View Full Version : DPS Enh shammy looking for armory check/advice

06-12-2010, 07:54 AM
This is my alt, but I recently joined a different guild as a backup raider/casual, and want to get some opinions on gear/spec and all that, making sure that I'm ready if they need me for their progression groups.


On my to-do list:

- Lose the damn hit trinket. I'm hoping for a spot in one of their ICC 10's for a shot at the LDW trink. Barring that, would there be anything else easily attainable? It seems every single ToC 25 has trinkets reserved, so that's a no-go. Maybe I should grab the ToC 10 (or even better, ToGC 10) expertise trinket?

- Saving up for tier helm. Trading ArP for Haste is win by itself - getting the smexy 2-piece is even better.

- Maybe lose the point in Shamanistic Focus for 3/3 Improved Shields? I never find myself running OOM in raids, but that's by using Shamanistic Rage on CD - I want to be able to save it for an offensive cooldown sometimes, popping it during Hero or a trinket proc, rather than being totally 100% reliant on it for mana recovery.

Question: after I get the tier helm, what should I go after next - the nice Haste relic, or the 4-piece?

Anything else I'm screwing up?

06-12-2010, 10:44 AM
For spec issues, the best thing to do is download enhsim : enhsim.codeplex.com

Import your character, input your normal buffs, and run the sim. Then change those points around, run the sim again, see what happens. It's a trial and error deal, and your ideal spec may change slightly depending on available buffs (in 25 man, you may not need any of the mana efficiency talents at all, while for 10 man you may need a point or two in improved stormstrike, etc.)
If you have rawr, you can import your character and use rawr to change gear around and export your toon to enhsim so you don't have to change your stats manually.
The haste relic is amazing for boss fights. On trash its not as great because you generally don't get the full stacks from it, in my experience. It's cheap, so that's a plus.
Personally, I got the 4pc t9 and then went for the cloak, belt, trinket and relic from the frost vendor. Now I'm looking to get the 2 pc t10 bonus. It all depends on your specific setup.

06-23-2010, 10:49 AM
Your well over the hit needed by an enhance shammy. Not all a loss though. Since out effective hit cap is 27% to not miss with the white damage it's not all a loss. Same with armor pen gear. not useless but you could add some crit or haste instead. For your gloves and pants i would make sure you get in a voa 10/25 run in and just pray. I ended up buying my gloves for 4 piece since the bastards never drop in there. Same with the cloak. You have a decent one so i wouldn't waste the frost on the badge one. that and the one that drop off LMG in 10 and loot ship in 25 are easy enough to have a chance at every week.

For your spec i wouldn't dump any points into improved shields. ancestral knowledge will benefit you more. As it increases all of your melee attacks instead of an off chance proc. If your not having any problems with mana, not dropping below 20% during boss fights, then i would drop elemental focus as well. Enh is something you kinda need to fool around with to make work best for you. I've used the builds I've seen around but what i came up with works best for me. Most people don't like it but it works and that is all that really matters.