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06-09-2010, 08:16 PM
Hi Guys

I'm here to ask if my tank is ready to tank ICC10? If so, how far into ICC10 would I be able to tank to? Here is my armory http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Icecrown&cn=Valiene.

Also if there is anything you can suggest regarding my gear, spec or enchants that I should do to better my tank, I would love to hear.


06-09-2010, 08:59 PM
Gear-wise you're ready to go into ICC easily, I'd say - when ICC was released its bosses were tuned with the assumption you'd have 10-man gear from Tier 9 content plus maybe some 245 stuff from Heroic or badges, which is basically what you've got - and that was before they added the ICC buff which is currently at 20%. So as long as your raid group is good and you can play your class well there's no reason you couldn't do the vast majority of fights in ICC with the gear you have on. If anything gives you trouble I'd say it'd be the wing-end bosses, especially Sindragosa as she hits like a truck during phase 3.

By the time you get to those harder bosses though you should have got some nice tanking drops along the way and will have earned a bunch more rep for the ring and collected enough Frost badges for another few upgrades.

In terms of your character your spec is spot on and the only Glyph I'd change is the HotR one, simply because it doesn't give you any benefit on bosses. Fairly quickly you'll find yourself facing Saurfang that needs a lot of taunting so you might want Glyph of Righteous Defense to help stop them from missing. Alternatively you could try Judgement for single-target threat or Salvation for a mitigation cooldown (highly situational though). HotR isn't a bad Glyph at all and it'll help on the trash so it's really only a marginal change at best.

With regard to your gear, I'd consider switching the shoulder enchant from the Sons of Hodir one to the PvP one as this adds Stamina in place of the avoidance stats (Effective Health is king in ICC, just as with previous tiers). It costs 10k Honor but you can trade Stone Keeper's Shards in Wintergrasp if you don't want to run BGs and stuff. I don't personally bother with Armsman on gloves though by all means keep it if your DPS is pushing you hard on threat. Consider Glove Reinforcements (240 Armor) or Borean Armor Kit (18 Stamina) for a little more EH.

Again, this is a relatively minor thing but I personally prefer Agi/Stam gems to Dodge/Stam for activating my meta - Agi gives you almost as much Dodge as Dodge does anyway, plus it adds Armor and Crit. It's hardly going to be gamechanging, but might be worth considering next time you upgrade perhaps.

Finally, change the weapon enchant - Titanium Weapon Chain gives you Hit which is nice but nothing in ICC (or any raid in Wrath from what I can remember) disarms you so that part of its itemisation is wasted. If you feel you want the Hit Rating for threat, I suggest using Accuracy instead. Other options are Mongoose, Blood Draining or 26 Agility. Which one you choose is down to personal preference and playstyle mainly - do you want a relatively random proc, a proc when you need it (the heal from Blood Draining) or a static bonus that's smaller but guaranteed to always be there? There's no right answer but there's a long thread in the Gearing forum that goes into detail on the pros/cons of them if you fancy a read. I personally would avoid Blade Ward because for Paladins it typically has lower uptime and yields less avoidance than Mongoose and also consumes the buff if you parry whereas Mongoose will remain even if you Dodge.

This is all really nitpicky stuff though - your gear is good for the level of content you've been doing and you've generally gemmed and enchanted everything very well. A few tweaks to give you a little more EH and you'll be in a great position to tank ICC.

Oh and if you haven't already, consider saving some Triumph badges for the Glyph of Indomitability (http://www.wowhead.com/item=47735) as it's a great trinket for EH and has a far better on-use than the Brewfest one. It'll complement your Stamina trinket nicely. If a terrible PUG says you need more health to get into their run, put on the Brewfest one then switch to the Glyph once you're raid buffed ;)

06-19-2010, 04:52 PM
Sorry for taking soo long to reply. I'd like to thank you soo much Mert for your input. It has helped me a lot.