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05-26-2010, 10:48 AM
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About Us:

Draconic Savant has been around in its current incarnation for nearly 4 years, with a group of core members dating back to nearly the 5 year mark. While most guilds have withered away over the years, DS continues to grow stronger everyday. The guild continues to grow, and along with that growth we always seek to better the guild by looking for stronger members.

So, who the hell are we and what do we do?

Only guild on the server to complete Naxx Glory of the Raider (25) while it was still current content.
Only guild on the server to complete Ulduar Glory of the Raider (25).
Only Alliance guild on the server to kill Algalon (25).
Only Alliance guild on the server to down Anub'Arak in ToGC25 and to obtain Tribute to Insanity (25)
Furthest progressed Alliance guild on the server at 5/5 25 ToGC and 10/12 H ICC.
First guild on the server to kill Lich King (10)
First guild on the server to kill Lich King (25)
First guild on the server to obtain Glory of the Icecrown Raider (10) drakes!
First guild on the server to complete Shadowmourne

The guild is extremely active. While we raid official content 4 days a week, off-nights are rarely without other raid content being run. A standard 2 groups running 10man content, along with numerous alt 10 and 25 runs. While our main focus is PVE content, a fair amount of members are also heavily involved in PVP, always looking for buddies to knock heads with.

Many of us have been members of the Bloodscalp community since day one, with others coming during the SH server migration back in '05. We've got a diverse group of individuals from all over North America ranging from ages 19 to mid-30s. Regardless of your background or views, there's a good chance you'll find someone to relate to within Draconic Savant. We're certainly not the most 'hardcore of hardcore' guilds, but we love to progress, complete, and get our shiny dragon mounts.

What We're Looking For:
With summer right on top of us, some of our members will be unable to maintain their raiding schedule, and as such we need to fill out a few roles to continue our push through content, those include:

1 Holy Paladin
1-2 Resto Shaman
1 Resto Druids
1 Unholy DK
1 Enhancement Shaman

Healer - 1-3 various types
DPS - 2-3 exceptional DPS of the Non-Hunter variety, any other type acceptable.

It's worth noting here that we are looking to recruit long term people. We don't want to recruit anyone for bench time or a temporary home. We are a long standing guild on our server, and applicants should consider applying to this guild as a message that you are looking for a place to stay until Cataclysm launch comes and passes.

Our Raid Schedule:

We raid Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday, and Monday from 5:30PM ST (MST) to 9:30PM ST (MST), or for those of you who are East Coast (Which most of us are!) thats 7:30PM EST to 11:30PM EST. This is our "progression" schedule, and we have been known to drop it down to just a 2-day schedule when everything we want to achieve we have on farm.

Final Notes:

While we may not have a specific need for your class currently, it is worth noting that we are always looking to recruit exceptional players of any class. If you feel you are one of these exceptional individuals, feel free to apply and we might just have a space for you!

Also, I'd like to remind people that while good players are good players, if you're applying with Naxx/Ulduar level gear there's about a 99.9% chance you will be declined. If you're not geared enough to walk into Icecrown Hardmodes and compete, you're not geared enough to apply.

Interested applicants should proceed to the website at the top of this post and post an application in our recruitment section. You may also PM a private application to Nahela or Aximand on the boards if you so desire. Take your application seriously and we will take you seriously.

Lastly, as always if you have any questions regarding the guild feel free to contact any of our leadership staff with questions. You can get in touch with the following:

Guild Master: Nahelia (Death Knight) - Nahela on our forums
Officer: Aximand (Warrior) - Aximand on our forums
Officer: Biasucci (Mage) - Biasucci on our forums

Finally, thank you for taking the time to read this super-long post, and good luck in your search for a new home!