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06-15-2010, 01:16 AM
So, I was in a guild where I was the head honcho in DPS for all of WOTLK. I left the guild about 2 months ago for a better one, and now I'm getting beaten by another affliction lock, and I have no idea why, or how I can improve my DPS any further.
Here is a parse of our H LK25 man attempts today. I'm Twona, the affliction lock who is beating me is Ljay.

and here's a parse of our other ICC25 H bosses:

Here is what I do on a normal single target rotation:
Start with SB -> UA -> Haunt -> Corr -> CoA -> SB spam. I reapply Corr when my T10 bonus procs for an extra 10% damage. I dont DoT clip, I have a very high uptime for all my dots/haunt... So im just out of ideas. He does outgear me a little bit.. but not to the extent where he beats me in

I'm by no means terrible at this game, I think im a pretty good warlock, so dont go easy on me when you're helping me min/max. Thanks guys!


06-15-2010, 03:47 PM
From a quick look at the marrowgar fight his dot uptimes are better than yours for that fight and why he out dps'ed you.

From the LK parse you are really even for the most part but he has higher seed damage so he just may have been faster getting his off than you. He did a lot more damage to the vile spirits and more damage to LK than you. I am no pro lock just some things I was able to gleen from your wol.