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06-15-2010, 02:52 AM
Thinking about making the push from a part time raider and getting into some serious raiding. http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Moonrunner&cn=Wheezy here's my profile. Any advice is welcome.

06-15-2010, 03:22 AM
I personally don't see anything that really strikes out at me that you have done wrong, at least for your tanking spec. Only got very, very minor suggestions:

1. Put Tuskarr's vitality to boots for a slight stamina loss but a boost in speed
2. Remove titanium plating for stamina on your shield.
3. Your main problem I see is gemming. Get rid of the Champion's Ametrine, any + def gems, and replace them with 30 stam. Ensure to keep 1 purple gem for your socket bonus, and that can +stam with either dodge/agi/expertise
4. Personally, I would change glyph of Revenge to something like Devestate unless your hurting for rage when your heroic strike spamming.

Past that your gear is fine for ICC. Should have no problems

06-15-2010, 04:46 AM
^ Solid advice.

You have a major problem with your spec too - Last Stand is an amazing cooldown, it's crucial that you grab it. I also prefer speccing in glyphing Shield Wall, but this is totally optional. Revenge as mentioned is a pretty crappy glyph for a level 80, and the Taunt glyph is really only necessary for hardmodes (remember that you have three taunts - Taunt, Mocking Blow, and Challenging Shout).

http://www.wowhead.com/talent#LAM00fZhZMItrx0didIzsGo:cT is what I use and recommend. A couple notes about the spec:

- Several options for the third glyph. Blocking is a solid choice, as is Vigilance for threat. Cleaving is the best for AoE tanking, and Last Stand is great if you need a more frequent cooldown. Taunt is another solid choice if you're doing content where taunt misses really hurt.

- You can also go 5/5 Shield Spec and 0/3 Focused Rage if you are confident with your rage management and threat generation (if you don't need a higher Heroic Strike uptime, in other words).

So regem and reenchant, and fix your spec, and you are good to go!

06-15-2010, 04:56 AM
^^^^^ all great advice, use it. Then craft yourself some Pillars of Might, in the near future. I say this because the Pillars will last you til level 85 and are the best pants in the game, while T10 legs are basically the worst at this level.

06-15-2010, 08:52 AM
Awesome. I will work on all that right away. Thanks :)