View Full Version : Warrior heading into ARMS! advice and all that jazz!

07-26-2010, 04:16 PM
Howdy folks

Well a few months ago i posted up with that i was heading into arms spec because the guild wanted me as one, just for the additional buffs i can help with...admittedly nothing great, but helpful none the less.

Well i've finally hit that transition to Arms spec as my secondary spec and i was wanting some advice if possible.

Currently im suffering badly with DPS being stuck at roughly 4-6k and not increasing in any direction! Now, i'm aware that my gear isn't complete yet; Boots are still PVP, a trinket is still PVP annnd a few bits are still low leveld....but surely i should be higher at this point?!

im mainly speccing Arp at the moment - coming in at 1003 at the mo this is of course including my 10% increase from battle stance.

Starting off the general rotation is Bloodrage - Charge - Rend......Then into the priority system of Execute > Overpower > Mortal Strike > Slam/heroic throw - with Heroic strike and Bladestorm thrown in when i have rage to spare/GCD.

Armory link is as follows

:) and any advice would be greatley appretiated.......I've been following some links to guides on the EU forums, but still having no luck increasing :(

07-26-2010, 05:02 PM
Before I can give you accurate answers I need to know what buffs they want you to bring.

Is it specifically Trauma becuase your raid does not have a bear?

Is it Blood Frenzy because your raid lacks combat rogues?

Is it Improved Demo Shout because your raid lacks paladins with vindication?

Is it Piercing Howl because you don't have a fury warrior or two to use it on Valks during p2 of LK?

Is it Commanding presence because your raid feels that they need the extra health?

To fully help you with the spec I would need to know these things but I can tell you what you don't need regardless of what buffs they want you to bring.

Deflection is a tank talent not a dps talent, you can throw those points into Imp Heroic Strike. Is Heroic Strike a rage dump? Yep it sure is but the more often you can use it without rage starving yourself increases your dps.

Second Wind is a pvp talent, put those points into Imp Slam reducing the cast on slam to .5 is a nice dps boost...in fact it is recommended to never use slam unless you have imp slam or a blood surge proc if you are fury.

That extra point from deflection, use that for your final point in Wrecking Crew.

Unless things have changed dramatically since I played arms as an offspec in Ulduar

Make sure rend has near 100% up time but do not clip the last tick and lose a TfB proc.

Keep MS on CD, TfB and SD procs have longish durations so use them when MS is on CD not instead of.

Also change the Execute glyph to glyph of Bladestorm and only hold BS in reserve for things like Bone Spikes, Valks you get the idea. Other wise keep it on CD as well.

07-28-2010, 07:40 AM
Hi there! thanks for the reply.

I'm aware my spec is slightly off in a few places - mainly because it use to be my PVP spec, before the guild asked me to start as arms, so theres definetley room for improvement.

Basically - the main buff we like me to bring is Trauma, Blood Frenzy annnd Commanding presence. Why? Well - firstly Trauma - We do have a bear in the raid, but there are more than a few occasions when he sadly can't come due to other commitments, so its nice to have it :)

Blood Frenzy - sadly no combat rogues at the moment - so blood frenzy is certainly helpful!

annnd Commanding presence - Its not as if we fully NEED the health - but its just handy to have :) lets the healers relax a tiny fraction, not greatly, but enough to keep everything smooth :)

07-31-2010, 02:59 PM
As a new note! i'd also like to point out i've just updated my spec. so any help would be greatful there still.

I find it rather peculiar. With no buffs atall, i'm hitting at 4-5k dps. yet with full raid buffs and 30% ICC buff - im hitting almost the same there too...what the hell gives?!?!