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07-15-2010, 12:31 PM
im am a fairly new 80 paladin tank and have had no problems tanking.. but lately my friend has been saying there is something wrong with my spec.. i have never had problems so im here to see if there is something wrong wiht my spec or if my friend just thinks.. this is my current spec
Divinty5-Divine Strength5-
Stoicism3-Guradians Favor2-Anticipation5-
Improved Righteous Fury3-Toughness5-
Improved Hammer Of Justice2-Improved Devotion Aura3-
Blessing Of Sanctuary1-
Sacred Duty2-One-Handed Weapon Specialization3-
Spiritual Attunement2-Holy Shield1-Ardent Defender3-
Redoubt3-Combat Expertise3-
Tocuhed By THe Light3-Avengers Shield1-Guarded By The Light2-
Shield Of The Templar3-Judgements Of The Just2-
Hammer Of the Righteous1...

Improved Judgments2-
Improved Blessing of Might1-

i know there is something wrong there... my friend says i take more damage then i should be.. so im posting this hoping someone can tell me how to fix my spec..

07-15-2010, 01:06 PM
This is the cookie cutter build (http://www.wowhead.com/talent#sZV0tAbuMusIufdxfMzbc:pG), with the third major glyph slot being Judgement, Avenger's Shield or Righteous Defense - or Hammer of the Righteous for trash.

07-15-2010, 01:12 PM
Let's start with Protection tree, it being your primary tree.
-Divinity: not bad choice but often translates on 5%overhealing. Should only get if you're tanking hard hitting content like LK25hc i.e. where it wont be easy to keep at 100%.
-Stoicism: It's a no go. It's a PvP talent. You don't want that.
-Guardian's Favor: Flavour talent. Again you could choose other places for 2 points, but it doesn't affect your tanking that much.
-Improved Hammer of Justice: Another choice talent that only comes in handy on Saurfang and Lich king hc.(not saying wrong choice)
-Spiritual Attunement: You only need 1 point in this, not 2.

Think that sums it up for protection tree, now jumping over you're retribution tree.
-Benidiction: Realy? Even 'specing' 2 on SA you have mana problems? Tip: pull more and don't let Divine Plea drop. And change these 5points to Deflection, who doesn't want 5% more avoidance?
-Imp. Judgements: I myself choose 2points due to playstyle, but usually you spend only 1 here for the 969 tanking rotation. and then you could spec one more point into Imp. Blessing of Might given your choices.

With the talent points you come to free up you can then spec into retribution further in to get more TPS or Divine Guardian for the 20% raid wall. While going deeper into Retribution tree try getting Crusade for threat and Vindication(along with Seal of Command for Hc's and aoe tanking and Pursuit of justice for faster running). If you prefer something else you can go over the holy tree get the Seals of the Pure for threat, though in instances like ICC Crusade will provide a bigger TPS boost per talent spent.

Hoped this helps in any questions you have, and Best of luck with your tanking.

EDIT: Paladins take more damage than other tanking classes, like DKs, due to it's mechanics (AD being the biggest reason) that balanced us to be at the same level as other tank's survivability. Either than that could be your gearing methods that make you have a bigger incoming damage than you should have.

07-16-2010, 09:27 AM
Vindication is the problem. It is easy to under estimate how much the AP reduction actually reduces damage taken but this is a must.

As the other reply stated, current you can get away with a lot of things being non-optimal, but cookie cutter is what it is for a reason. It is the theoretical best. There are many places to find the cookie cutter prot pally build but in the case of conflicts when you google it, lean toward trusting tankspot, elitistjerks and maintankadin. I would recommend the divine guardian/seal of command/pursuit of justice/crusade build.