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07-21-2010, 10:07 AM
Well I tried asking this question over at the regular WoW forums, but it turned into a flame war between the people trying to help me and now I am more lost than before =[. Well I have a new tanking Deathknight side project on a PvP realm after playing a Deathknight(DPS)/Warrior/Paladin/Shaman endgame PvE for a while. I was really hoping I could get into trying the tanking aspect of Deathknights and have been reading everywhere I can on what and what not to do. The only issue is I have read that you "need" the 5/5/5 for tanking, but also being 60 with Howling Blast makes tanking so much easier. Could someone help me out with a level 60 Frost Tank spec(Another issue I am having as most stickies refer to being 80 already and having all the points needed)? Also I don't have 2 weapons to Dual Wield yet (Still pretty much in fresh 58 gear), but if needed I can quest/grind for some before beginning to tank.


07-22-2010, 02:31 AM
If you want to level as a tank, then there isn't really any mystery to it. Just pick up a lvl 80 tanking build and pick the points you can, e.g. Howling Blast. The frost DK's tanking build doesn't really change at all from doing dungeons, to heroics and to raids. Same glyphs and talents are useful for all of them. The only really difference is if you don't want to glyph for howling blast, but to me that'd be like shooting yourself in the leg. Like you said, HB makes frost tanking easier and there's no reason to not take it.

Here's something I put together quick:

I wouldn't worry about 5/5/5 for now. You're just leveling and that's more of a rule when you're leveled capped, and even then, not everyone follows that rule anyway. So when people say that you "need-need" something, take it with a dose of salt.

07-22-2010, 05:36 AM
Thank you very much for the help =D