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06-03-2010, 01:25 PM
ok first of all thanks to all the people who gave me advice on my last post.


I am now at hit cap due to the ashen verdict ring. I got gloves from ldw and I want to equip them but i lose the t9 2 set bonus which as I have read is essential to the survival spec and my gear.

I read the articles and viewed the other hunter and I am really intrigued by the arm pen spec and gem. I have not regemmed due to the fact that i want to make sure about this before i spend the 1k on new gems. I viewed the mm armpen spec and I like it view play styles and other what not to learning the rotation and glyphs. In the other post I was told that i am able to go arm pen and it will be more beneficial as if i play the spec right.

From what I have read it is all about steady shot and readiness and trying to get 3-4 readiness' off in a boss fight. The goal is pure physical dmg due to armor penetration and arcane shot is dropped from standstill rotation and only added when i am forced to move and same goes for aimed shot i think is what i read.

I am starting to run icc consistantly on my hunter and will be starting a group 2 in my guild this following week and want to make sure that i go in with no mistakes as I will prolly be the number one dps. I have been number 2 or 3 in my current spec and gear the only 2 times i have been in there in a pug. I am about to spend almost all of my money on fixing my hunter to go top dps and hopefully pull 9-10k which seems more then doable with what i have read and with the mechanics of arm pen build.

Any tips or other advice or articles from fellow hunters or theoryists to help me achieve this new goal would be amazing. I do not have my new gloves equiped do to the 2 set t9 bonus but they should be right there on my recent activity.

06-03-2010, 01:39 PM
In a normal boss fight in ICC you may get 2 Readiness' off, but I don't think I've ever had a fight go long enough to get to 4 (enrage timers tend to prevent it).

I'd suggest staying Survival until you get about 700 Ar Pen on gear; I know the article I linked said 400, but I found that the switch to Ar Pen givng more dps then Agility came at about 700 Ar Pen on gear. Survival is a great spec and a lot of fun to play.

I would be very surprised if you pulled 9-10k dps (without using Volley i.e. single target) based on your gear - also Ar Pen will not give you a sudden huge dps jump, it's very incremental..

In an MM rotation you use Aimed Shot even if standing still; it can proc Piercing Shots' bleed effect and is instant cast.

06-03-2010, 01:51 PM
ok yeh i was meaning 9-10k eventually lol i know i wont jump that high. now i could get 700 on gear if i gem for it or does it mean gear stat alone with no gems. The article said and made sense to get 4 off cause if u used them right off the bat with a 5 min cd u can do it on a boss that is not festergut. cause that has a 5 min enrage timer. I think u can even get it down with glyph or spec to 3-4 mins which is really doable if u use both right off the bat. my apologies you are right with 2 readiness' i meant 4 rapid fires on a boss. my bad

06-03-2010, 08:53 PM
You shouldn't switch to armpen unless you have at least 800 passive from gear alone, this will only come with ICC25+ gear.

There are some things that can greatly improve your dps:

* As survival, you gem full on agility and ignore very socket bonus less than 6+ agility. Switching all of your gems to agility will be a big dps increase for you. And switch your meta gem to 21 Agil, 3% crit. Relentless gem.
* PvP gear is wasted in PvE since it has stats that are useless in PvE situation, Resilience etc. So switch your boots to the crafted ulduar boots. Boots of living scale
* Pick up the points in hunting party since it has a 3% extra agility modifier.
* Replace your helm with the tier 9 helm, and equip the hands you got from LDW.
* Replace your Bracers to the ToC crafted bracers.
* Replace your Belt with the ulduar crafted belt. Belt of dragons
* If you can buy the darcmoon card of greatness, than use it instead of the NES.

These should net you a significant dps increase more than gemming armrpen at your gear.