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And spreading misinformation and calling correct information "old and outdated from 2008" is offensive to those who put in the time and effort to prove their work.

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No more arguing about this point, if you want to Help the OP, do so, arguing against each other because someone thinks someone else is right is not the point of this thread or this forum. Linking to OTHER people's armory's are also silly, this isn't about e-peen and who has downed what. This is about helping the OP. I think the information provided here to the OP is enough to guide him on his way. If he needs more he'll ask for it. Until then, end of discussion. OP feel free to ask for more help as you need it.

WTF, as if delete my post just because if proves you and your mates wrong ??? and deleting the post of your friends making a fool of themselves ... and linking the armory of one of the best tanks in the world as an example is extremely helpful to new members ??? whats the point of having this site if you delete posts of people giving real information and leaving your own in its place ?

the point of the thread is helping the op and my post was the only one helping him by giving him the right up to date tried and tested information instead of telling him the wrong thing to do according to an outdated idea.

An no its not about epeens its about the fact that people who can down more content do so because they research and play there class a lot better and have more knowledge of the class. And there fore their guild being better equipped and knowledgeable and up to date with class mechanics then some one who is still struggling to clear content with a 30% buff. to disregard my advice about the warrior class mechanic because of research from 2008 is pretty silly and not at all helpful to the OP.

In short OP use what i have told you in this thread then PM and an let me know how much this helped you. then post it in here ... thanks mate