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07-27-2010, 11:50 AM
The posts to follow recount my personal adventure with a new toon. It's not meant to be informative so if you aren't interested in hearing someone else's personal story about playing this game that has no point, stop reading now.

So.... with too many alliance toons to max level under my belt to enumerate, I thought I'd start up a horde toon. I've dabbled on the horde side here and there in the past, but rarely make it past level 10. I leveled a Pally once LONG ago before WotLK came out and stopped him at level 19 with intent for him to become a twink. This never happened. I started a female troll DK once to help out a friend trying to find a female troll for Love is in the Air. Once she got to Dalaran, she was done and does basically nothing.

But this time, it's serious (maybe), I created a horde toon (not a DK) with full intent of leveling the toon to max level. I could multibox with my other accounts and get through the leveling process a lot faster, but my intent with this toon is more to take it easy and just take it as it comes.

I made a druid since my current main is a druid. By using a neutral AH and a friends help, I was able to ship over enough bags and gold to make money not an issue unless I get stupid with money management. In 3 days of light-hearted playing and 1 random queue instance taking me to The Deadmines, I made it to level 19 and then realized I missed something in previous patch notes, that heirloom gear could be shipped across faction. Woot! I sent over heirloom pieces to my druid and she dinged to level 20 shortly afterwards and the difference in the gear was definitely felt (not to mention cat form was a huge improvement).

Now, to the point of this thread. I have decided to set myself a mission for this character. That is to complete every dungeon and dungeon quest along the way doing the dungeons in question through the dungeon queuing system, which means at somewhat level appropriate. To make the queue times less painful, I am queuing as tank. I only intend to do any xp gaining outside of an instance if it is necessary to do in order to follow a quest chain that leads to a dungeon quest. My goal is also to only do each instance once or as few times as necessary to complete all quests.

Looking ahead, it is uncertain if and when I may run into a problem with regards to not being strong enough for the next instance in the chain or having passed the level requirements that make queueing in through the dungeon finder possible.

Last night, I picked up the quests for Ragefire Chasm and headed in. Level-wise I am on the top end of the level they wanted you to be for the instance. XP gained for the instance plus quests was nearly 2 levels in total. I was level 21 with only a bubble or two until level 22.

I had already done The Deadmines (and good thing there was no quests for me there), so my next target was Wailing Caverns. It took me a while to gather the quests up. I got everything done except for Trouble at the Docks (further reading reveals that this is actually done right OUTSIDE the instance), Deviate Hides (need 3 more. Other people had the quest too and there wasn't enough to go around), and I still need to kill 1 more Deviate Dreadfang for Deviate Eradication.

Tonight my plan is to wrap up the remaining Wailing Caverns quests right off with no intent to clear the instance. Since I am not intending to full clear, I may enlist the help of a higher level toon to knock out the few elements I am missing rather than be so rude as to leave a crew of people mid-instance and make them wait for a replacement tank.

If anything else will be done tonight, it will only be to pickup the quests in prep for BFD and RFK. I am not expecting to have enough time to queue those instances as my regularly scheduled 25 man raid is tonight. I have noted that for BFD there is a quest item that appears to drop in the instance (Damp Note) that you need to leave the instance to get the next part of the chain for. Rather than run the place twice, I plan to queue for this instance while standing right next to the quest turn in so I can use dungeon finder to teleport out, turn in, and then teleport back.

If you're interested in hearing more let me know and I'll keep this thread posted with my progress. If this thread goes dark, it'll be clear no one is interested and I'll stop talking to myself. :)

07-28-2010, 07:14 AM
Maybe I'll keep talking to myself, we'll see. Who knows there might be someone interested to know if this little adventure is possible.

So last night, I had time to knock out the remaining quests I had open from Wailing Caverns. I had help from a level 58 DK (my own, I multiboxed in the help) and went into WC just far enough to complete the quests I had open. I then spent time turning those quests in and rounding up quests for Blackfathom Deeps and Razorfen Kraul. I already had the three quests ready to go for Shadowfang Keep in my quest queue.

I had just enough time to queue for and complete Shadowfang Keep before I had to switch over to my main for raid time (progression kill in ICC 25 man hard modes last night BTW, yay). With the quest turn ins for Wailing Caverns and the XP from running and turning in quests for SFK, I am now a few bubbles into level 25. My toon is in position to queue for BFD (see note above about Damp Note quest drop), which I plan to do tonight. After BFD will be Stockades (for which Horde have no quests) and then RFK. Once that's done it'll be time to gather quests for Gnomeregan.

07-28-2010, 02:00 PM
Just letting you know, I leveled my Paladin tank in the LFG system from 15-80, and it was a great experience, if you can find a friend to que with you it becomes a LOT more fun. Keep updating this, I'm into your progress

07-28-2010, 09:39 PM
Tonight was fun.. Made a few mistakes in my prep for BFD. First, the Damp Note quest actually drops OUTSIDE the instance. Should have done that before I queued. Also, I missed the stone beneath the pathway towards the end of the instance. After I completed it w/ LFG, I pulled out my DK again and wrapped up the 2 quests I missed. End resultabout 1.6 levels form the instance plus quest turn ins. Tomorrow is stockades.

I know you can level completely w/ LFG. My experiment is to see just how minimal I can get on number of instance runes. Ideally only once per instance. :)

07-28-2010, 09:55 PM
Sounds like fun ^_^ but surely you'll run in to trouble once you hit the northrend dungeons... a great idea though :) good luck :)

07-28-2010, 10:13 PM
I think you've got the right idea. Queue as tank and/or heals, cos if you start trying to do this as DPS you'll spend more time in the queue than you will in instances. :)

07-29-2010, 03:32 AM
I'm leveling a dwarf warrior through dungeons and have made it to 31 so far. It is really nice to see all the old places again, though five runs of SM-GY back to back started to feel like the movie Groundhog Day.

07-29-2010, 05:21 AM
Sounds like fun ^_^ but surely you'll run in to trouble once you hit the northrend dungeons... a great idea though :) good luck :)

Maybe. Remember that I am doing what it takes to get dungeon quests as well. with 20% xp bonus from 2 heirlooms, plus the xp of the instance itself and the xp gained from the dungeon based quests it might not be so bad. I'm not sure how I'm going to handle the BC instances. Will I count the normal mode as 1 instance and the hard mode as the 2nd instance or just do normal mode only?

