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07-24-2010, 09:20 AM
DK Tank Help!

Hey all, I'm sure you guys get asked these questions all the time but here it is. This is my current armory

(ps I don't use that dodge trinket in Icc)

Now I have no problem with threat non in my 10 man Icc can pull off me or even come close. I guess what I just want to know is am I gemmed o.k and enchanted o.k? Also is my gear alright I no I still need a neck and the 264 bracers but other than that. I also have about 200 Frost saved up not to sure what to do with them the t10 just doesn't really seem like it would help me I have 2 tokens to upgrade them right away but still doesn't look they would help to much.

We just downed LK last night so I just want to make sure I'm going to be alright for Heroics modes. I'm a very competent tank and player. And probably should be a little farther progressed but my server just is a little lacking in the raiding side of things.

Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated.
P.s. I'm about to get Shadow edge so if you have any pointers on tanking with that please let me know.

Thanks a ton
Tunth- out

07-24-2010, 01:34 PM
- Change your shoulder enchant to the stam/resil pvp one, you're over the defense cap by a lot so you don't need it.
- Change your boot enchant to 15stam/faster run speed enchant
- Change the glove enchant to either +18 stam or +240 armor

Your gear looks pretty good, although I wouldn't worry about getting tier for tanking, just use the frost badge gear and the helm you have + the 25 gunship shoulders, it's more EH than even the 264 version of the t10. The T10 4p would be worth getting only if you can get all 277 ilvl. Also, the bracers you have now are better than the 264 bracers off 25 marrowgar (assuming thats what you meant by 264 bracers).

Also, you'd be better off downgrading to the 245 tanking sigil rather than the 264. But judging by the fact that you log out in that shitty ass 277 trinket, i'm assuming you're a GS junkie so the choice is yours, but the 245 is better in terms of effectiveness.

As for your spec, I've only ever tanked as blood on my DK alt therefore I've only researched blood tanking so someone else will have to confirm if your spec/glyphs are correct.

07-24-2010, 02:47 PM
Alright thanks, I spent some time looking at your suggestions, I guess I just have a few questions.

For the T10 shoulders Boneguard Commanders Pauldrons swap: I see that I gain a gem slot but with the change I would actually loss 8 parry (which is not much) but is it worth the 18 stam boost?

For the bracer's: the 264 ones have more stam. along with 40 parry are my 251 ones just better for the armor increase they have?

Thanks for the pointers on the enchants! The 245 sigil really is better? is it just because of the static off the bat 200 dodge instead of the building up the stacks?

GS junkie negative ghost rider! but fast question is that trinket worth using at all or should I just stick with my Juggernaut's Vitality like I normal use in ICC?

Thanks Again for the help
Tunth- Out

07-24-2010, 06:57 PM
Yes, the gunship 25 shoulders are better than the tier, because there's no point in getting 1 piece of tier and 4 other offset pieces. There's a slight stam gain over the tier anyway so might as well go with them. The heroic version is even better and I don't know about your server but on mine it's not too uncommon anymore to have a 25 Kingslayer in a lot of 25 pugs to unlock heroic gunship.

Yes, the 10m Saurfang bracers are better because of the bonus armor. It's not all about the visible stam on an item.

I'll also throw in since you mentioned about losing parry on both the shoulders and gaining it with the 264 pieces. You pretty much shouldn't factor in the loss of avoidance when choosing gear pieces. With the content the way it is right now, you want max EH which means pieces with the most stam and armor, and pretty much anything with bonus armor you will want to use.

Yes, the stacking isn't very favorable because it can take awhile to stack. Don't forget, it stacks from Runestrike and Runestrike procs off dodge/parry and with the ICC debuff that's basically a 20% less chance to gain a stack. The proc from the 245 ends up being much better than trying to get stacks to 5 before the buff times out or trying to keep it up while moving and whatnot.

That trinket is garbage, even the 277 version. Stick with juggernauts instead.

07-25-2010, 11:41 AM
Well Great thanks for all the help!! I will have to make those changes. Also thanks for clearing up the few questions I had on the whole EH vrs parry stuff.

H loot ship is very rare on this server but I'll try to get into one maybe with one of the top guild 25 man runs and get those shoulders.

Thanks again,
Tunth- Out

07-25-2010, 11:58 AM
One more fast question if you don't mind. I also have Unidentifiable Organ is that at all better then the juggernaut. Guess I'm just not sure because Unidentifiable Organ has 1.7k armor but you also need the stam to stack when juggernaut is already always present.

07-25-2010, 03:51 PM
They're both roughly the same EH wise. I would use the UO on fights like marrowgar, saurfang, festergut, main tanking blood queen (since the ot takes the exact damage you do and he can't mitigate it, it'll be less damage on him if you mitigate it yourself) and any fights where you're getting hit constantly enough to keep the stacks up, otherwise I'd stick with juggernauts for fights where the stacks might drop off easily or fights with a lot of magic damage.