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05-27-2010, 07:38 PM
Im the raid leader of my guilds 2nd ICC 10 man group. so far we are 6/12 which i think is decent since we have only been working together for about a month or so. My issue is a warlock in the raid. She seems to have good gear but when it comes to dps it seems lacking and I thought id come here and ask for some advice.


Most the time she is sitting at about 3-3.4k in icc which is wrong and i need to work with her to get that fixed. Some fights her imp is one of her top skills ... i saw him above chaos bolt is that normal? Is it her spec or gems? or just a rotation issue?

05-27-2010, 08:19 PM
Long time reader first time poster :)
Gear wise it looks fine except spell hit is a bit low @ just under 12% - not major but yeah...
If using +hit food for raid then not to worry but it should be up around 14% no spell hit then no DPS.

Last logout was Destro spec so I'll assume that is the one being used.
Using Soul Leech is good if you Life Tap frequently as healers don't need to worry as much about you.
Imp Soul Leech is good for the raid utility but not for DPS so that's a personal preference for those 2 talents points.
If you have the Glyph of Life Tap then you will be keeping your mana up when you renew your buff anyway.

This is my link if you want to check it out.

Demonic Power is good to improve your Imp's DPS thus your DPS.
Shadowburn is not overly useful in a raid imo - I specc'd to it once and found having to keep a bunch of soul shards in my bags for it as well as SS, HS & summoning stones was a bit much, yes its instant but I always considered it more for PVP.

I'd be interested to see the rotation being used.

In my Destro spec I use:
Chaos Bolt
Incinerate x 2-3
Conflagurate - then just keep Immoliate up, use conflagurate ASAP as you should be able to get 2 per Immoliation and Chaos Bolt when available.
This gets an easy 5-6k DPS in ICC without using any trinkets.

Note: I used corruption before Conflagurate as it takes a second or so for the Immoliate debuff to popup on a mob, so Corruption will fill that void until you can Conflagurate.

For trash mobs I just alternate Seed of Corruption and Rain of Fire.
Sliver of Pure Ice would be more for a healer with its mana rejuv effect, but if its an upgrade then its an upgrade.
Would look at replacing that with something else, the trinkets I have are just Triumph vendor and an H PoS drop.
Nevermelting Ice Crystal trinket effect is great to use when tank has good aggro on a boss.
Talisman of Resurgence is good for spamming Seed of Corruption & Rain of Fire on trash too.
Oh and no shoulder enchant :)