07-29-2010, 05:28 AM
don't forget to go to auchindoun to pick up the quests for that place.

random dungeon finder will not place you in heroics

46k xp per quest in northrend is fun though :D

07-29-2010, 05:42 PM
Only enough time for Stockades tonight. Meh, instance is so short and no quests, barely gained much xp at all. I am just a small amount short of lvl 27. RFK is for tomorrow if there's time.

07-30-2010, 09:16 PM
RFK went okay. However, it became apparent after killing the last boss that it's improbable to get a group to stick around to do the escort quest (and Blueleaf Tubers while you're at it) after you kill the final boss. I made the mistake of killing the final boss first and the group quickly split. Once again, DK to the rescue because I didn't want to queue the whole thing again. So if you do this, especially if you're the tank, try to talk them into doing the escort first, but do be advised it does mean killing a LOT of mobs and if the group is just there for queuing for a random reward, you might have a tough time convincing them. I gained 1 1/4 levels.

07-31-2010, 10:58 AM
Queued for Gnomeregan and for the first time while selecting tank/dps, I was queued as DPS. the tank was uninterested in doing the escort or the sideline event. I also did not get lucky enough to get a Grime encrusted ring. DK to the rescue and was able to get those done without starting a completely new instance. I was then just shy of level 30 by about 2 bubbles necesarry to pickup a quest for Scarlet Monastery. I looked ahead and noticed a quest chain for picking up a quest for Scarlet Monastery int he graveyard. I ran that quest line, which amounted to about 70% of a level and then queued for Graveyard. I completed the quest I picked up in Scarlet Monastery - Graveyard and retrieved the wedding ring and turned it in. I am currently en route to pick up the last quest from Scarlet Monastery I don't have from Undercity before queueing for the library.

Edit - Current level: 31. Only just barely.

08-01-2010, 08:26 PM
Alright, so I needed to be a minimum of level 33 before I could get all the quests for razorfen downs. I ended up having to queue for a random several times to do this and then I completed lining up all the quests for RFD. I needed to be level 35 to open up the last Scarlet Monastery instance in order to be able to complete the SM quests. Again a few more random dungeon queues. This basically goes against the goal of aiming to only do each instance once, but it's kind of what I had to do. There was a lot of work I did after that to pick up and complete the quests for Uldaman. In hindsight, there's only 1 quest that involves being in the instance itself, but it takes a few visits to complete the chain. It's the one related tot he necklace recovery. I spent a LOT of travel time following the quest chain for being able to get the Indurium Ore quest. Waste of time in terms of unlocking a quest meant to be done inside the instance. Yes you need to mine the ore inside the instance if you're a miner, but it really doesn't belong in being included in the mission as I set out for this forum. In any case, after all my running around and lining up quests, I'm now sitting with all the Ulduman quests knocked out except for the one chain that requires me to actually go inside the instance. I am about 3 bubbles shy of level 39. I am planning to complete the remaining chaing for Ulduman in 1 run by teleporting out once I find the paladin and pushing the chain along to get the gems. I'll make level 39 when I run it so the first section of Mauradon will be open to me. I have not completely looked at what it's going to take to line up all the Mauradon quests, but I am hoping that the time spent questing to gather those up might give me more xp enough so I don't have to do another round of random queues.

08-02-2010, 08:39 AM
I peeked ahead this morning. Given that I haven't lined up any quests for Mauradon and I still have Uldaman to finish, I think I'm in good shape for a little while with respect to not needing to queue up random dungeons and be focused on doing only specific dungeons I haven't done yet or lining up quests for those dungeons. To clarify, earlier when I stated that my aim is only to do quests that are pre-req chains for dungeon based quests, this is a little misleading. The definition I am using for a "Dungeon quest" is anything that is categorized by the game as falling under that dungeon category. The confusion for me is this sometimes includes quests that can be done solo without ever stepping into the instance and typically target killing mobs that used to be elite but are no longer.

In any case, there are a number of quests that I can pick up at level 39 for Maraudon. I'll be able to do some of them on the purple side (which is the only portion I'll be able to queue for until 41). That on top of Uldaman should get me to level 40. At level 40 there are a LOT of quests I need to run around and get done to line up the Zul'Furrak quests (including getting the mallet). These quests should push me to level 41 if not higher. With more Mauradon quest progression available through the orange section now queuable and the completion of Zul'furak, level 43 should be more than attained, allowing me to wrap up Maraudon with the last section completed. However, I'll see what I can do to stall on Maraudon until level 45, because I can't get the quest for killing the final boss until level 45. I'm hoping that with dungeon quests cleared out of the way and the quest chain work I should be level 45 before all this is completed so it's not a problem. After all this is done, Sunken Temple should be open (it opens at level 45). This instance also requires a few quests chains to unlock some quests and requires level 50 to unlock all related quests so I'll probably have to run it more than once.

TLDR: I expect at my current state to be able to get to level 47 at minimum without having to queue another random dungeon.

08-02-2010, 09:51 AM
I peeked ahead this morning. Given that I haven't lined up any quests for Mauradon and I still have Uldaman to finish, I think I'm in good shape for a little while with respect to not needing to queue up random dungeons and be focused on doing only specific dungeons I haven't done yet or lining up quests for those dungeons. To clarify, earlier when I stated that my aim is only to do quests that are pre-req chains for dungeon based quests, this is a little misleading. The definition I am using for a "Dungeon quest" is anything that is categorized by the game as falling under that dungeon category. The confusion for me is this sometimes includes quests that can be done solo without ever stepping into the instance and typically target killing mobs that used to be elite but are no longer.

