View Full Version : Death Knight I NEED GOLD to get my crafted boots.

06-09-2010, 02:30 AM
I'm trying to get Boots of Kingly Upheaveal ,because it's hard for me to go up to Sindragosa or Valithria Dreamwalker. So I decided I could get those crafted ones. I am a DK tank, with no dps gears. Are there any way to earn gold as a lite user? (I play a LOT on the weekends, so ya, I could use those heavy methods.)

and..What is the chance that I give the mats to the BS and that Bull* Blacksmith running away with my mats?

Thanks in advance.

06-09-2010, 03:03 AM
what are your professions...

don't you have high level guild friends who are high level blacksmiths or know of one?

armory link would be nice.

06-09-2010, 03:30 AM
If you run a lot of randoms you can always buy gems for the emblems which can be easily sold. If you arent a JC yourself, get someone else in your guild to cut them for you since some cut gems go for a lot more than uncut. Otherwise unless you are good at AH trading (and even with that) there aren't really any good methods of making a lot of gold when you dont play a lot. trading at the auction house doesnt have to require a whole lot of time but it does require you to log on quite often and also some skill which need to learned over time.

One trick I am currently using while gathering 25 saronites for my Shadow's Edge is not to start gathering saronites from the start when buying them for emblems but instead selling them until I have almost enough money to buy all of them back. This is because on my realm the price for Saronites is still falling and I will get more gold when I sell them now (and even more a few weeks ago) than it will cost me to buy them back. Make sure you buy them all back over a few days though so you dont push up the price too much.

About beeing scammed of your mats its pretty easy to reduce the risk to very small by employing a well known member of a well known guild on your server. Apart from them usually having a lot of cash already they do not want to risk their reputation. There are probably a few people on your realm who often advertise their skills in the trade channel and those are the ones you want to use. They might not be the cheapest ofc but then again mats cost quite a lot also.

06-09-2010, 03:42 AM
You are a tank. Tanking in pugged heroics, selling drops, getting the cash reward, converting superfluous badges into stuff that sells well(frozen orbs, primals, ilvl213 BOE badge loot) will earn you a pretty penny. You only have to wait for a couple of seconds in the queue.

Depending on how geared you are, you should also consider running Nexus/non-hero all by your lonesome self. You will get a ton of greens, lots of vendorable BOEs, cloth, vendor trash...

Depending on how much gold or mats you already have you should consider not to build those shoes. While the trousers last you a very long time, the boots aren't that essential. A nice ilvl251 drop will get you very far.

06-09-2010, 06:42 AM
For player who doesn't have time or just doesn't want to play hours upon hours every day, best way to make money is crafting. Hardest part is gathering a list of items that can be sold on regular basis for profit, but once you got a good list you can just keep making and selling those until Cataclysm to make money with very little time invested. It helps to pay attention to patch notes and get some idea what classes are popular right now, because there is money to be made from selling leveling gear.

06-09-2010, 12:15 PM
Mine lower ore things like thorium sell incredibly well if you are lucky enough to have a tabard or ring of the kirin tor that can port you to northrend set your hearth to gadgetzan and rotate between mythril in thousand needles and thorium in un goro

06-09-2010, 12:20 PM
Claim that your ability to fish and make gold was adversely effected by the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico which is now seeping into the Great Sea and file a claim with BP.

06-09-2010, 12:21 PM
Mine lower level ore like from iron-thorium. Run instances and sell drops, buy gems with badges/honor and put them on the AH, cut are worth more. Dailies at the argent tourny provide money aswell and buy the pets with tokens and sell them on the AH aswell, going for around 400g a piece on my server.

Iv also never heard of somebody running off with mats when asked to create an item. But then again i normally go to people i know in high end guilds on my server.

06-09-2010, 12:28 PM
Beyond buying gold, almost all methods of gaining gold requires a investment of time, and often gold to invest too.
Herbalism and Mining are the 2 ways to to try to get gold that only requires time, beyond the gold needed to put stuff up on the AH.

Enchanting can make gold depending on the server, but it is also kinda expensive to level. But depending on the server, you will be amazed at how much some of the lower level enchanting mats sell for.

Something else is on some servers, people will pay a Tank to run Randoms (10-35g a run), so you could try to pimp yourself out.

06-09-2010, 04:07 PM
I was super paranoid when I had Earthsoul Boots made so I just gave a guildie an extra saronite to buy the recipe. Kind of expensive, but we do have a couple other shamans in the guild who might need/want them someday.

One of my guildies always makes the other person link their profession in /w, get a written agreement to make your stuff, and then takes a screenshot of mats being exchanged. If they make off with your stuff, put in a ticket and I'm sure you will get your stuff back. If they write in-game that they will do something for you, they can be held accountable.

As far as money: transmutes! Free money for very little time per day

06-09-2010, 07:28 PM
Mine lower ore things like thorium sell incredibly well if you are lucky enough to have a tabard or ring of the kirin tor that can port you to northrend set your hearth to gadgetzan and rotate between mythril in thousand needles and thorium in un goro

very good advice, i'll be buying that ring too, when i have the spare gold for it.

or try outland mining. can be lonely there while all others are in northrend waiting for titanium to come out...