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06-23-2010, 05:51 PM
<TiMe> we have opened our raiding core to skilled, mature, and attending players for Icecrown Citadel content. As we may only be looking for certain classes and spec feel free to apply if you believe you've got what it takes to help us push into current and future content. We are working on clearing all current tier 25man content and push progression. We also clear the relative 10mans for the gear upgrades to help with 25man content.

To apply: http://timetoraid.net (http://timetoraid.net/)

We are recruiting skilled, mature and attending raiders of all classes and spec but strongly need the following. We are looking for raiders that will be with us through the future.:

1 Holy pal
1 Disc Priest
1 Resto Sham

All Raiders - Skilled, Raid Aware, Shows Up to Raids!

If you feel your are a strong skilled raider and can make our times, but your gear isn't up to par with current content, please still apply! Gear is more easy to obtain then ever. Like we stated before, if your class or spec isn't listed, please still apply! We still consider solid applications no matter there class and spec.

To apply: http://timetoraid.net (http://timetoraid.net/)

What TiMe offers:
• Improved DKP Loot system
• Guildmasters, officers that have been playing the game for years.
• We're composed of adults, who like to have fun, with very little drama.
• Open door policy, on any issues.
• TiMe has been clearing endgame content since day one of hitting level 60 in vanilla WoW.

Bottom line if you’re someone who can receive and give constructive criticism, you're a perfect match. We expect skilled raiders to have situational awareness, good attendance, and knowledge of fights and their class.

If interested:
To apply: http://timetoraid.net (http://timetoraid.net/)
Please answer tankspot for referral
Please remember, our application is all we have to reflect upon your skill, and overall personality. So pleaes take your time to fill it out. Once you've filled out an application we will schedule a time to chat on ventrilo or ingame. We are looking for raiders that will be with us through the future.

We know everyone is recruiting, and we appreciate your time to read what we have to offer.

If you have any questions/comments:
Contact Us:
Foils - GM
Shaley - GM
Bellus - Officer
Erdrisara - Officer
Jonnydiamond - Officer
Bagodonuts - Officer
Nicodemous - Recruiting Magistrate