View Full Version : PuG 25 Man Raids with Flash!!!

06-22-2010, 06:09 PM
Have you ever been at the office and had a few minuts to kill, thought to your self.

"I could really go for screwing around with twenty other people"

This flash game is the perfect xpression of PuG raiding.


The goal is simple, you are a mouse. You want to get the chees, then return to your hole. Simple ya?

The problem is there are 20 othr people trying to do the same thing, people who will charge blindly forward in to danger. Toppling your platforms with their weight, by pushing you off the edge in their hurry to get the chese

And it gets better, the more cheese you collect the better your chancs are of becoming a "Shaman". A mouse that has special powers, he can create platforms, boxes, things for you to jump on. However.... the shaman also has the power to make wrecking balls and can fling you across the map.

This game is crazy, extremly simple and a total blast to play with your guildies.