View Full Version : US Horde - Executus - PvP <V I P> 9/12 ICC HM 25 LF Healers and Ranged DPS

05-27-2010, 01:42 PM
Good day everyone,

<V I P> Is recruiting capable, experienced, dedicated, knowledgeable, savvy CORE raiders. We consist of a broad range of knowledge from some of the best PvPers around, and a dedicated team to head up the ICCH 25 and 10 mans alike. We run Heroic ICC 10s as well as Drake runs- mixed with a fair, balanced, in-check loot system we offer our raiders solid progression, a great pvp and pve community, and achievements.

Right now we require skilled:

Ele Sham
Death Knight
Healers (Holy Pally especially)

Other classes and specs will also be considered. We are currently full on main spec tanks.

Please know your skill and gear levels. Do not waste our time and we will not waste yours. Please have your gear, talent tree in check before applying. Also parses from the last time you raided would be a huge plus.

Is based off from a council: performance, tenure, attendance and upgrade level are all tracked and taken into consideration.

We DO have immediate raid spots open, but you MUST EARN YOUR SPOT IN OUR RAID. Server transfers are definitely welcome- but will have the same performance expectations (Parses!).

Please feel free to email me if you're interested- No application to fill out, just send me a quick email stating your class and spec, armory link and parses if you have them handy.. We'll have a conversation over vent to cover the rest.


Thank you
VIP Raid Leader