In any case, there are a number of quests that I can pick up at level 39 for Maraudon. I'll be able to do some of them on the purple side (which is the only portion I'll be able to queue for until 41). That on top of Uldaman should get me to level 40. At level 40 there are a LOT of quests I need to run around and get done to line up the Zul'Furrak quests (including getting the mallet). These quests should push me to level 41 if not higher. With more Mauradon quest progression available through the orange section now queuable and the completion of Zul'furak, level 43 should be more than attained, allowing me to wrap up Maraudon with the last section completed. However, I'll see what I can do to stall on Maraudon until level 45, because I can't get the quest for killing the final boss until level 45. I'm hoping that with dungeon quests cleared out of the way and the quest chain work I should be level 45 before all this is completed so it's not a problem. After all this is done, Sunken Temple should be open (it opens at level 45). This instance also requires a few quests chains to unlock some quests and requires level 50 to unlock all related quests so I'll probably have to run it more than once.

TLDR: I expect at my current state to be able to get to level 47 at minimum without having to queue another random dungeon.

You don't need the mallet for ZF anymore. In fact, the item that drops that starts that quest is no longer even a quest item, it's a gray item.

08-02-2010, 10:53 AM
Awesome. Thanks for the heads up.

08-03-2010, 05:14 AM
Alright, last night I completed Uldaman (the quest chain for recovering the necklace is WELL worth it. Loads of XP) and I gathered up all the quests for Zul'Furrak. I am currently level 41 and I'm 5 bubbles into the level. I have not even begun to pick up quests for Mauradon nor have I run the purple side yet. My next target is picking up quests for Mauradon. I'm going to go as far as I can with gaining xp by running quest chains as I can before I queue in again. Once I've gone as far as I can picking up quest chains, I'll run ZF first and then turn my attention to Mauradon.

08-04-2010, 05:05 PM
Update: All Mauradon quests gathered and the ones that could be completed outside the instance (Except for Twisted Evils which *could* be done outside the instance but is better done in) have been done or gathered. ZF was run once and all quests achieved thanks to being a group interested in a full clear rather than skipping optionals and only getting the credit for completing the instance. I am now level 43 and still have Mauradon Purple and Mauradon Orange to do before I have to be level 45 to pick up the last remaining quest I need in Mauradon. Before I queue in to Mauradon, I am planning to do what I can towards the quest chains leading into Sunken Temple.

08-04-2010, 10:51 PM
wow, still doing so well, I didn't realise the expanse of quests avalable for each instance keep up the good work :) interesting read :)

08-05-2010, 05:17 AM
On that topic, to find the quests related to an instance, visit http://www.wowwiki.com/Dungeon_Finder and then click on the instance you want to know more about. It also helps to have the addon Everyquest. Note that wowwiki has some inaccuracies in a few areas (especially around minimum level fro quest) so take the data with a grain of salt. Everyquest is a lot more reliable for accuracy.

08-06-2010, 05:11 AM
Not much to report. My time was limited last night before raid, but I completed gathering all the quests leading into Sunken Temple that I can at the level I am (there's more quests I can get at 46, then 47 and then 50). This process pushed me to level 44. I'm just about ready to run Mauradon and there's no reason I shouldn't be level 45 by the time I've finished Purple and Orange so I should have the last quest I don't have yet picked up by the time I queue in for the final 1/3 of Mauradon.

08-07-2010, 04:56 AM
Mauradon was not quite as lucrative as I had hoped. The Purple and Orange side both are very short if all you're aiming for is the boss that's tied to completion of the zone; hence people are going to leave right after that's done and you won't be able to push forward. Also as short as it is, you won't gain a ton of xp from killing mobs. I strongly advise doing some research before hand so that you can get your Khans ont he way for the quest and you can cleanse your plants. The other issue is that Celebras is not included in any of the 3 queued areas for this instance and you might have a hard time finding a group that sticks around long enough to complete it. I personally got lucky and had a crew when I queued on orange side that were eager and willing to stick around. You might not be so lucky. One way that might help is get the quest to get the rod and when you queue the orange side, share it immediately. Tell them the quest can only be completed after doing the orange side too. When the purple side is done and you have the diamonds, immediately queue orange side. Once the final boss of orange side is done, tell them to turn int he quest you have to kill Celebras (he's not far away). Go knock him out and enjoy nearly 20k xp from completing the staff. With good planning and a group that doesn't run away from you before Celebras you'll gain about a level for Purple and Orange side. Then at level 45, go get the quest to kill the Princess and wrap it up. Once all this was done I was about 4 bubbles away from 46. I looked ahead and there were no quests I could do to make any xp and I still have a bunch of quests I'm too low level to get for Temple. I didn't have much of a choice but to queue for some random dungeons (which I did about 4-5 times to get me to 6 bubbles into 47). I am now running around doing quests leading into the Sunken Temple. I am expecting to do more randoms before queueing for Sunken Temple as I need to be level 50 before I can fully pickup all the quests leading into there... but then again there are quests leading into BRD that I might be able to run the chain on to gain some levels while getting my quests lined up there as well.

08-07-2010, 03:35 PM
There wasn't a lot of work to getting Sunken Temple quests together so I was still lvl 47 by the time I queued in. By this time I had all the quests except the class specific quest that goes to Sunken Temple. I queued up Sunken temple and went tot he basement first, because I know that the group won't stick around after Eranikus is dead. Forunately, I got no complaints and I was able to get the optional miniboss done along with the quests associated. Next, after unlocking the forcefield I went straight for the Altar of the Gods to fill Hakar's shell *RATHER* than push on to unlock Eranikus. Again, this is because I know the group would split as soon as they got their reward. It went smoothly. After these sidelines were done, I finished out the dungoen. It was a fairly lucrative operation netting me a fair amount of xp. By the time I got out, I was ready to start picking up some quests leading to BRD. When I was done getting what quests I could get, I was less than a bubble shy of level 49. I went ahead and queued as DPS for BRD because I didn't think I should be tanking it yet and I wanted to spend some time researching the quests. While I waited, I went ahead and killed some random mobs and pushed myself over the line to level 49.

