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07-15-2010, 11:08 PM
So i usually get far out shined by most tanks as far as aggro goes and im fairly sure its my rotation. I generally go with this with a little variance, HT, SS, devastate once or twice, rend, heroic strike, thunder clap and Shokewave/concussive blow. What should i change or switch. Thanks

07-16-2010, 12:20 AM
For single target:

Hit Shield Slam every CD or proc, hit Revenge on proc, and spam devastate in between these procs/cd's. I wouldn't bother with Shockwave for single target unless you have the T10 2p, and don't ever worry about conc blow on single target, it's not worth it anymore since it got a 50% damage nerf a few months back. Only use thunder clap on single target to keep the debuff up (so about once every ~30 seconds). Also, make sure you're using heroic strike with every global. I suggest macro'ing it to shield slam, revenge and devastate so it's always queuing one up without having to think about it. Oh, and don't use rend in your tanking rotation, leave that to the dps.

For AoE:

Hit Thunderclap and Shockwave on cd, make sure you're cleaving instead of using heroic strike with every global and hit revenge every proc (which will be a lot on trash). You can tab through and shield slam/devastate single mobs if you want but i've never found that necessary.

07-16-2010, 12:43 AM
Warriors use a priority more than a rotation, it goes:

- Shield slam when off CD or SnB proc
- Revenge always when its up
- Devastate + Heroic strike combo when none of the 2 above are available.
- Refresh TC + Demo shout when needed.

And make sure to keep Vigilance on the highest threat generating dpser, that doesn't necessarly mean they are the highest on the charts since most classes have a threat reduction modifier.

BTW Tankspot have a guide on the prot warrior, it explains all the basics of your rotation but its kinda outdated now and I'm not sure if the info is still true.

07-16-2010, 05:07 AM
Contrary to the above poster I would not macro heroic strike to your other abilities. You WILL rage starve yourself on certain encounters. Heroic strike is used to bleed excess rage, nothing more. You should use it as often as you can without gimping your GCD priority.
GCD priority FOR THREAT is Shield Slam --> revenge --> devastate.

Power Auras - Set-up an aura for sword and board, make the aura really obvious so you can't miss when sword and board procs. Every GCD you use on devastate with s&b or revenge up is a threat loss. Ghost Pulse works very well for this as well. I saw a 10% tps increase with just power auras set-up because my execution was much better.

I would bind heroic strike to your mouse so you don't have to hit 2 buttons at once on your keyboard. I use the back/forward button, many people use the mouse wheel.

Make sure your spec'd and glyphed properly. Glyph of devastate is a great tps boost, if you don't have deepwounds you can't complain about threat.

07-16-2010, 06:10 AM
GCD priority FOR THREAT is Shield Slam --> revenge --> devastate.

This!! All of what he said. Also, using rend and conc blow in your rotation will gimp your threat.
-Use shockwave and revenge interchangeably if you have 2pc t10.
-Power Auras or SBF is a great way to set up a way to notify yourself of procs/buffs
-Rotation is the primary portion of threat, secondary is spec. Right now there's 2 specs going around. One with deep wounds and one without. If you are using the one without, make sure the rotation is flawless.

07-16-2010, 09:56 AM
What is a good macro if i wanted to make my HS coincide with my revenge?

07-16-2010, 12:21 PM
Easy mode warrior tanking .... do what i set out here and you'll never have a problem again

#showtooltip Devastate(Rank 5)
/cast Devastate(Rank 5)
/cast Heroic Strike(Rank 13)

copy and paste that into the macro section and assign whatever pic u want to it (this will even work for a clicker) make sure u have the glyph of devastate and the glyph of heroic strike ... basicly spam it as much as u can, only ever stop spaming that macro when something else comes off cool down then straight back to spamming it (tbh you can actually hold threat off most dps by spamming that macro alone) but literally spam it don't wait for gcd just spam the hell out of it ... i guarantee that will work (a good intro into key binding is to bind this to 1 or 2 and just spam that all raid and use your other key binds to hit your sword and board procs and shield slams and revenges and shockwaves ... whatever is easier for you ... trust me this will work have fun ...

so basically if you bind this to your 1 or 2 buttons your rotation after the shield block shield slam/shockwave opener (assuming you bind the macro to 2 for demonstrations sake and 1 as all your other abilities) 22222222122222122222221222222211222 2. As i said before ... usually just spamming 2 alone would hold threat

07-16-2010, 01:26 PM
#showtooltip Devastate(Rank 5)
/cast Devastate(Rank 5)
/cast Heroic Strike(Rank 13)

I won't discuss whether or not you should macro Heroic Strike or not cause that's already sufficiently covered in this topic. However, I will correct your macro syntax.

/cast Devastate
/cast Heroic Strike

You should never include the rank of the ability if you intend on always using the maximum rank. It will default to the maximum rank your character knows. Only if you require to down rank your ability would you use an explicit rank, and the only real use for downranking in the game currently is for a warlock using Life Tap(Rank 1) to charge a trinket before a pull without burning a large quanity of health.

Additionally, when Cataclysm is eventually released, macros with references to ranks will likely cease to function as all ability ranks are being removed and rather the abilities will scale with level naturally.

In regard to the #showtooltip syntax, this will always default to the first ability in the macro the current modifiers would trigger. Since you want it to show Devastate and that is the first ability in the macro you don't require explictly defining which tooltip to show.

07-16-2010, 01:58 PM
Contrary to the above poster I would not macro heroic strike to your other abilities. You WILL rage starve yourself on certain encounters. Heroic strike is used to bleed excess rage, nothing more. You should use it as often as you can without gimping your GCD priority.
GCD priority FOR THREAT is Shield Slam --> revenge --> devastate.

Honestly, I hear this argument all the time about macro'ing HS and having tanked every boss in ICC on my warrior, I can say that I rarely if ever run into a rage starve issue. You're usually getting hit so much and so often that I sit at near full rage almost the entire fight. The only time I've ever ran low on rage that I can think of off the top of my head is on Rotface when he does the slime spray, he isn't hitting you for a good ~5 seconds and occasionally then ill run low but it's never really been a problem.

However I should have noted to be more specific, I only have HS macro'd to my shield slam and revenge. I don't macro it to devastate because I usually end up spamming devastate more than anything during a fight, either as a cd filler for ss or revenge, or trying to proc a sword and board. And I'll also add that since my HS is not macro'd to devastate, I almost never hit HS when i spam devastate mainly because I either A. Forget to or B. Am just too lazy too. Let's be honest, threat is an absolute faceroll at this point in the game and as long as you know your priorities and hit them in correct order, you should never have to worry about threat other than maybe the first 30 seconds of a fight.

07-16-2010, 11:00 PM
if you do macro HS to DEV u can use this later as a cruise button (1 button tanking) when you're miles ahead ... i found this works very well especially for raid leading because that macro alone pulls some really really nice threat and your WOL report will still show you maximizing your threat abilities (as dev and heroic strike should always be 1 and 2 on the meters anyways) and not being slack when u actually are hehe :)