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05-30-2010, 01:34 PM
i am a resto druid looking for tips on raid healing mostly 25man content!! looking for help with spec, which spells, glyphs, gems, addons, spell rotations are most effective to help keep a 25 man raid alive i ju8st cant ever seem to keep up with all the other raid healers, any expierienced druids out there who have overcome this i would love to hear from you

05-30-2010, 03:00 PM
One easy improvement is to keep rejuvenation ticking on a lot of people. Once you master this, you can insert the occasional Wild Growth, like rejuv -> rejuv -> rejuv -> rejuv -> wild growth -> rejuv -> rejuv -> rejuv -> rejuv -> wild growth -> rejuv -> ...

After that, you can find a very detailed guide on http://elitistjerks.com/f73/t88239-resto_pve_compendium_general_discussion/

05-30-2010, 08:28 PM
Depends on the fight. I have no druid (only hybrid class I don't have an 80 of, in fact) so I can only give you general tips, largely based on my experience with playing a Holy Priest.

Blanket the raid in HoTs when there are large amounts of people taking small amounts of damage - there are a lot of "aura" fights in ICC (and there is the Twins in ToC), making Rejuv/WG blanketing (or for me, Renew spam) a fantastic setup like Andomar mentioned.

Make sure not to neglect the tanks. A Rejuv or Regrowth ticking will help if your dedicated tank-healers have to move or are otherwise incapacitated, and be sure to step in with a quick Nourish or Swiftmend, or even your NS-HT macro if necessary. (see, I know the hip druid lingo)

If you see someone dipping low, swoop in with a quick direct heal (Nourish for you, Flash Heal for me) followed by a HoT or two to bring them back up the rest of the way.

Watch out for big AoE damage. Keep an eye on the timer for certain AoE abilities, like Festergut's shadow bomb (I forget what to call it) or Toravon's ice thingy (whatever it's called), and make sure that you have plenty of HoTs up beforehand and that your big AoE heal (Wild Growth or CoH) is off cooldown, allowing you to get people up quickly. WG and CoH are especially nice, as they are "smart heals" meaning they target the person you cast it on, and also the 5 lowest health people within whatever range. In cases where melee are clumped together near the tanks (in other words, most of the time), bouncing WG or CoH off of the tank is a pretty good idea.

Likewise, keep an eye on who is targeted by special abilities (for example, Marrowgar's Bone Spike or Saurfang's Blood Boil) and throw a HoT on them ASAP.

Be mindful that a Druid is arguably the most mobile healer. On a fight like Marrowgar's Bone Storm, where people are constantly running, you are going to need to be rolling HoTs while you run, as the Shammies and Pallies healing capacity will be fairly limited.

If you would link your armory, people would be able to help with gearing, spec, gemming, etc etc.

05-30-2010, 10:50 PM
I agree with Andomar....just basically chuck your HoTs on them.....if they start to drop fast then use regrowth or nourish.

addons....Healbot and decursive......Bartender is good because i made all my bars small and out of the way so i had more room for Healbot

06-01-2010, 09:26 AM
Healbot is good as mentioned. Personally, I switched from Healbot to VuhDo and LOVE it. I can track hots with durations and stacks (lifebloom) right out of the box and have multiple ways I can track them. Be sure to check the healer UI guides on this site as well. They make more difference than you might think.

06-01-2010, 10:58 AM
There are plenty of guides out there for helping you get started with druid healing as well as many advanced guides. I know there is one sticky'ed in the healing section on this forum. Some numbers I use here aren't exact; refer to the theory crafting guides (I know EJ has em) for the precise numbers.

Spec: Go with a celestial focus build to start out with. This will help you with your haste needed to achieve a 1 sec gcd. Once you get about 850ish haste, you can drop the 4 points you need for CF and put them elsewhere. Here is an example build. (http://www.wowarmory.com/talent-calc.xml?cid=11&tal=0532013100300000000000000000000000000000000000 000000000000230023312131500531050313051)

Glyphs: Many people debate on what glyphs are best, but for 25 man raid healing I would highly suggest Wild Growth, Rapid Rejuv, and Swiftmend. Other roles may call for different glyphs.

Spells: Rejuv is your best friend. Wild Growth is your next best friend. Use them all the time. On most fights, especially where there is a lot of raid damage going on, I will target a melee (or anyone in a close group) and spam WG on him as often as I need, while at the same time spamming Rejuv on the rest of the raid using a mouseover macro. Also try to keep up other hots (LB and RG) as well on the tanks when possible. Remember you have the swiftmend glyph so don't be afraid to use it when you see somebody dip down too low, especially good for tanks since you're keeping up hots on them as much as possible. A swiftmend on a hotted target is always better than nourish. Don't worry about Healing Touch unless you use it in conjunction with Nature Swiftness (makes for a great macro), and for the most part, tranquility is worthless as a tree (imo).

Gems: Red = SP, Orange = Haste/SP, Purple=Spirit/SP. Remember you are shooting for a high amount of haste, so if you're low on it, just gem straight haste for yellow sockets. Likewise gem straight spirit if you are having mana problems. Keep in mind though that SP is your bread and butter, so never neglect too much SP by gemming for other things. Once you have enough haste and regen from gear, I would suggest gemming straight SP in most sockets unless the bonus is worth it. Also, I can't remember the name, but for your meta go with the one that has a chance to restore mana on spellcast. Make sure to have the proper gems to activate it.

Addons: Raid frames that you can work easily with, understand, and are comfortable with are a must. Personally I love grid. Many others use healbot or vuhdo. I can't say anything about either of them since I've been a grid user since I rolled my druid. Some people use Clique alongside grid, but I find that mouseover macros to work just as good. Once configured correctly and to your liking, grid will be about the only addon you need for healing. Other addons can provide great functionality that grid can't, but nothing you can't live without. Keep in mind grid comes pretty bare as it is. If you want to see mana bars, raid icons, raid debuffs, and your own hots (separate from other healers), you will need to download additional grid addons to supplement. Vuhdo and healbot may have many of those things built in, but like I said, I've never tried them.

you are going to need to be rolling HoTs while you run

Very good point. This is why it's a must to keybind your spells in a manner that makes it easier to cast while running. I keep my Rejuv, LB, and WG at 2,4, and 5 respectively so I can pop these off anytime I need to while moving.

Hope this helps.