Okay... BRD... WOW this really is a huge instance. I don't know why that suprises me every time I go. Let's say that prior research of your quests help a lot. If you're queuing for LFG then you can bet that people are going to leave once the boss that gives the reward is dead. This is VERY hard if you're trying to get the quests done. There's not a lot of quests you can share, but share what you can and mention early you'd like to do some more bosses. As tank, you're likely to get some people that will want to stick around just so they don't have to sit through another long queue. The first time I did this, the healer left, even though the 3 other dps wanted to continue. No healer doesn't work... So.. the second time I queued in, aiming for quests I had 1 DPS drop.. so I pushed on 1 DPS short.. we did quite well until we were approaching the room with the vaults and the healer had to leave.. well that was the end of that... The third time I queued.. WOW.. so 2 DPS dropped. But we pushed on anyways. Well we cleared EVERYTHING and I do mean EVERYTHING up to the Manufactory with just myself tanking, a healer and a dps. It was actually quite fun. The reason the group split is we wiped at the beginning of the Manufactory and there were respawns. I had to go to dinner soon so I called it. I got a lot of quests done along the way... BUT, I'm not yet level 52, so I can't pick up the remaining quests. I'm about 6 or 7 bubbles shy of level 52 so I plan to queue up a random or 2 to push me to level 52 and gather up the remaining quests I don't have before I queue back in again.

TLDR: Expect BRD to take multiple visits if you intend to get all the quests done as I do.

08-09-2010, 07:00 AM
Okay, so I did a few randoms to get to level 52 as mentioned. I then ran around and picked up the remaining quests for BRD. I then kept going back to BRD until I was able to get all the quests done. The reason this took multiple queues is a lot of the objectives go to optional bosses from the perspective of someone else random queueing in. The other reason was the quest to "Save the Princess" involves not killing her in the final boss fight so I had to do that fight twice due to DPS that didn't care to follow a simple request. :)

By the time I was done and had turned in all the quests, I was level 54. I then ran around and picked up what quests I could for Dire Maul (which wasn't much) and I queued for Dire Maul East. Completion of this instance and quest turn ins and I was level 55. I then queued for LBRS and completed that place (This place is a true maze. if you're not familiar with this instance and you have an 80, it might help to go on your 80 just to get a feel for where everything is. It will make researching your quests (and hence completing them) much easier. Not to mention trying to find the way to the last boss can be a real head scratcher). This instance and quests got me to level 56, which unlocked more quests I could pick up. I then went around picking up all the quests I could for Dire Maul, Scholomance, Stratholme and any missing for Blackrock Spire. This involved following a few quest chains and by the time I was done I was half way to level 58.

I then queued specifically for Dire Maul West... and waited.... and waited.... and waited... and waited.... Even queueing as tank, 30 minute queue time, it seemed there was no healers queueing. I left the queue and then queued for Dire Maul West, North, Scholomance, Stratholme Live, Straholme Dead.... and waited... and waited. 10 minutes later we queued in and it was Scholomance. Lots of spellcasters and people with large aggro ranges made me a little ansy and I told them I was going to be doing a lot of LoS pulls and please give me time to get them gathered... Hrmm.. well the group didn't really want to allow me to direct the flow of the fights and they would attack whoever whenever. It made tanking very difficult. I was able to hold things together, but it was a constant struggle, from the DK who thought he was the greatest thing since sliced bread, the warrior that liked to charge the spellcaster I was pulling back w/ LoS and the hunter who liked to use growl and tab target attack before I was ready... At least the healer was pro. In any case, we didn't make it far (3rd room I think) but before we got to Rattlegore we had a wipe due to the group going 3 different directions and me being able to scoop everything up and centralize them in one place, we wiped. The healer left. Me knowing that the queue for healers appeared to be long and already having a struggle trying arrest control of the flow from the DPSers that were really making it hard on me, I decided not to wait out the replacement. I advised the warrior that since he likes to keep mobs away from where I'm grouping them up and seems to not be getting hit too hard in the process, he should go ahead and be the tank and then I left group...

I queued again for the same instances... and waited... and waited... and waited. 10 minutes later and this time it pulled Dire Maul West. This time the group was better. We initially had a priest healer, 2 mages and a DK. The DK started off in frost presence, but he was in the DPS role. I mentioned on party chat if he wants to tank, that's fine I'll go kitty. But if he wasn't planning on tanking, please take off frost presence. He apologized and did so immediately. Then I was fighting to hold aggro against the mages. 2 reasons for this, one they weren't letting me close in to melee range before they opened up (their fault), second reason was even once I had secured control of the mobs, they were capable of pulling mobs off of me (my fault). Due to this I plan to look into reworking my talents to be more threat centric than survival centric. I think I'm going to start to find some people who are outgearing me due to them already tapping into the Outlands gear, while I'm still limiting myself to Vanilla WoW until these dungeons are completed. To complicate it even further, the DK was using Death Grip for no real strategic reason as well as Dark Command. This kept taking my taunt cooldowns. I whispered the DK and again offered to let him tank. It turns out he wasn't completely aware of the implications of death grip (it's a taunt) or that Dark Command was a taunt... He and I exchanged a few whispers and he corrected his behavior.. We exchanged whispers for a while as I started educating him on dungeon management as a non-tanking DK. He was receptive and seemed to absorb the information.. not bad. Allright so we made our way down to the Tree boss and drop him no problem.. However, I failed to kill all the patrolling trees outside. I knew better (all the patrolling trees in the first room will come to the aid of the boss when you fight him, so you should kill them first), but I was distracted with trying to focus on not letting the mages pull threat from me and I failed to make sure all the pats were dead before engaging the boss. We killed the boss, but the trees made short work of the group and we wiped. Next we headed in and up to the upper platform to kill the elementals up there towards dropping the forcefield. We died in the first room upstairs due to some body pulls by the clothies I wasn't expecting. We reset and moved on, made it upstairs. Somehow, the entire group of elementals got pulled when it didn't seem anyone was close to them at all. I'm guessing it was a runaway, but I didn't see exactly what it was. In any case, we wiped. Reset and pushed on. Cleared the second crystal and made our way across the bridge, picking up the quest alogn the way. So we get to the end of the bridge and pull the patch of skeletons on the left. Interestingly just as he group died, the entire set of elementals on the next pylon activated immediately and made a bee line for us. I'm thinking there's a mechanic to them activating tied to the mobs before them that I don't remember. I didn't see a runaway and no one lost control of their pet. I don't know.. in any case.. we wiped again -sigh-. Alright so at this point in time the healer drops and one of the DPS drops... meh.. Well I'm this far in and I don't want to give up so we wait.. and wait.. and wait. 9 minutes later we get a replacement healer (druid) and a dps (hunter). I pull the first elemental out from around the pylon. The healer didn't heal us at all.. (even though the healer was moving around prior to the pull). I stop before pulling the second elemental and look at him.. then /point. Nothing.. so then I pop out of bear form and heal up the healer and the rest of the group. I'm told by the DK in party chat that someone voted to kick me... hmm.. maybe the healer didn't like people taking damage from the exploding mob and somehow it's my fault? or the fact that I was waiting for heals before pulling the next group, or the fact I did the heals myself as tank? I dunno. In any case, the mage and DK fromt he beginning clicked no and we moved on. We killed the remaining elementals around the pillar with me healing between and I said "Ok, so now we go back downstairs and move on". The healer immediately left. I asked the mage to slowfall us and then jumped down to the center room. The mage and DK followed me down. I don't know where the hunter went.. but about 2 minutes later we saw he was engaged in combat and then dead. He left group. -sigh- So we requeued again and waited and waited and waited... and waited.. 10 minutes later the DK said his mom is making him log off... ok.. we continue to wait.. and wait... and wait... by this time, me and the mage were talking about ICC 25 (his main is a resto shammy) and passing the time.. After we were waiting for 35 minutes for replacement party memebrs, the mage siad he really needed to clal it and head to bed... -ugh- So I was done for the night on my druid. I logged over to my rogue and popped a few levels on him before calling it a night myself. My druid now sits 3 bars shy of level 58.

