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07-26-2010, 12:19 PM

I am looking for some advice on my spec and glyph choices.

I am still farming Heroics for badge gear.

I currently sit at 550 def - 271 Hit (8.26%) - Expertise: 18.

Thanks in advance for the input.

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07-29-2010, 04:05 AM
I was hoping someone else would take this one :-P

My DK is pretty fail, and so is my DK knowledge, but I can definitely tell you that Improved Blood Presence is largely a waste of talent points, and that 3/3 Morbidity will make AoE tanking much much easier for you. I'd probably grab Abomination's Might too.

Probably skimp on points in Scent of Blood.

As far as gear goes, you have three upgrades in reg toc 5-man (trinket, legs, booties). You're working overtime to get to 540 defense while wearing a few DPS and PvP pieces, so work to replace those. The ring and trinket from Triumphs are both superb, I understand you're worried about threat but being under the hit and expertise caps is not a huge deal.

07-29-2010, 05:31 AM
I didn't originally respond because there are so many posts already about this same thing and the links to various guides have been posted quite a few times. It feels quite repetitive. In short, I don't see a lot wrong with your spec. What I would exchange is Rune Tap, Imp Rune Tap, and Imp Blood Presence. The first two are not bad choices but you only ever need them in progression environment, when both you and healers are pressed by the lack of gear and/or experience.

I would definitely take Abomination's Might and Morbidity, particularly if you're AoE tanking in blood because it will be the backbone of your threat. Going without Morbidity will slow you down by a lot. Once you begin to raid, should also include Hysteria in your build and put it on the highest DPS rogue in the group as often as possible. Generally, I hit Hysteria once in the beginning of an encounter and again once Heroism is up. For your frost spec, I would include the glyphs for Rune Strike and Howling Blast. The first will help your single target threat and the second will make your AoE threat zooom. Aoe tanking is where frost truly shines in my opinion. Ravenous Dead and Necrosis have no place in frost specs imo. Rather put them into the blood tree and take Blade Barrier and Bladed Armor.

What Harmacy said, replace your DPS and PvP pieces. If you find you're having threat problems, you can replace your sigil with Sigil of Virulence, at least until you start raiding. On progression, Sigil of Insolence is ofc the best choice. Get the ICC craftable boots and legs, since they are easy to come by. There is a nice tanking ring that you can buy with emblems of triumph and try to farm for the Black Heart trinket from toc. For your wrists, you can get the Saronite Swordbreakers, which is a craftable ToC piece.

You're pretty high on hit and expertise so don't be afraid to lose some. If you drop too low, you can always replace with raid food. I would also try to get rid of your helm and neck pieces. They aren't bad for tanking but both have shield block, which is a stat that you don't benefit from. So try work on getting upgrades on those.

07-29-2010, 06:29 AM
I think his Frost spec is for DW DPS :-P