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07-27-2010, 09:32 AM
What is your dungeon pug horror story?

Mine came recently when I started to do a hunter. We pugged a BFD and we had a Taruen warrior, who spoke english, but did not know what tanking was. This wouldn't be bad...if he actually wanted to learn how to tank. He actually started shooting a gun at one point while the shaman and my pet tanked.

Why didn't we kick him?

Because he came in with resurrection sickness. If WoW does anything about PUGs, you shouldn't be allowed to queue when you have resurrection sickness up. We just thought that he was being careful because of that and we were dpsing things down okay. We kicked a healer that DC'ed. Then we found out he didn't actually know how to tank, and we couldn't kick him due to the new setup. He died and did a res sickness. After that we stopped healing him and he kept dying over and over again and kept res sicknessing over and over again.

We got through, got the loot, We almost wiped once (disengage for the win!), but my god... if you are level 18, you should know if you are going to tank or not when you go into a dungeon.

07-27-2010, 09:58 AM
dude hes level 18 and most likely very new to the game. When i did my first instance i didnt even know what tanking was or that i was the tank. Did you try giving him advise and he just refused to listen? You have to be able to cut new players alittle slack as they often dont know any better.

I suppose my pug horror story was when i qued up for a heroic random as a tank and got put into a group that included
1 holy pally
1 resto shammy
2 prot pallies
1 prot warrior (me)

the shammy put on enhance gear but was still resto spec and dpsing and the pallies just dpsed as prot.

In bc I once got invited to a group that had 3 healers 1 dps and me as a tank.

07-27-2010, 10:17 AM
He refused to listen. I've been in low level pugs where the tank doesn't know how to tank, but listens etc, but this guy wasn't even listening.

This guy went as far as that he didn't want his character to get hit or he'll die.

07-27-2010, 10:35 AM
Entered a Random Heroic Daily, got AN. My tank is 5K GS, and it's all I've ever done. I'm not the best tank out there, but I've tanked ICC 10 well enough that we've killed up to PP with zero issues, and I certainly try and I'm always willing to listen if folks have a "constructive" comment.

So the rest of the group consists of a Mage 5200 GS, Warlock 5100 GS, Ret Pally 5800 GS and Shammy Healer 5300GS. A.N. you say? Cake walk, 10 minutes tops with that group. Normally I'd agree with you, however we get rolling, the Pally is really pushing me, he's up over 6K DPS, the mage and warlock? BOTH under 220 DPS!! Crap, I'M over 2400 fer cryin' out loud and I suck at DPS while tanking. So we're still mowing through and this asshat mage is saying every 2 minutes "Pally buff please?" .... "Pally buff please?" .... "Pally buff please?" .... finally as we're getting to Anub' I say "Just quit with the QQ'ing over the stupid buff, it's a 5 man, Id be more worried about your pathetic 2K DPS with a 5K GS than about the pally who isnt buffing you". He quickly starts in his rant about stupid "buffers" not buffing and it's affecting his DPS blahblah blah...then he initiates a Vote Kick on the PALLY?! Its' quickly turned down of course but the Pally finally says "Listen I was just trying to get my daily done, I'm having some RL issues, my Grandmother is in the hospital and I just wanted to play for a bit to get away from all the stress, thanks a ton for being a jerk" and he leaves...mid boss fight. *sigh* So this little doorknob says "Good Riddance" so I vote to kick his sorry ass out. The Healer says in party chat "Wtf is going on here? lets just calm down and finish", so the stupid mage and warlock stand in EVERY spike that Anub' throws up during his first submerge phase adn the healer lets them die, much to my utter amusement. We end up finishing with our new, pally replacment, DPS the healer and myself. Then this littel toad starts ripping on the healer, so the healer says "Im sorry I didnt vote to kick your stupid ass", thanks me and leaves. So then of course the mage is ripping on how he hates stupid tanks and inept healers so I had to leave mid rant before I screenshotted everything, made a toon on his server adn went to talk to his guild master, to see if that might have helped.

Peoples tempers, patience, attention and input are severely lacking these days and I wish people would all just chill the hell out. I know that the dailies are boring for SOME people, but if they are, then A. Dont que up, or B. be polite, efficient and get it done then go do your own thing. Leave your asshole attitude and ego at the door, there are 4 other "live" people that you are playing with, dont start spewing venom out if you wouldnt do it in real life to someone's face. If you'd do that in Real life, then maybe just don't play.

07-27-2010, 10:57 AM
What I have noticed, as a tank, is that I get no crap whatsoever since getting the Kingslayer title and having a 6030 gs. I know it sounds stupid, but really, it's a whole different PuG world. I'm sure that will change as everyone gets the title and the nice gear, but for now I'm enjoying the whole over geared, bad assed tank thing. It's either that, or people are just happy it's not some noob in dps blues and greens who hit "tank" just to jump the que. Probably the latter.

07-27-2010, 11:08 AM
I've asked for pally buffs before on a 5 man, it's no big deal. One pug while on my dk we got the final boss down to 1% health before we wiped. I reminded the pally who didn't buff anyone that we would have not wiped if we got buffs. After we rezzed to finish the place he buffed everyone but me. Dick.

07-27-2010, 11:16 AM
The point I was making, is there is a difference between asking and being a pest. With our gear levels there was zero possibility of us "getting the final boss down to 1% health before we wiped". It's a 5 man Heroic Pug, they were meant for the 2700-3200 GS people to GET gear from so with all of us well over 5K there was no point in pestering and badgering and basically being a douche. He drove off a 6K DPS guy while not contributing to his end of the bargain. I have no issue with folks asking for a buf, just dont macro it and spam it.

07-27-2010, 11:19 AM
yes, failure to buff is just lazy and inconsiderate. it can be done reagent free even, if your THAT cheap. I had a pally qq at me because i asked for kings instead of might, as the tank. so the group waited 5 minutes until he did.

07-27-2010, 11:29 AM
Entered a Random Heroic Daily, got AN. My tank is 5K GS

*bunch of caustic crap happens*

I leave those groups, fast. If I'm not playing a healer or a tank, I don't mind the additional wait as long as I'm not there, with those people....