For the remainder of Dire Maul, Scholomance and Stratholme, it is my intent to complete what quests I can, but to only run them once even if it means not completing some quests. This is because I'm going to be into Outlands content and Outlands geared toons VERY soon and the quests for these instances involve some degree of cooperation from the party, which I'm not sure I'll be getting much of.

08-09-2010, 07:28 AM
Nice update. I am really enjoying your thread. Kind of like reading a mini novel. Good times. Keep it up. Just wanted to chime in to let you know that your thread is being read. :)

08-09-2010, 09:03 AM
Thanks... I'll keep updating here until I get tired of this adventure or I get to level 80, whichever comes first. I have noticed that UBRS (Upper Blackrock Spire) is not queueable with the dungeon queue system so I won't be doing that one along the way. With the remaining classic dungeons I have left, this shouldn't be a problem though. I just might have my hands full all the way to 70, I dunno. But I've got to start pulling more threat or my time as a tank is just going to get more difficult. DPS are doing more and more damage and pulling more and more threat, yet don't have enough talent points to take threat reduction talents. I've also not been enchanting my gear (except the heirloom w/ low level enchants) because it's all being quickly replaced. But if I trust in my healers and drop some survival based talents in favor of threat talents I should be ok I think.

08-10-2010, 06:57 AM
I got a little frustrated last night. 3 unsuccessful queues with people leaving early and for no good reason (We weren't wiping and we were making good progress). It was most hurtful when it was the healer that left as it seems right at my level there's a shortage of healers queueing so my tank queue buys me basically nothing in terms of a time saver. 2 false starts at Dire Maul North (with the furthest group making it within site of the goblin you get the ogre suit from) and 1 false start in Scholomance. With no dungeon completed I got frustrated and started doing /who to find a level 80 that might be farming rep in one of the instances I have left to do. I found what looked to be a group of 3 running Scholomance (2 level 80s and a level 72 all in same guild). I whispered one of the 80's and he told me he's just here helping the level 72 and to whisper him. I whispered the level 72 and got an invite. He was a warlock so they summoned me, yay. It turns out he was there to do the lvl 60 warlock quest. They didn't mind carrying me through along the way. I shared the quests I had with them (for which they were greatful) and we proceeded on. The good news is when they summoned me they were right at the beginning of the instance, nothing dead yet. It also turns out none of them knew their way around, so while I was mostly staying out of combat and just looting stuff, I played tour guide to show them where to go. Even better is that while I went straight to the place he needed to be to get his imp in a jar, they stuck around to complete the whole instance rather than cutting out at that point. This may have been partially due to me sharing quests and the need to go ahead and complete all the bosses for it. In any case, I got a full clear of Scholomance out of the deal in exchange for being tour guide and not all but most of the quests done. I had to log over to my main for raid at this point, but I asked the warlock when he would be doing the Dire Maul part. He said tomorrow (which is now today). I told him, I'd love to play tour guide again and show them around. He agreed.

So tonight, at minimum should be Dire Maul: West. I'm going to try and talk them into doing Dire Maul: North Tribute run first so I can pick up Unfinished Gordok Business and get that done while we're at it.

Yes, I feel like I'm cheating a little, but if I keep waiting 40 minutes for a healer to queue in only to have them leave 15 minutes after we get started and have it NOT be because of being a fail group, I'll be level 65 before I get all these instances done at the rate I've been going. Due to the "Insane" title and people farming rep or Rivendare's mount and whatnot, I anticipate it will remain feasible to find an 80 doing Strat and Dire Maul North and do the same thing as me for those two instances at least.

I'm now 6 bubbles away from level 59.

08-11-2010, 06:16 AM
Last night was ho hum. The guy I was going to do Dire Maul West didn't show. I talked to one of his guild mates to see when he was expected. I was told he would be on soon and he asked if there was something I was needing. I told him about the plan to do Dire Maul West. He offered to help. I told him I intended to do Dire Maul West with his guildy to help guide him through the instance, but if he's offering to help, I'd like to do Dire Maul North first. He agreed and started heading my way... very helpful group of people this guild seems to be. So, this guy was a discipline priest and wasn't really setup to do a lot of damage so navigating through the dungeon did take a while. We actually stealthed past most of the stuff and did a tribute run (except for very first boss cuz we needed the inner key). Instance completed and it was raid time so I had to go.

