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07-28-2010, 10:29 AM
Hi there, First off, Armory Link; http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Shadow+Council&cn=Chariot

Secondly, what I'm looking for is a general way to gem my prot warrior for PvP while in PvP gear. I've been told ArP which, i get, however, when I play Fury it wasnt worth it to gem ArP until I had X amount of ArP through gear. So without any ArP on my gear, is it worth it to gem that way? I also have been told STR which to me makes more sense.

Anyways, I'm having trouble finding this info online, if anyone can point me in the right direction or give a straight up answer it would be much appreciated, thanks for your time!


07-28-2010, 10:50 AM
I dont remeber the exact prot pvp spec and glyph choices, but i do know its more closer to this...


Than what you have right now.

As fury you dont fight in battle stance, or always get to access to sunders as fast, but as prot you always gonn have that 10% apr bonus from battle stance and 5 sunders, making ApR really useful. Im looking at your gear and wonder if you have any pve dps gear at all, as your stats are really weak? If so use the ones that have apr, as you dont need that much resi, as prot. If thats all the gear you have, then you have no choice but to gem strengh as your attack power is very low, but apr is better for prot dps, once you reach a certain gear level.

Your enchants are also a bit off for prot pvp. Berserking is best chant for weapon, titanium plating for shield, 21 agi gem for meta not the defense one, attack power for wrists and normal pve chants for head and shoulders are preferable to the resi ones, in most cases.

Ps get banner of victory or the nes, as your trinket to accompany the pvp trinket (since you have so much resi, i would even recommend the attack power PVP trinket too).

07-28-2010, 11:08 AM
Thank you! good info, as far as other gear, I do have a full dps fury set, basically geared up to 1st boss of ICC10. then i stopped raiding. What should I look at for goal stats, as far as attack power, my enchants as well as gems i barely put effort into, was just grabbing what was readily available, heck I didnt even gem most my gear because I didnt want to waste money getting the wrong ones. let me try and link some pve gear i have here...

Faceplate of Thunderous Rampage
Spiked Battleguard Choker
Ymirjar Lord's Shoulderplates
Might of the Ocean Serpent
Hellscream's Battleplate of Conquest
Malykriss Vambraces
Crimson Star
Hellscream's Gauntlets of Conquest
Belt of the Singing Blade
Legplates of Redeemed Blood
Grinning Skull Boots
Ashen Band of Might (Friendly)
Gromok's Band
Needle-Encrusted Scorpion

07-28-2010, 12:45 PM
Ah thats a fairly decent selection there.The ashen band of might in place of the relentless ring. t10 shoulders you have instead of the furious shoulders. Use Might of Ocean serpent too. I think Gromoks band is also worth using, but not 100% sure if better than wrathful ring.

Also defo use the needle-encrusted Scorpion. With all that gear on (use crimsons star too, and maybe one or two other things you have , ), I would defo say you can gem ApR then.

Goals stats... im just mean roughly here would be...

5000 attack power (Armor to teeth talent helps alot here),
soft cap ApR with Nes or 75% Apr with a trinket like dbm, (in battle stance)
500-800 resi (depends),
30% crit,

As far as BiS, what i see most people do is use t10 Tank shoulders and chest for the bonus to shockwave and shield slam, then 3 peice wrathful, they would use the PVP sundering neck, and then Icc dps plate gear for belt, boots, wrist, cape and rings. They use a wrathful weapon, and the icecrown shield. That's kind of what you wanna work towards if you can, but can use the dps t10 instead of tank one, if you want but then only use one piece, and use 4 piece pvp set.

07-28-2010, 01:14 PM
Thank a bunch, the above trade outs you mentioned I actually have done already, exactly as you stated. I've seen a good difference already. And just bought 6 red gems, just need to cut them now. Also changed my spec close to what you posted. I forgot even my spec was still PVE deep wounds.

07-29-2010, 05:48 AM
Nps, i have one other tip for you, as i just remembered there's no real reason for you to still use broken promise ( at first I just assumed that's all you can get raiding wise, but then remembered 5mans!).... try and get one of the following easy to get weapons ..

http://www.wowhead.com/item=50191 (best choice, nighttime),

http://www.wowhead.com/item=49500 (very close to being as good as nightime, perhaps even better in some cases cause of high damage, but lacks stats,) raging deathbringer, the 10 man version would be a good choice too, but Nightime will be way better than 10 man version.

http://www.wowhead.com/item=50303 (worst choice, black icicle, cause of stats)

Get one those, ideally nightime cause of APR, when i used to play prot pvp, i used top use the Onyxia weapon, and really liked, it for the damage, and the shadow bolt used to crit too, so you may prefer that too like me.... anyway get one and your main damage source will increase by a nice amount (cause of weapon damage).

If you have 8k spare, or are really lucky , the BiS from 5mans is ofc..


Unfortunately two days after I spent 10k on my rogue to get that i got bloodvenom blade:S

Also gonna copy past something for you, that really helped me when i used to play prot pvp....

"A good switch from a Prot Warrior onto a Resto Shaman, Druid or Priest should take the form of Charge -> Conc -> Shield Bash -> Shockwave. Charge does not DR your stuns, but Intercept does. Make sure you always Charge healers, never intercept them if you plan to Conc blow. The reason shield bash lands in the middle of the stuns is that it's off the GCD. Most conc blows will last 4 seconds, as virtually everyone has some kind of stun reduction. This means that Conc will end before your second Devastate GCD clears, so you cannot chain a Shockwave directly off the first stun without letting an instant heal get off. This timing is the most important thing a Prot Warrior has to learn. Your stuns are a 4 link chain, and if you leave any gap for a heal, you have failed."

Its not clear in the above, but hes recommending 1 or 2 devastate as main nuke, after each stun (as many as you can without leaving any gaps where they can heal).

08-01-2010, 09:10 AM
That Nighttime is awesome! I've actually been trying Arms as well, which works out better for any except WSG =D cause I love to run me a flag. Started to accumilate some arena points from the daily and got me relentless gloves. Going well, having fun, so thank you!