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05-28-2010, 06:34 AM
My Other Mount is Tauren is looking for a very limited number of people to join our community. Updated class and spec needs are on the front page of our website (http://www.momit.org).

MOMIT is an adult, casual raiding guild established in August 2006. Our goal continues to be building a tight-knit, friendly community of players to fully access and enjoy World of Warcraft's end game experience. This aspect of the game is about more than the individual; it's about teamwork and developing worthwhile relationships with other fun and skilled players. We find those relationships meaningful enough to share our real world triumphs and tragedies, to make an effort to meet up at least once a year, and to continue our friendships even into other games.

We believe that our ideals can only thrive in an environment that encourages respect and trust. We understand that WoW is simply one small part of a full life, however enjoyable a part it is. Our policies seek to balance this reality with our mutual aspirations for progression, companionship, challenge, and discovery.

These are the ideals that unite us, and we welcome players who share our vision.

Server/Faction: Aerie Peak, Alliance

Raid Schedule: 4:30 ST (7:30 EST) Wed & Sun; 6:00 ST (9:00 EST) Fri. All raids last 3 hours.
Note: We are about to start our summer raiding schedule which makes Friday an unofficial raid night (doesn't count for attendance or affect SK lists) to do VoA, the weekly, and possibly older content. We will return to three nights a week in Cataclysm.

Progression: 12/12 25-man ICC and about to start hard modes

Loot Rules: Suicide Kings

Recruitment: We are first looking for people who would be a good fit for our community and, secondly, who happen to play a class and spec that fit in our raids. Details on other class/spec opening are listed on the front page of our website (http://www.momit.org/).

Please check out momit.org (http://www.momit.org/) for more information or contact me at wildcricket@momit.org with any recruitment questions.