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06-18-2010, 10:18 PM
I am new to the site and in desperate need of some experienced warriors to help me with my pitiful DPS. My toon's name is Hunga and he is on the gurubashi server, US. My DPS is usually around 5-6k single target without blade storm in 10 mans...I have a 5.5xx GS according to the addon and I feel like I should be much higher. If anyone could look up my armory and help me out that would be awesome. I am arms spec by the way not fury. I would really appreciate some guidance from you guys here at tankspot, I am letting down the raids as a core DPS!

06-18-2010, 10:25 PM
the best thing to do is to get landsoul's spreadsheet and import your armory into it and check your gear. if you are pulling around the same numbers as the sheet says with the same buffs you are getting in your 10 mans then it is a gear issue and not a rotation issue. fool around with gems and gear to see if any of the gear you have laying around would be better suited for your gearset as long as you keep hit capped.

if youre not close to what the spreadsheet says then read the arms guide stickied at the top of the dps forums to get the proper rotation.

06-18-2010, 10:29 PM
Landsouls sheet says I should be pulling 4.8k lol

06-20-2010, 10:48 AM
for starters
1. you have 238hit, cap is 263-264
2. you have 44 expertise, as arms, you dont really want any. lower expertise fuels your overpowers, gives you a higher output of crits, keeps your deep wounds rolling at higher stacks, at the very least if you are going to use expertise you only need 26.
3. you need more armorpen
4. Use 2p T9 and 2p T10, until you can get full 4p sanctified T10, the double 2 sets is just more damage output.
5. You need to max out your professions
6. never use attack power gems, ever, use Str, ArP, Str/Crit, Str/Hit, Str/Haste(fury), change your meta gem from the skyflare to the relentless earthsiege, and use a nightmare tear to activate it, you do not need any dreadstones to use the earthsiege.
7. UW is a poor talent, place the 2 points you have in there into booming voice, most fights last 4-6 minutes, having booming voice means you never need to refresh your shout during a fight (unless someone dies). UW is a chance on hit to gain 1 extra rage, if you white swing 150 times in a single fight, maybe 15 of those swings will give you rage with only 2 points into the talent.
8. 55/8/8 talent spec is the current optimal single target build, 54/17/0 has kinda died out. If you switch to 55/8/8, drop glyph of execution for glyph of bladestorm
9. herkuml war token is a very very poor trinket for an arms warrior, if you have the cash get a darkmoon card: greatness, while you wait for death's choice, whispering fanged skull, and deathbringers will to drop.

thats about it for right now from me.