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05-26-2010, 09:40 AM
Ok me my guild have started to run icc this is my third week guilds second weeks and some have done it before and some have not. This fight is particularly hard for some reason. I dont know if it is cause of dps not killing oozes fast enough or where to tank the boss. i have been switching the boss from starting under the orange canister and moving him to the green one. every time a new ooze comes out i switch. we get him to about 50 percent and not even into phase 3 and some how the dps is all dead. Is this cause i am not tanking the boss right or is dps not fast enough on oozes or maybe they stand in the ooze puddles to much. is there a simpler strategy that might be able to help me and the guild out. The videos are good but it never seems that easy.

05-26-2010, 10:04 AM
There are a lot of threads about this, particularily in the ICC raid forum.

If your DPS is dead you are either A)Not killing oozes fast enough or B) getting hit by anything and everything you shouldn't be.

The Abom operator will also make or break this fight. Check out the ICC raid forum, there is lots on putricide with diagrams of different tanking positions.

05-26-2010, 10:05 AM
For sure it's not an easy fight. We tend to keep the boss under the green bottle and move him back and forth underneath it whenever he spawns the yellow bombs. Having all your DPS stack on a single spot that's in melee range of the green ooze will mean the DPS (including melee) have as much uptime as possible on it and, of course, since everyone's grouped up already as it's spawning you'll all survive the big thing. The trick is (and this part takes practice) to watch the timers for Slime Puddles and make sure you don't go into stacked up waiting for the ooze mode until you have sufficient time that he won't cast another on the whole raid.

Once the green ooze explodes, resist the urge to run back in and stack up - the further away from it you are, the more DPS time you get before it blows up again. Because you've had a lot of damage on it initially before it's even targetted someone, your rDPS should be able to burn it down before it hits its second target. Use that as the benchmark for if your DPS are putting out sufficient numbers for this fight - switching targets quickly and getting it down before it reaches the second target are the keys to this fight.

Red oozes can be kited from wherever you are really, so we don't bother switching sides, just up and down back and forth always under the green bottle.

However, don't be disheartened if you have trouble for a few weeks - after Lich King and Sindragosa it's probably the hardest fight in all of ICC to execute. Just keep at it, keep reminding people to watch for Maleable Goo and, if your DPS is still a little short to get the green slimes down in time, go check out the Blood Wing, get a few more bits of gear for some folk and come back and try again. There's no reason you have to go for Putricide before moving to the Blood Wing other than having to kill some trash a second time.

Good luck :D

05-26-2010, 10:17 AM
ok i will go look at the icc threads to find other tips and our dps seems fine at first but it is phase 2 that really kills us but i will try the not kiting him back and forth across the room cause that takes a lot of time and some bad positions on me the tank being so far away from the raid.

05-27-2010, 02:06 AM
The not kiting tactic is much easier I have found after trying most different tactics, especially if you are melee heavy which is pretty common. On the other hand if you are ranged heavy (say 4 ranged) you can also tank the professor close to his table and not move back and forth either.