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07-15-2010, 03:07 PM


I am looking for some advice for what I should change (glyphs, gems, spec, meta socket) and what gear I should try to get first etc. I'm in no raiding guild at the moment, I'm doing PuG 10/12 ICC.

07-15-2010, 03:33 PM
You're almost at the haste cap so the only thing to consider in spec would be droping Nature's Grace since the only spells that would benefit from it would be Regrowth and Healing Touch once you reach the cap.

Gloves should have definately been gemmed to meet the socket bonus.
Neck piece probably should have been gemmed to meet the socket bonus.
In the prismatic socket of the belt you should avoid using a mixed gem in general (orange, green, or purple) and instead use a pure color with the highest benefit which for restoration would either be pure haste or spellpower depending on how much haste you already have. I doubt they are close enough in actual value that 12 spellpower and 10 haste is greater than either 23 spellpower or 20 haste. You don't have to regem that, just saying as a general rule try to use pure gems (of the highest value) in the prismatic socket.
Staff, Cape, and Belt probably could be gemmed better ignoring the socket bonus. Generally speaking blue alone or blue with anything other than red isn't worth going for as a caster type. This is approaching healing like a DPS would, maximize throughput. If you want to keep the spirit for additional efficiency then you're fine to keep it as is.
Your chest enchant could also use an upgrade to the 10 stats version but that's not a huge deal.

A lot of your gemming selection will also come down to what you would use in your other spec as well since you'd want it to be gemmed optimally for both specs. For pieces of gear you use in both specs you should probably just go for all socket bonuses in order to minimize regemming.

There really isn't much wrong with what you have sorry if you feel like there should be more. If you feel that you're underperforming perhaps that is more technique based than spec and gemming.

07-15-2010, 04:00 PM
Thank you well there a few things that I'm concern about.

First of all I have the Trauma in my bag packet but I have no held in off hand, People say that I should try farm halls of reflection heroic / sindragosa 25 man normal (Which I have never encountered). Anyway with this said, I will drop like 40+ haste If I get the halls of reflection held in off hand.

Im also planning to get the frost chest (108 haste) is that a good choice? Or should I spend my frost on like primordials for the boots?

07-16-2010, 07:52 AM
While I'm unfamilar with the exact numbers, but if you are a raid healing restoration druid which your spec suggests (since you didn't invest fully in talents that benefit Nourish) you will want the four piece tier 10 bonus. I believe you want chest as one of them because the off set piece to use is the two socketed haste/spirit gloves you already have as those are ideally itemized. I would try to get marks to upgrade set pieces and buy the remaining ones first. Getting those pieces would be higher priority, after that I'd say get the Primordial Saronite for the crafted boots.

Haste can be fixed by regemming some of those Recklace Ametrine in yellow sockets with Quick King's Amber instead.