This morning I logged in and the warlock was online. He said last night he had some homework to do and he wasn't able to get on, but he still has Dire Maul West to do. We set a time to meet up tonight to get it done. I sit currently about 5 or 6 bars into level 59. For vanilla wow I still have DM: West and Stratholme (both sides) left to do.

Side note: How do you like my new forum signature image? :p

08-11-2010, 09:55 AM
I read your post at work, since 99.99999999% of the net is blocked here at work, so I cannot see your signature image. I will take a look at it when i get home.

Sorry to hear about your issues with finding a healer. I think the main issue is that most of them are running BC instances the second they ding 58. Its hard to find anyone wanting to run vanila instances once they are able to do BC. At least that has been my experience.

08-11-2010, 10:44 AM
That's my expectation too. I didn't have this problem until I was specific queueing for Strat/Scholo/DM/LBRS... So I'm just going to continue finding an 80 to carry me through the remaining Vanilla Wow instances so I have them completed and then move on to BC content. I don't want to leave the Vanilla WoW instances incomplete, especially since all I need left are DM:West and both sides of Strat.

08-12-2010, 06:45 AM
DM: West went as planned. Even though there was a quest involved, the XP gain wasn't all that great mainly due to being carried. I'm a few bubbles into 59. I chatted with the people I was rolling with and we have planned to meet up for Stratholme tonight. Once I've done both sides of Strat, I plan to go back to queueing as I expect I will be past the problem of people bailing mid-run once I'm into doing the BC instances.

08-13-2010, 06:19 AM
Meetup for Strat didn't occur. I spent the evening buying and shipping Heirlooms for my other horde toons while waiting for the guy to show up so I was still productive.

I also played the alliance/horde AH game to move money from alliance to horde side without losing a full 15% from Neutral AH tax: Find a buyer horde side for an expensive item. Agree on a price that is more than what you can buy it for alliance side. Buy said item alliance side. Use Neutral AH and list it for 1 copper (best if you have an alliance and a horde logged in simultaneously. If you're not a multiboxer like me, get a friend to help). Buy item off neutral AH and then sell for agreed upon price.

08-14-2010, 07:03 PM
Well the guy I was meeting up with didn't show again. I went ahead and waiting it out on queuing specifically for Strat. It took quite a while, but in 2 seperate queues I finally managed to wrap it up. I dinged 60 on my last run that scored me the Classic Dungeonmaster achievement. I then did a short chain for Hellfire Ramparts and ran that and then Bloodfurnace. Then I queued for and ran Slavepens. There wasn't much int he way for quests, but I got them done and was lvl 61 at completion. I looked ahead for quests to Underbog and I need to be level 63 to pick them up, so I am random dungeon queueing until lvl 63. Wait times have been about 10 minutes as tank. Healers still seem to be in high demand on my battlegroup at my level. So far I am about 4 bubbles into 62 after about 4 random dungeon queues.

08-16-2010, 05:19 AM
After lvl 63 and picking up the quests for Underbog I ran it with little issue. By the time I was done and had turned in the quests I was about 4 bubbles from 64. Looking ahead, I needed to be lvl 64 to get the quests for Mana-tombs. I queued a few more randoms to get to 64 and then I ran around picking up quests. Since these are group quests out in the "field" so to speak there was some healthy xp involved doing this so I was half way to level 65 by completion. I ran Mana tombs. This got me to level 65, but looking ahead I need to be level 66 for picking up the Auchindon quest for Auchenai Crypts (although I have the Everything will be alright quest already). In addition, while Old Hillsbarad shows up to be queued into at level 64, you can't take and complete the quest to unlock the dungeon until level 66. There are 2 quests for Setthek Halls as well which I can already pickup, but I don't want to do it until after Old Hillsbarad, so right now my plan is to random queue to level 66, then gather all the quests I haven't done yet and run Auchenai Crypts, Old Hillsbarad and Setthek Halls in that order. I am expecting this to get me at least nearly to level 68. There are 5 dungeons that will unlock to me at level 67 and 3 at level 68. I have not peaked ahead for their quest chains just yet.

08-22-2010, 07:35 PM
Ok.. so it's been a while since I posted. RL distractions and other things put this project on hold a few days. I got some time this weekend, however, to work on it. As mentioned I grinded the random Queue to level 66. I then ran around picking up the quests I could at level 66. The most lengthy one of these was the quest called Auchindoun. Doing the pre-reqs for this chain actually gained me a full level. I then ran Auchenai Crypts, Old Hillsbarad and Setthek Halls. This pushed me to 68 where I was then able to pick up some more quest chains, which got me half way to 69. Since then, I have run Botannica, Mechanar, Shadow Labyrinths, Arcatraz and Steamvault. This got me all the way to 70. Basically all I have left in BC is The Shattered Halls, Black Morass and Magister's Terrace. I have all my quests lined up and I am working on queuing for these instances specifically.

On the whole, I've been a little frustrated with having healers queuing in to have my instance make. Even as a tank, I am waiting an inordinate amount of time (35 minutes to 2 and a half hours) to queue in. I anticipate the problems I am facing right now are similar to what I faced at level 55-60 in that everyone was queueing for BC instances and NOT vanilla instances. Now they are queueing for WotLK and NOT BC instances.

Edit: Before calling it a night last night I was able to complete Black Morass (yay Karazhan key within an hour of hitting 70) and the Shattered Halls. I had a couple of false starts where healers would leave after the first boss and before we'd get to the second in a few instances. This kills the group as my observation has been I seem to wait A LOT longer for a replacement healer than if I drop group and just queue again. These healers aren't leaving because we're wiping a lot or anything like that.. things are going smooth and and all and then *poof* no healer. -sigh-

08-24-2010, 06:55 AM
Queued into Magister's Terrace. It went without a hitch. Now I am firmly in WotLK land and I've got 10 levels ahead of me back in familiar content. So the only three instances I can queue for right now are Utgarde Keep, Nexus and Azjol Nerub. I grabbed a cold weather flying tome from my alliance 80 and mailed it over and started off flying over to the Utgarde Keep area and ran a relatively short set of quests to unlock a dungeon quest for UK. I went to the instance and zoned in to collect the other 2 quests. Then I flew by AN on my way to Borean Tundra. I figured out that the 2 quests for AN can't be picked up until level 72, so that will be later. I then completed my flight to the Transitus Shield and ran the quest chains necessary to get the Nexus quests.

