View Full Version : Entertaining the thought of dual classes.

06-15-2010, 11:12 AM
Disclaimer: I do not believe that WoW should adopt a dual class system similar to that found in guild wars or runes of magic. I honestly believe that it would require an insane amount of tweaking of game mechanics to prevent one combination being OP, and would probably be a technical headache for Blizzard. The sole purpose of this thread is to entertain the idea of how one could combine two classes to make an extremely OP toon, just for kicks. Thank you.

I entertain the idea of what people would create if they could combine two classes in one character.

For a tank, I would combine a warrior/paladin.
DPS, mage/warlock or mage/shaman.
For healer, idk, priest/druid?
Finally, for PvP, most definitely arcane mage/disc priest. All that burst dmg from arcane combined with the healing of a disc priest, and the survivability contained in both.

Just for fun :p