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07-29-2010, 02:17 PM
How does Deep wounds work? Two images below difference in Deep Wound dmg is 14k. Is It because the difference in WW? Does ww apply more dots? So then WW is most important skill cos it applies 2 DW dots and Bt 1? Though the count is about the same 181 dots vs 178 but the dmg difference is huge. Fight is Surfang hc, so you usually keep off ww some more then others or time it better. Or is there something else to it? Wondering cos dps difference was 2.5k. Gear is the same less then 100 gs diff with better dps being lover gs score. Same exact speck.
Img 1

Img 2

07-29-2010, 02:32 PM
what you are seeing is a phenomenon known as DW shrinking and DW growing. when ever you crit multiple times in a a short period of time (such as 0.25sec) you are actually critting faster than the game can calculate DW damage. because of this, it only recognizes the most recent crit when calculating DW damage. so when you for example get 2 crits with WW, it only will add DW damage for the OH crit and not the MH crit. on the other hand DW growing happens when you crit just after a DW tick. essentially how it works is that there is a "pool" of sorts of DW damage that hasn't yet happened. when ever DW does damage, it subtracts from that pool. However, there is a slight delay (~0.1-0.15sec) between DW dealing damage, and that damage being subtracted from the pool. what this means is that if you crit within this window of time, what happens is that the DW damage is calculated based on the damage pool that was in place before the subtraction, the subtraction takes place, then the damage from the crit is added to the pool using the values of the pool pre subtraction. long story short is that it essentially ignores the fact that there was a DW tick and keeps the original amount in the pool plus the amount added from the crit.

throwing some equations in to the mix to possibly help display this
D = deep wounds tick
P(n) = deep wounds damage pool, n is used to differentiate different values of P
C = deep wounds damage from a crit

deep wounds ticks
(P1+C)=p2 you crit, assumes the original pool amount, this calcuation hasn't actually gone through yet because of the delay
(P1-D)=p3 tick damage is subtracted from the pool
(p1+C) calculation goes through, resulting in p2, essentially forgetting (p1-D) ever happened.

07-29-2010, 02:33 PM
Caveat; all maths here is drunken, and i'm tired.

Deep wounds cuases your target to bleed for 48% of your main weapon damage over 6 seconds each time you crit.

however if you crit more than once in that 6 seconds each crit adds another 48% weapon damage to the the bleed for six seconds. this means that if you crit pretty much every GCD your DW will be ticking for 4 times as much as someone whose critting every fourth GCD. since you both have 58ish % crit on HS i doubt this is much of a contributing factor

Increasing your main hand damage will aslo increase your DW damage, looking at Recount screen caps i would assume that your main hand damage is lower, he seems to be hitting for about 4k you're at at about 3.5k so thats about 85% less DW damage straight off the bat.

Next, he's also hitting the boss a good deal more often than you, assuming you have the same crit rate(no basis for this) he will have more crits simply becuase 50% of a big number is bigger than 50% of a small number.

07-29-2010, 03:06 PM
Is there a way to use DW shrinking and DW growing to increase your dps? To stack those crits? Stack recklessness with something?
Diff is he has main hand HC mace, I have normal version. As well 49% crit vs 43%.
There a diffrence in HS as well.Guess spaming it 2 slow.

07-29-2010, 03:07 PM
you really can't control DW growing/shrinking, it kind of just happens and it either helps you or it doesn't. it's all RNG.