest slowly make their way to you.

3. Talk with your group. DPS make this instance easy or hard to tank. Random i just want to OMGBBQRECOUNTAOESPAMLOLZ behavior is a hinderance and just leads to repairs. Tell ppl to focus fire .. ie.. ONE TARGET AT A TIME. Tell the hunter to actually put his frost trap on his bar and USE it. Seriously, this is probably the biggest tip i can give ANYONE doing this instance if they want quick and clean clears.

4. Know where the danger lies. Priortize your tanking by the biggest threat. Do you taunt the hunter mob shooting the clothy or plate dps. If that caster is just fireballing the rogue should you deathgrip it off him to get some interrupts or the DK that can AMS themselves for a few seconds and still be fine. Tanking requires snap decisions based on lots of variables. It's something that comes with time but great tanks can make these decisions rather then panic when something seems to have gone awry when rly they haven't.

Thats bout all the tips I have for this. I didn't say anything bout rotations or spec because tanking is and has always been more the player then the sum of their talents/gearscore. Learning to utilize all your tools correctly will infinitely make you a better tank and provide you with the WOW moments from ppl running with you when you pull off some crazy group saving miracle that a lesser skilled tank could not.

08-02-2010, 12:37 PM
So should I use 2 slow dps weapons rather than 2 fast tanking weapons and also if I was to use dual diseases wouldn't glyph of disease be more beneficial to help since I would only need to use one blood rune to refresh and spread the diseases each time. Or is it still better to use glyph of howling blast.

Yes use two Slow DPS weapons, Tanking weapons are Great for Avoidance, but we Don't avoidance tank anymore, Slow weapons are for threat unless you just spam IT(Which means never using obliterate/ds/bs etc) Slow is going to be better then Fast

As for Glyph of Disease; It's a personal Choice, I <3 It i REFUSE to play with out it I like the idea of laying down my Disease and only having to hit one button to refresh them on every Target. However I would just replace Runestrike Glyph If you are going to replace one, But once again a personal choice, Give it a try and see if you like it, if not no harm no foul Glyphs are cheap, Best of luck

08-02-2010, 07:08 PM
Slow weapons for threat as stated already and your spec is sort of fine.

So the big question is why are you failing at H-HOR the mob tanking isn't that hard for a DK as really you are just holding the mobs and focus firing one target down at a time. Are you marking the primary target you want the dps to take down which is the one you need all your threat on?