With all the quests I could grab lined up, I queued for a random WotLK instance and got Utgarde Keep. It was mentally difficult to adjust to not being able to barrel through the instance with reckless abandon. I adjusted quickly enough, but I kept finding myself actively thinking about pulling back the throttle. My gear is just not prepared for the tanking I do on my main in this instance even if I'm only doing the normal version and not the heroic version. There is a noticeable difference in degree of difficulty with how hard the mobs hit in UK vs. Magister's Terrace, but I think this is largely due tot he fact that all my gear is BC gear. I anticipate that as I quickly replace my BC dungeon gear with WotLK Dungeon gear, this gap will be closed fairly quickly. It is nice looking ahead at quest rewards for instances and seeing a fairly good spread in terms of slots that are replaced right off the bat, which is going to help tremendously. We must have had about 3 wipes total due to the throttle issues I mentioned, but we got the instance done.

After this I went to the flight path in the shield to fly back over to Utgarde Keep area to turn in my quests, but alas, I had not picked up connecting flight points to be able to do that. So I pulled out a flight path map and flew back to UK while making every detour possible to pick up all flight paths from Borean Tundra to Howling Fjord. With the healthy amount of discovery XP and quest turn ins from UK, I finished the night about 2 bars short of level 71. While I have trained epic flight, I have not bought an epic flight mount yet. Since this is a druid, I am looking forward to swift flight form, but I don't get that until level 71. So... tonight my plan will be to random queue again (and hope for Nexus). This will get me to level 71 and allow me to pickup swift flight form. I will then plan on flying around picking up flight paths across the entirety of Northrend until either I'm level 72 (and can pickup the AN quests) or I have achieved the Explore Northrend achievement.

08-24-2010, 08:12 AM
Okay, so I got to thinking about my plan above and I think I'm going to change it. It really seems to me I'm mistaken if I don't get my gear up to WotLK minimum as quickly as possible. I don't want to spend a ton of money on the auction house or getting stuff crafted I know I'm quickly going to replace, but looking ahead at the dungeons in front of me, there's going to be a lot of time between being able to queue into an instance vs. being able to pick up all the quests for the instance, so a little extra XP isn't going to hurt my goal of doing all the dungeons close to the level they were intended and being tank, it's pretty important for me to have an appropriate level of gear, especially since it looks like I'm going to be queuing into these instance at the BOTTOM of the level intended rather than at the middle.... so....

I looked at the quest I'm going to get from Nexus, which is 3 pieces. That on top of my BoA equipment and the stuff I already got from Utgarde Keep leaves me with the need for an upgraded head, idol, waist, pants, ring and trinket. I checked out what's easily available and I can get a good replacement for all those slots except the Trinket and a Ring.

So, my plan is this... tonight I will queue for a random (to get my Emblems of Triumph). I'm going to hope for Nexus but whether or not I get it I will then move to 4 quest chains that I will run far enough to get a new head, waist, legs and a new idol. Note: 3 of the 4 items come from completing the ENTIRETY of the Wrathgate chain. Since I do have raid tonight, I don't expect to finish the entire chain tonight, but by the time I'm done w/ the chain, I firmly expect to be level 72, so I can pick up the AN quests.

08-26-2010, 06:44 AM
Power outage Tuesday night foiled my plans. Power did come back on before my scheduled raid time, but not soon enough to allow time for a dungeon run on this toon. I did get started on the Wrathgate chain however (but only barely). Last night I had a lot more time on my hands, but chose to go ahead and hold off on queuing for another dungeon until I had the Wrathgate chain and the other quests knocked out to get the gear I was aiming for. I did get that completed, but I was disappointed in being 7 bubbles shy of a level as I honestly believed the Wrathgate chain would have been a full level. I think that since I have flight, I'm making a lot of those quests significantly easier since I don't have to fight my way through mobs to get done what I'm trying to get done and that probably has a lot to do with it. In any case, w/ 4 Nexus quests and the instance itself ahead of me, I am anticipating when I queue for and complete Nexus and turn int he quests, I should pop 72 and be able to go pickup the AN quests.

08-27-2010, 06:15 AM
Completed Nexus and turned in quests. I was pretty close but not quite level 72. However I made a quick calculation and figured out I was close enough that I started flying to AN to pickup my quests while taking detours to uncover portions of the map I hadn't uncovered yet. So I made it to level 72 from exploration xp on my way and I picked up my quests. I'm fairly certain I have at least 7 or 8 dungeons I need to queue before I can make level 73, which is where I pick up the next dungeon quest, so rather than specific queuing for AN, I random queued 3 instances last night. One of them ended up being AN, where I was able to complete my quests. I still have quite a few more queues I need to do before I can get the level 73 quests.

As a side note, the time spent running the Wrathgate chain and other ancillary quest along with the Nexus quest gear seems to be well worth the effort. With my wardrobe significantly updated, I feel a lot less squishy and I was able to get a lot closer to my usual pace ripping through the instance.

08-30-2010, 07:04 AM
Alright... quite a weekend. Too much was done to give a play by play so I'll give a summary.... So basically at this point it's a pure queue grind. There's no point specific queuing for any instance because due to the sheer number of dungeon queues I'm doing for each level, I'm going to hit each dungeon eventually. I continued to queue random dungeons until I was at the point where I could pick up additional dungeon quests, and then I would go get the dungeon quests that were now unlocked to me and then return to queuing.

At level 74, there was a decently long chain in Zul'drak from some quests in Guldrak. This netted me half a level of questing to unlock these quests... The next long quest chain to unlock dungeon quests occuring in Storm Peaks to unlock quests for Halls of Lightning. This netted me 12 bubbles and I currently sit 8 bubbles shy of level 78. The dungeons that sit available but uncompleted are Halls of Lightning, Halls of Stone, Occulus, Culling of Stratholme and Utgarde Pinnacle. 4 of these instances only just came unlocked at 77 and I haven't queued since hitting 77. Utgarde Pinnacle carries some quests right at the front door I can't pick up until I'm level 78. Except for those two quests, I now have all the quests ready to go for the remainder of the instances I need to complete this out and achieve Northrend Dungeonmaster along the way.

