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06-11-2010, 11:39 AM
Im the guild leader of a good guild in one of the worst realms in the game for alli.. this last week, we had desided we had enough. always short people for raids. everyone in the guild was in the top 5 on the realm for they're class. We changed servers last night. The new server is great, nice people, ah moves fast, pugs go further then most of the guilds did in our old realm. However, this didnt come with a price... at least for me. A few of us joined pugs to see what its like. The raid leaders are using addons ive never seen or heard of. Every motion in the raid is so fluid without an explination. I went from being top tank in the realm to being middle of the pack at best. I cant help but to wonder.... am I out classed here? How can i expect to hold a guild together when pugs progress further then we have in 25 man?
How can i up my game/knowladge base to provide the same level of service to my guild when the bar just got raised 3 fold? this could be completly retarded of me, but Im genuwinly concerned. We have been through so much, and accomplished so much compared to others in our old realm and now i dont know how to provide the same lvl of achivment in this new, highly advanced realm. where should i start? how do i hold it together?

thanks for your advice in advance

06-11-2010, 11:46 AM
There is a theory I hold faith in that has always performed true. In any given team, the players on that team only perform as well as their weakest members allow them to. (ie. If 1/2 of your raid in DPS'ing lower than the enrage timer, the other 1/2 only do slightly better, because they don't have to do better than that.)

What does this mean? It means simply that if you surround yourself with better players, you become a better player. If you moved to a server where everyone is better, it will give your raid a reason to pick up their socks and do better than that.

06-11-2010, 11:46 AM
The raid leaders are using addons ive never seen or heard of. Every motion in the raid is so fluid without an explination.

You might be seeing the results of a pug using AVR/AVR-E. It puts marks on the ground to show people where to move when certain boss abilities are triggered and so on. Blizz is disabling it in the next patch, so you have nothing to worry about there. Or, if they weren't using AVR but the "pug" was mostly from the same guild, you could just be seeing the end result of lots of raiding together.

Since it sounds like the average pug is farther progressed than your guild was, for a time, what I suggest is that you try to get into pugs together as much as you can and learn from the folks who know the fights. Then once you have more experience, go ahead and start forming your own groups.

No amount of reading up on encounters, etc. (although reading boss encounters is a good idea!) will make up for actually having downed bosses multiple times.

This is your chance to relax a bit and be led, instead of having to do the leading. Try to enjoy it, and try to make sure your guildies get included. :)

06-11-2010, 12:19 PM
Like the previous posters have said, take the opportunity to learn from your peers and find ways to integrate the things that will work for your guild to improve things. Another thing that you can continue to provide is a sense of community. A guild can be more than a collection of people all moving together in the same direction - it can also be like a second family. If you work to build a team and (continue I assume from the nature of your post) treat folks with respect, you should continue to have success as a guild.

Yes, you might lose some folks to more progressed/established guilds on the server, but you will pick new folks up too. It sounds like you were successful in spite of your old server, so just keep doing what you're doing and good luck. Keep us posted on your progress:)


06-16-2010, 07:38 PM
thanks guys.. ill keep updates comming.at the moment, things are ok.. we seen more progression then we ever had in the last server. There is certianly a lot to learn, considering raiders here are looking for 25h icc guilds and we are still working on kingslayer 10 man. But i think in a short time we will find the coverage we are looking for.