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05-26-2010, 12:48 PM
My toon is a Fire Mage. I joined my first guild as L80 3 weeks ago. My stats were poor; <900 SP, 91 Hit, 15%+ crit, haste very low, talents a 0/53/18 set up. I am hoping some successful, helpful mages will pitch some good advice.

Today I have 2000 SP, 385 hit, 23% crit, haste 380, same talents. I now do 1800dps av per Random when I did to like 800 when I began.

Thats the ugly stuff. I have basically all 232 gear now, with rest blue stuff(rings, neck, trinkets, waist).

I want to vastly improve DPS so I can earn a place in our raiding teams(10 man and 25 man).

I'm willing to do what it takes but seem at a plateau now as I don't see anymore gear above 232 I can use in Randoms, and I did one weekly where I was 6th in dps but as usual some person had nasty things to say. I cant get in the raid groups w/o a much higher dps yet the gear I need I assume drops there as vendor stuff is not much bettter than I have.

Pleae give me some good help- it will be greatly appreciated :)


05-26-2010, 03:15 PM
First, give an armory link.
Second, what sort of spell priority system are you using?

05-27-2010, 04:30 AM

scorch,fireball,fireblast,pyroblast,living bomb are generally what I use on a Boss or single mob. I use blizzard on groups of mobs.
I use pyroblast when instant cast is available. I haven't had a manna problem so far, altho once in awhile I have to regen. I have read what I could find on the web but it seems quite dated, at least what I found.

I dont really use the above in an order except scorch is first, then fireball, then I use Pyro when instant use up, always keep living bomb on a boss.

05-27-2010, 10:41 AM
Remember you can downgrade Emblems of Triumph for Emblems of Conquest. There is a neck and belt from those.
From Triumphs you can get 2 rings.
For a cloak do pvp (grind BGs and WG) for 52.2k honor you can get a 264gs cloak that is bis until you can get a cloak from ToC25, ICC10/25 or frost emblems.

Also might want to look into Arcane spec instead of Fire.
If there are other mages in your guild, ask them for help. Especially if your guild has a Mage Class Leader.

This Forum should have some useful info: http://elitistjerks.com/f75/

05-27-2010, 03:40 PM
Your spell priorities are right for a fire mage.

You need to replace both of the gems in your head :
For the Meta, use a Chaotic Skyflare Diamond. It will add far more damage than whay you are using now, and the threat reduction on your current one shouldn't ever be needed.
For the other slot : Spell Penetration is purely PvP stat. It is of aproximately zero benefit in PvE (the cases where it would help can be safely ignored). REplace it with a Purified Dreadstone (12 Spell Power, 10 Spirit). That will both activate the socket bonus and provide half of the requirement to activate the new meta.
Also, you have sufficient reputation to get the head enchant from the Kirin Tor. Do so ASAP.

If you don't expect to be able to replace it in the next couple days, put a buckle on your belt. Stick a Purified Twilight Opal into it. I suggest that for two reasons :
1)it is cheap. You WILL replace that belt. No sense spending lots of money on it.
2)It will fill the 2nd BLUE requirement for the previously suggested Meta while still providing some Spell Power.

Gloves : you have an empty socket. Runed Cardinal Ruby (obviously).

If you can do so without an hour wait in a queue, run normal ToC to try to get an Abyssal Rune. Even though it is only iLevel 200, it remains one of the better DPS caster trinkets.

And now I feel dirty for helping a gnome ;)