Side note: Interesting observations. I had the profound observation that any time I got queued with a level 74 healer they tended to be very well equipped and skilled at keeping up with my desired break neck pace through the instances. However, if I pulled a level 78 healer, they were very poorly skilled and incapable of keeping up to my pace, forcing me to slow down. Level 78 healers would complain about me being squishy, or moving too fast, or various other complaints that pointed their finger at me... I could not pull more than 1 or 2 pulls at a time without them having serious issues. However, in the same instance and with the same relative DPS, and me wearing the same gear these level 74 healers could handle me taking my typical 3 to 4 pulls at a time with enough of a comfortable margin for error (my health never went as low as with the lvl 78 healers) and they had better mana management. It was a disturbing trend to notice.

I'm no longer plagued with the issue of 90% of the DKs I'm running across being poorly skilled. They seem to have figured out how to play at this level. Occasionally I am being challenged by some good DPS that are able to pull threat or at least come close to pulling threat against me, so I am being more cautious about my add management.

I'm starting to see more and more level 80's in my queue. They come in one of two varieties. The helpful friend variety are the ones that are queuing a regular instance with a friend to help speed them along on the leveling. Since I'm queuing as tank, the helpful friend in my case is either a lvl 80 healer or is a DPS in the same guild as the healer. I love it when I see the helpful friend being the healer because it means on top of my aggressive pulls, the better/smarter healers will contribute DPS. My best run yesterday had this situation with the helpful friend lvl 80 healer being a druid who was hurricaning pretty much every pull and then topping me off while running to the next batch with some hots. The other lvl 80 I'm seeing are people that are not well enough geared to be allowed to queue into heroics. They are easy to spot because they don't have anyone from their guild in the group. They also tend to be at the bottom of the charts and can't be counted on to pull their weight. It only takes an average ilvl 160 gear to the best of my understanding to be able to queue into a lvl 80 heroic as far as I'm aware. So, at level 77 I already have the gear necesarry to queue to a heroic if only I met the level requirement. It shouldn't be hard for these guys to get into heroic runs and gear up much faster, but for whatever reason they have not been able to and while they would be carried in a heroic run, we're having to carry them in our regular run too. TLDR: If the level 80 doesn't have someone else in his guild in the group, you're 4 manning your instance.

If the healer was keeping up with my desired pace, I would always immediately requeue keeping the same group at the end of each instance and they would typically come along with me for at least 3 or 4 runs total. If the healer requeues with me, great. However, whenever I lose a healer, I found it more time efficient to go ahead and drop group and requeue by myself as tank.

I'm also finding more and more people that are adamant about posting reocunt reports over and over again... So much so I've made a macro to post something like this to party chat anytime it happens:

"I have a theory about DPS meters. Those who care have them. Please don't post it, I don't care and anyone who does has their own meter. We're killing stuff anyways and we don't need the information to be able to complete this instance. If someone else asks for a meter, whisper them and don't post it to party chat. Oh and by the way Damage Done > DPS so stop looking at the wrong meter."

08-31-2010, 06:39 AM
Blah blah blah... queued more dungeons.. blah blah... Halls of Stone finally.. blah blah.. level 78. :)

09-01-2010, 07:07 AM
Last night:
Queued random (Halls of Stone)
Queued specific for one of the 4 instances I haven't done: Utgarde Pinnacle
Queued specific for one of the 3 instances I haven't done: Culling of Stratholme
Queued specific for one of the 2 instances I haven't done: Occulus
Queued specific for Halls of Lightning

Those 5 dungeons plus quest turn-ins along the way and I am 1 bubble shy of 79.

While in Halls of Lightning, had a guy ding 80 and the *poof*. Pretty rude, but this is the second time I've seen it happen. Fortunately it was a DPS so we were able to requeue and keep going while we waited for the spot to fill. I also seem to be running into a lot of healers who beg me to go easy on them because they have "just" respecced to healer and they are still learning and have an incomplete set of gear. I oblige them and go easy on them. I think this is happening a lot now since we are getting to level cap and people are switching up to their intended roles for raid. Either that or it's been highly coincidental....

In any case, I have obtained Northrend Dungeonmaster and I will have no new dungeons available to me until after I'm level 80 so in a sense, I have achieved my mission in queuing for every instance *AT* the level it was intended and doing all dungeon quests I can feesibly do along the way. I am debating whether to wrap up my hunt to 80 with some quests (with a focus on unlocking zones/factions like Ebon Blade).

09-02-2010, 06:30 AM
Last night there was no dungeon play. As mentioned above that goal is achieved, but I'm not 80 yet and I moved forward with the thought of questing with a specific eye on unlocking phases appropriately. Last night was all about unlocking Shadow Vault (and hence getting an Ebon Blade tabard) and unlocking the Crusader's Pinnacle (and getting that tabard). I then found a few quests that yield Kirin Tor rep so that I could buy that tabard and I went and picked up the Wyrmrest Accord tabard as well. This process has me at level 79 and half way to 80.

My next plan of action is to head over to Scholozar Basin and unlock the Frenzyheart/Oracle access and follow the chain necessary to have access to the flight path at Nesingwary's.

09-02-2010, 06:40 PM
To close this topic out. So I got home and chose to do the Battle at Vahalla chain. I ran into an alliance right at the group part and we helped each other complete the group quest. I was 90k xp shy of level 80 when done so I headed to Scholozar basin and unlocked the Hemet Nesingwary base Camp flight path and then started the chain for Oracle/Frenzyheart chain and popped 80.

And now it's time for spamming heroics and dealing w/ people QQing at my gear score (even though the gear I have now is better than what I had when I first went into Naxx with at the beginning of WotLK).

I won't post in here again unless it's to respond to someone elses post. Hope you've enjoyed following me on this adventure!

09-02-2010, 08:06 PM
Congratulations on your dungeon journey, it has been a great read =], good luck to you on whatever is to come!