View Full Version : Tanking proc pally have trouble getting treat on 5 or more mobs

05-25-2010, 10:29 PM
i am new to tanking i have good gear its just that when there is a grp spread out i cant grab them all i have to run and grab them like for instance in hor the last wave on the hill i can grab them all before they get to the grp.when there are 5 mobs 1 in the middle 4 around him whats the best way to pull them and if there are casters in t5he mob that dont come when you do get them any help is appreciated ty

05-25-2010, 11:29 PM
I found it very hard to read this.

Most pallies tank HOR in the alcove. This lets all the mobs run into your field of consecration and then you get agro on them.

If you mean the actual escape phase, making sure you are ahead of your group and laying down your consecrate and your thrown shield thingie every CD is a good idea.

05-26-2010, 12:43 AM
For the first section, you want to stand in the alcove and tell people to try and LoS them - most mobs run to you, save your shield for mages and the like.

During the escape, save your shield for the casters, and don't worry about the little ghouls. Smack the abominations as they run past you, it'll point them away from the ranged.