View Full Version : Tanking What to get Next?

06-15-2010, 09:52 AM

Thats my armory. I know i need to upgrade my neck, i've been trying to get the one from ToC 25 with armor on it but no luck. My shoulders and Helm are going to be upgraded by tier pieces, but for everything else i KNOW its not BiS, but i just dont want to upgrade any of it. I feel like i am at a good position with my health and armor to where the higher Item lvl pieces arent an upgrade for my other things. I dont see a need to replace my weapon because of the EH. I dont see a need to replace any other peices because of the EH, but tell me if im wrong. I really want to get the trinket from PP, and id use that with the Black heart, but for now i use the Stam giant and the black heart, i ran with the Glyph of Indom because of the armor so i could be at 35k armor and 43-44k health unbuffed, but now i still have 33k armor and 46k health i think is more worth it.

Im not sure if i should upgrade which pieces, because i know the item lvl is low but i really dont see rings like Harbringers band being better than the Ony ring. i dont see how any other weapon could be better than the one i have now. Advice? Please and thx